Thursday, May 01, 2014

Oh, how my tastes have changed!

Yesterday, I mentioned that as a kid, I hated bananas.  Despised them.  I mean, I literally think I might be the only person in the world who would have cringed at the words “banana split”.


Still not my #1 pick when selecting an ice cream treat, to be honest, but I’ve made peace with the banana, for the most part.  I’ll eat them now, and kind of half-ass enjoy them.

I’ve realized over the past year and a half as I’ve delved deeper into the “healthy eating world”, that my tastes have certainly changed.  And definitely for the better.  I was a junk-food-lover, and when it came to non-junkfoods, I was extremely picky about what went in my mouth.

It kind of amazes me now to realize that I consider pineapple and mango a special treat.  That I eat bananas and spinach and peppers and sweet potatoes on a regular basis.   That I look forward to salmon and mild-tasting white fish.   That goat cheese makes me drool.


I even ate steak on the weekend – something that I’ve claimed to loathe – and you know what?  Slathered with HP Sauce and piled with fried onions, it was actually palatable.  Maybe not even a teensy bit healthy, but… palatable.

Who knew.

I honestly think the only things I really still can’t wrap my head around are mushrooms, liver, and wild game.

And I’m not sure that will ever change.

But anyways.  Yes.  My tastes have changed.  In a big way.

And this week, I’ve been reminded of just how much.

You see, this past Sunday evening, I was at my mom’s and I asked her what she was having for supper.  She replied that she was just planning to have a bowl of soup, would I like one?  I said, “Sure, what kind is it?”

And then she kind of made a face, and said, “Pea… which you won’t eat.  I’ll have to look for something else for you… I think I have some other soup in the freezer that I can dig out that you’ll eat…”

I’m sure she almost hit the floor when I interjected, saying, “No, no, that’s OK, I think I’d like to try the pea, actually.”

I have no idea why – a soup that I detested and refused to consume all of my life, and suddenly… suddenly… it sounded really good.

And it was really good.  Like, really really good.

No hell to look at, mind you.  A bowl of green, gloopy soup probably won’t win any prizes for appearances.  But the flavour… Mmmm… after one bite of the the thick, hearty soup and a taste of the salty bits of ham…

pea soup

I was completely won over.  And I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Here’s the problem:  I’ve been so enchanted by the thoughts of split pea & ham soup this week, that on my lunch hour the other day, I started googling for recipes, thinking I might make myself a big pot this weekend.  And apparently, if you would good authentic split pea & ham soup, you need to have a big ol’ ham bone kicking around.

I seem to be fresh out of big ol’ ham bones dammit.

Anyone know if you can just cut up chunks of ham and make it still taste good?  Anyone know if there’s some easy way of doing this?  Mom?  Anyone?

I need me some more of that soup!!!  STAT!!!

Happy Thursday, friends :)


Stacy said...

i never use a ham bone, i just throw chunks of ham LOL

Nicole said...

Hmmm.... that's an interesting looking soup.... but I'd try it if someone else ordered it :)

VandyJ said...

Ham hocks can be used in place of the ham bone. Ask at the meat counter. I've made really good ham and bean soup with ham hocks.
Nick detests split pea soup, so that's one I miss from childhood.