Friday, July 22, 2011

I confess that I wish I was on a golf course…

Friday confessions.  Hosted by Mamarazzi.  You know the drill.


I confess…today is our MVT golf day, and I can’t wait for it to start.  The bus departs at noon, dear people.  We’re T-1 Hour and 5 Minutes.  Could a morning go any slower??

I confess…that I’m not actually a huge fan of golf.  But driving the cart?  That, I enjoy.  Also, I enjoy drinking caesars.  So there is plenty to keep this kid happy at the golf course.

I confess…I’m a little jealous that I didn’t feel the earthquake last night.  I feel left out.  Apparently, perched on a bleacher at the ball park, you can’t feel the earth rumble and shake.  Who knew.

I confess…that when I got home last night and found an unexpected early birthday present from a friend waiting on me, I was overly excited.  Like, ear-to-ear silly grin excited.  Despite telling the world that I’M NOT HAVING A BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR, I’m actually still a big fan of birthdays.  I’m just not getting older.  Okay?  Remember that.  27 forever.

I confess…that I hate mosquitoes.  They ruined my night at the ball field.

I confess…that I love the heat.  But even I didn’t think it was humane for a bunch of men to be sweating and running and swinging bats and throwing balls in our Mumbai-like temps last night.  They must really love it.  I would have cancelled last night’s doubleheader in a heartbeat.

I confess…that I seriously considered bunking at the ‘rents last night when the lady at the store told me a severe thunderstorm was coming.  Considering the heat, it wasn’t a far-fetched prediction.  Proud of myself for being a big girl and staying at my own house.  Plus, no storm, so there was nothing to be worried about.

I confess…that I was so flustered over finding my golf clubs this morning that I forgot to wish my mom & dad a happy anniversary.  39 years married today!

I confess…that when I called to wish them a happy anniversary once I got to work, and my mom told me my brother had beat me to it, I was disappointed in myself.  But when she told me she’d talked to my sister twice and she hadn’t mentioned it, I felt better.  At least I beat one of them.

Have a great weekend, tout le monde!!


Amber said...

Earthquake?! You guys have some many natural fury issues up there, sheesh.

We've had a couple around here I guess, but I've always slept through them too. :)

Happy anniversary to your parents! Have a great weekend!

allstarme said...

I always somehow forget my parents' anniversary as well. It's right near Thanksgiving and we're always so busy. Happy Friday!

Stephy said...

Mosquitoes ruin the world! They eat me alive. I can be in jeans & a long sleeved shirt, with bug spray all over me & I still get bitten like crazy. No fun!

Stacy said...

Hope Kara reads this and calls your parents!! LOL

VandyJ said...

I hate those little blood sucking things! They look at me as a walking buffet. They have been horrible around here.
Have fun golfing!

Nicole said...

An earthquake... dang! and I want to learn how to golf... not just mini-golf but full blown out golf, although I think I"d lose my ball most of the time.

Kara said...

I remembered once I looked at a claendar and realized the date - lol...