Monday, January 08, 2007

The Weekend Rundown

Hey gang! Sorry I'm so late with the Blog today, but as you may or may not know, I am currently on my "Winter Hours", which means I'm off on Mondays & Fridays, so if I'm MIA on those days, don't panic - I'm just not at a computer! ;o)

I had a great weekend. Friday I watched Team Canada claim Gold over the Russians at the World Junior Championships, so that was very exciting. Then Friday night was our Murder Mystery DVD viewing party, so our cast was reunited for one last hurrah over pizza and beer. There were a few glitches, however, when the DVD wouldn't work in 4 different DVD players. Finally Mark found one at his place that was compatible with the DVD, and we were able to watch it all at last. It became quite embarassing to see how pathetically drunk we were by the end, and I'm shocked there weren't more complaints about how long it dragged out with people rambling and forgetting lines. But as Donna reminded us, usually by that point the crowd is pinned too, so they don't even notice. I'm not surprised that Aunt Mo is threatening to not allow drinking on-stage next year, though!

Saturday was the Sens game vs. New Jersey that we got my mom tickets for at Christmas, so we ventured off to Scotiabank Place to watch a rather boring hockey game. However, with the Sens down 3-1 in the dying minutes, Preissing did sneak one by Marty Brodeur to make things a little more interesting in the end. The Sens did end up taking the loss, 3-2, but Ma claimed to have a wonderful time and can't wait to go see another game! Probably the most excitement of the game came during the second intermission, when a bunch of Atom-level hockey players took to the ice for a relay race, and two of the teams were from Shawville. Both of them were lagging far behind the other two teams, but the little black team from Shawville gained some steam in the second last lap, and in the final lap they overtook both of the other teams to win, and people in the stands were cheering like crazy. Must have been a great moment for those kids!

Yesterday we watched from home as the Sens took on Philly in another afternoon tilt, and we all wished we were at that game. At least we would have had many more opportunities to cheer with the Sens stomping all over the last-place Flyers in a score of 6-1. Josh Hennessy scored his first NHL goal, so now Glen Healy won't be able to rip him for not having a point in any of the three or four games he's played in a Sens uniform. Wade Redden had a great game, collecting two assists and Third Star honours. I'm trying to ignore reports over on the Big K's Sports Report Blog suggesting his name is swirling in trade rumours with the Edmonton Oilers - I firmly believe Wade is not going anywhere, and this report was only fabricated to get me riled up. Nice try, Big K, but I'm not biting!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, and don't fret if there is no Blog tomorrow, as I'll likely be too busy tomorrow playing catch-up to write one. So please hang out in the Comments Section of this post, and I'll be back Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

Well Jill, we were at the game as well on saturday and we were really hoping we would see some over time and maybe even a shoot out. But they couldn't pull it off. Maybe on the 27th eh Jill.

I did enjoy the game though! And look forward to the next.

How about that traffic eh... just BRUTAL! I was getting passenger road rage! It's worse because then me and Wayne are angry!

Anyways! Hope everything else is good!

Jill said...

Hmmm...Very quiet here in the Blogosphere today! Good to see you're up & at 'em, though, Sharon!

Definitely looking forward to our game on the 27th - hopefully Ottawa can break the jinx vs. Boston tonight so that at least we'll have a glimmer of home against them when we're in attendance!!

As for the traffic after the game - Super Luke has developed a fool-proof escape route from SBP as long as we get there early and park along a certain spot. We were outta there in 5 minutes.

Glad you enjoyed the game - I forgot you guys were there, or I woulda been searching for yas!

Jill said...

** That should say "glimmer of hope", not "glimmer of home"

Stacy said...

Sorry, i keep forgetting my login and stuff so i have to keep doing it over!
So nothing new and exciting over on this end - almost done work - last week...
There are a few flurries floating around downtown Ottawa right now, as of 1:40 PM - other than that, just doing nothing because i have nothing to do!!!

Jill said...

Yay! I've finally been able to get back on the Blog...It has been "Forbidding" me to log on all day!!

Nothing to do, huh, Stace? Trade ya...I've been stupid-busy today. But only 1 more hour til home time and I think I'm going to try and go for a walk before supper...Can't wait!!