Friday, May 02, 2014

A few Friday Confessions

Happy Friday, dudes!

Let’s get on with the confessions, shall we?

I confess… that I’ve been thinking about renting a movie all week long again, after doing so for the first time in ages last Friday!  I’m thinking we’ll go with funny this week, though.  I’m done with scary movies again for a bit.


I confess… that I got back into a bad habit of mine over the Easter break and into the week that followed: snacking at night. I had my niece for a sleepover on Good Friday, and so we went to the store and picked up some “treats” – which means she got a giant bag of “yellow cheesies” (aka Corn Twists), of which she ate a very scant handful and I ate the rest, and I picked up a bag of plain chips with dill pickle dip, AND a bag of Doritos.  So yeah.  I ate most of that over the course of a few days, and then last Friday night when I rented my movie, I couldn’t resist picking up a big bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn.

I confess… that I don’t know why I let myself do that, because it is SUCH a hard cycle for me to break once I’m doing it again.

I confess… that I’ve been good all week – REALLY good – when it comes to food choices (easier now that the Easter treats are all gone!) – but as my Friday movie night approaches, I could already feel myself twisting my own arm, convincing myself I deserve another reward after a long, busy work week.

I confess… that I think I’ve come up with a perfect solution:  a popcorn maker!  When we were kids, we used to pop our own corn all the time, and we LOVED it.  Somewhere along the way, we got out of the routine.  I mentioned it to my mom the other night because I wasn’t even sure she still had her popcorn maker, but sure enough she did and she dug it out of the cupboard for.  Fresh, healthy air-popped popcorn pour moi tonight!  Can’t wait! (at least, I hope… it’s a really old machine, fingers crossed that it still works!)


I confess… that this totally made my week:

Sometimes it really is the little things that get you through, right?

Have a great weekend, my friends! :)


VandyJ said...

Nick was up far too late last night catching up on his Late night. He is really enjoying Fallon.

Nicole said...

Oh goodness, the things these late night hosts do... lol. I especially loved when he said, you're new here so I'll go first, step aside.. ha!

Stacie said...

That lip sync clip makes me laugh so hard!

ashley said...

Try popcorn in a pot on the stove cooked in coconut oil - such a good and guiltless snack. :)

The Lovely One said...

Emma Stone totally rocked it!