Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Outta sorts… and into chocolate.

I’m totally outta sorts this week.

I think it’s partly from my “episode” on Friday night.  I mean, I’m fine.   Absolutely fine.  My neck isn’t even all that sore now - more stiff than anything, and even that’s not so bad.  After hearing about a terrible car accident in our community yesterday that claimed the lives of a well-known local pharmacist and his wife, and left a local nurse critically injured, it really made my unexpected and confusing summersault out of bed Friday night seem like small potatoes.  Seriously small potatoes, dudes.

I suppose the tragic events yesterday might be contributing to my down-in-the-dumps feeling this week, though.  I feel unsettled.  Discontent.  Just… not myself.

Coincidentally – or perhaps not so coincidentally – I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to stay out of the chocolates and sweets this week.  I keep dipping into the bag of chocolate chips I have stowed away in my fridge.  I can’t seem to stay out of the can of cookies I have down in my freezer.  Last night when I was at my mom’s, all I could think about was the pan of ice cream dessert left over in her freezer from Mother’s Day.


It’s never been more apparent to me that I’m drawn to the sweet treats when I’m anxious or unhappy.  Food is comfort to me.  And this week, it’s chocolately comfort that I’m seeking.


I guess the good thing is that my neck has recovered well enough that I’ve been able to resume working out sooner than I expected I’d be able to.  So at least there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ balancing out the chocolate and sweets.  I went jogging on Monday night for the first time since last fall, and while I did have to slow to a walk for a few stretches, I was impressed with how easily I got back into the jogging “swing of things”.  Then last night I did the Les Mills Combat Warrior 1 Lower Body Lean Out workout, and a 10-minute TurboFire Ab workout.

Still.  Doesn’t make me feel any less guilty about the cookies and the chocolate chips and the ice cream.

cookies and ice cream


I keep reminding myself there is good stuff to look forward to.  Like, a long weekend coming up.  And a night out with the girls to celebrate my friend Sara’s birthday on Saturday.  Good times with family and friends can always lift my heart and make me feel better.

This funk will pass, I know it will.

I just need to ride it out. 

And try not to gain 20 lbs. in the meantime.


Stacy said...

i feel the same may be the lack of sunshine too!

Jo said...

Hope the rest of the week improves!

VandyJ said...

The spring blahs--it's not nice enough to be outside doing warm weather stuff, but being inside is really not doing it for us either. We keep getting snow so that throws a crimp in things too.

Stacie said...

Sorry you are down in the dumps, hopefully it passes soon.

Nicole said...

Long weekends are GREAT!!! Just remember, life is like a roller coaster... there's ups and downs. Get ready for the ups!! Now next time I get here, please remind me!!