Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to the HEATWAVE

It’s hot here.  Reallllly hot.

When people from other parts of the world talk about cold, snowy Canadian winters, they tend to picture us all huddled up here in our igloos, wearing mittens and tuques, and making snowmen year-round.

Not so, my friends.  Not so.

On days like this, the song stuck in my head is Martha and the Vandellas’ “Heatwave”.

heat wave

It gets pretty hot here in the summer – at least in our neck of the woods.  And today, there’s a possibility we could break records.

34 degrees Celsius, and with the humidex it should feel more like 45.  On the radio this morning, they said that’s like 119 degrees Fahrenheit.  I think we’d have to hit 37 to break the record, and reports are that’s quite possible.

It wasn’t this hot in Cuba.  Not even close.

And you know what?  You won’t catch me complaining.  I love it!

…Well…unless I have to be in my Rav for any length of time.  The AC didn’t work in it when I bought it, and I never bothered getting it fixed.  Most of the time I don’t care…until days like today.  Fortunately, I only have a five-minute drive to work.  If I was sitting in city traffic, I would definitely be getting it fixed!

I also have to watch it when I squeal about how much I love the heat around this office.  I’m one of the lucky ones, who gets to sit inside at a desk, staying completely cool in the air conditioned office.  I literally cringe when some of the guys walk in here on days like this, dripping with sweat, their shirts soaked through, grumbling about how they wish they had a job in the office.

Moments like that?  It’s very important not to say anything about lovin’ the heat…

heatwave 2

The only thing that would make this heatwave better?  A POOL.


God, how I wish I had a pool!  It’s been a wish of mine since I was a little girl.  I loved/love swimming, and I used to beg my parents for a pool as a kid.  There was always an excuse, a reason not to get one.  If I could afford one now, it would be at the top of my wishlist. 

Unfortunately, word on the street is pools are a lot of work.  I would also need a pool boy to look after it.

Hmmm…that’s really not such a bad idea at all…

How’s the weather where you are?  Hot?  Really hot?  Do you enjoy the heat?  And how are you keeping cool?

It’s like a heatwave!!!  burning in my heart!!!


Amanda said...

It's the humidity that I hate...

Lindsay said...

I love the heat too! I hate being cold!!! But you know that! :-) You should come for a swim after work!! xo

Sharon said...

I quit complaining about the weather a long time ago... it's something you can't control or change, so why get bothered by it. Just go with the flow. Who cares. My biggest pet peeve, when people complain that they want it to get hot out and whine when it's 25 and sunny and they need to wear a long sleeved shirt. Then, when we get the heat that you can't cool down even being naked, they start to bitch and moan some more. It's nature, it's the weather, just enjoy it.

I want a pool too! I have decided I am going to start a pool fund and save my pennies. Maybe when Emma is old enough we will have a nice pool to frolic in. I think it would be a good investment with Waynes profession, we don't have time to drive to the beach. PLUS, the river is GROSS!

Stacy said...

LOVE THE HEAT - it is never too hot for me...i am sitting at my desk with Peter the Heater humming underneath me (creating a sunburn on the lower part of my legs) with a sweater and my fleece coat on top. Yep! Yesterday when I left the office, I still had my sweater on...all night! I HATE WINTER, I wish i could hibernate, I am NOT one of those people who say I wish it was colder because really...the white stuff will be falling soon enough! Stay cool everyone!

Amber said...

Count me in as a fan of the heat. It's been hot and humid here and I LOVE it. Give me 100 degree weather over 3 feet of snow any day!

A pool would make it a million times better though...hmmm...

I'm in an air conditioned office too, yesterday a saleswoman came into our office with a full on black business suit, when I left she was still wandering around our thanks! I would hate that!

Stephy said...

I loooove the heat if I have a pool to jump into! Otherwise, not so much. Ick!

Nicole said...

it is hot here too! But the worst part of the hot here, is the dry. I swear, we need RAIN! And my aunt and uncle in Oklahoma need it worse than we do.

And we have a pool... yeah it's fun but it's hard work and the stupid thing got a hole in it so it's expensive too! :(

Kristine said...

I think WA is the only state not enduring this wretched temps right now. However, we are lucky enough to have temps in the 60s… wait, did I just say “lucky enough”?! Who am I kidding? This WA so-called ‘summer’ sucks. But I know no matter what kind of weather we have there is always some sort of complaining involved, it seems like at least.

Ashley said...

hot here (obviously) and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! No complaints from me.