Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lean On Me

My entertainment of the evening was yet another wonderful episode of Friday Night Lights, so it's time for me to get you all back up to speed with the greatest new show on television!! (If I keep repeating that over and over, maybe it'll start to sink in with some of you, right??)

With the Panthers' playoff hopes hinging on another team's success, the entire town was on edge as they waited to see if they were going to make the post-season. To add to Coach Taylor's stress & anxiety, Jason Street's family served him with papers suing him & the school for negligence regarding Jason's accident on the football field. When the news of the lawsuit hit the local papers, Jason began feeling the effects from his once-adoring public, as they frowned upon him turning against the team. Jason didn't want to turn on the coach and the school in the first place, so it upset him terribly, but his mother tearfully explained that to afford all of the additions to their home to make it wheelchair accessible and to pay for his re-hab, they had no choice but to sue. Jason went to the coach and explained the situation, so at least there's an understanding between them now, and Coach Taylor knows Jason doesn't blame him the same way the rest of his family does.

Meanwhile, Smash was trying to woo the preacher's daughter, Waverly, but he was baffled by her indifference towards him. He's used to being the star and having girls fawn all over him, so when Waverly asked him if he ever talked about anything but himself and football, he didn't understand what her problem was. Matt tried to get him to pull his head out of his ass long enough to show him that not all girls are impressed by having their guy refer to himself in the third person and arm wrestle the entire town, but Smash finally told Waverly that he likes the way he is, and if she's not willing to meet him half-way, then he would just have to pass on the opportunity to be with her. The little grin Waverly gave him as he left would suggest that we haven't heard of the last of her, though.

This week we also got a glimpse into Tyra's life, as a domestic dispute unfolded between her mother and her mother's boyfriend. When he slapped her mom across the face, Tyra leapt to defend her, swinging a fireplace poker at him and forcing him to leave. At the rodeo, he approached her mother again, begging forgiveness, so Tyra issued her mom an ultimatum: "Him or me." Riggins then picked the wrong time to ask Tyra to give him a second chance, and although it was obvious that she wanted to, she told him she would just be a hypocrite if she did. I liked this new angle on Tyra that they presented this week. Up until this point, I just considered her a mischievious little skank, but she showed backbone and integrity this week, and I admired her for it. In the end, her mother kicked the scummy boyfriend to the curb and told Tyra she could never pick a man over her. It was a real Hallmark moment.

Last, but certainly not least, comes the Matt Sarracen Report. With Matt's dad back from Iraq, Matt had hoped things would get easier in dealing with his grandmother; however, Matt's dad hasn't been much help at all. If anything, he has disrupted their lives even more. In an effort to smooth things over with his father and help him settle in, Matt went to Buddy Garrity on his father's behalf looking for a job. Buddy, of course, would do anything for his star QB, so he offered Mr. Sarracen a salesman position. However, this only led to more responsibility being heaped on Matt's shoulders.

When Julie showed up at his house after he missed a study date with her, she finally had that look of helplessness and desperation that I've been feeling everytime they show us what Matt's home life is like. He was trying to clean up the mess, get dinner and make his grandma a cup of tea, all by himself, and he gets so flustered trying to please everyone that it twists my heart up every time. This time, Julie stepped in to help, and after talking to her parents about Matt's situation, she decided to reach out to him as much as possible and support him as best she can. Eventually, Matt encouraged his father to return to Iraq with the military, because now with Julie backing him, he feels he can take care of his grandmother and juggle everything else as well as he did before his dad came home.

Oh, and remember how I said that their spot in the playoffs depended on another team's success? Well, the team that needed to win did, so the Dillon Panthers are headed for the post-season dance. Hugs & kisses all around!!

The sneak peak at next week's episode indicates it's going to be another explosive one, as it appears Smash's steroid use will be discovered, and it looks like Jason might actually break up with Lyla once and for all. Tune in next week for yet another scintillating FNL re-cap!

Have a great day, gang!!


Stacy said...

If i watched that show Jill - again it would have been a great blog - as you can tell, i dont watch much. Lastnight there was a Debut Series called Armed and Famous and it had 5 celebrities (Eric Estrada, the Wee Man from Jackass, Wrestler Trish Stratus, Latoya Jackson, and Jack Osborne) and they had to qualify to become police officers - it was an ok show - that Wee Man is too cute!!
Anyways that was my night and well yseterday at work, we didn't get such good news - my work is closing it's doors in August. We failed to win a contract that guaranteed us another 15 years - so we're out. I am out this Friday on maternity leave but I will not be returning so my year off will be looking for another is like a morgue in here, everyone is walking around asking questions, asking why - it's too bad but we were warned but we were also lead to believe that we would get it...oh well - so soon enough I'll be back to the drawing board once again - I have been here almost 5 years, I came here right out of school, i have no other experience, so if anyone hears of anything, let me know!!!!
Anyways take care everyone

Rachel said...

Jill, the show sounds good, but I don't think that I get it. Lastnight we watched Bon Cop Bad Cop, its good, but I thought it dragged out too long.

Stacy said...

Jill - i was watching a clip from Ellen on Star Daily lastnight or something and Ellen had McDreamy or McSteamy (Patrick Demspey or whatever) on the show and by the sounds of things, his wife/girlfriend or something is having twins maybe - anyways, Ellen had these little doctor suits made for them - and on the back one said McCutie and McCuddly and they had little hospital was cute!!

Jill said...

Good morning, girls!
Stace: Well, as I already told you this morning on the phone, that really sucks about your job. But I'm sure with your experience, you'll have no trouble getting interviews once you're ready to start back to work. As for the Ellen thing with McDreamy...Too Cute! I had heard his wife was expecting twins. He's in a new movie out right now with Hilary Swank, I want to see it...I think it's called Freedom Writers. It looks good.
Rachel: No, you guys probably don't get FNL if you don't have a dish. I think it's only on NBC, I don't think it's on any of the local channels. But if you do ever get a dish, you should definitely check it out!
Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Stacy said...

Well Jill - doesnt look like the blog is too happening today...
i have been checking it frequently but apparently people are busy today! Well one more hour to go (actually i am leaving at 3:30 so half an hour) and we were given tomorrow as a day off because of everything going on so I'm excited! Anyways take it easy - have a good night!

Rachel said...

Almost the end of the day ... Thank God! I am getting tired, and I just want to go home!!

One more day for me.

Jill said...

Have either of you guys had trouble with your password? I haven't, but Sara emailed me to say she's registered for a new password twice and it still won't let her log on. And I know PK was having problems yesterday. If anyone else is having trouble, e-mail me to let me know and I may have to switch it back to "Anonymous" posters being allowed and just delete comments from people who don't leave their names.

Stacy: If you're off tomorrow, want to go for lunch or something??

Talk to y'all later!!

priscilla said...

I might have been having trouble yesterday because I was doing it wrong. I was trying to enter my name and password under the word blogger there, but then I figured out I had to click on Sign in using your google account, then enter my email address and password on there, which then redirected me to Jill's blog and then it says I am currently posting as Priscilla and I can leave my comment! Run on sentence?

chris said...

Hey Ppl:

Happy New Year to one and all. Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch, but Jill I am an avid reader of the Blog. Keep up the great blogging. Also, one of you New Year's resolution was to write more often...well I think your blog covers that resolution.

Rachel - I have some letters for you and I think one of them is a GST cheque. I'll send them to you via inter-departmental mail at work if that's ok. Let me know.

Stacy - OMG, how are you doing? Hows the pregnancy going? And yes you are right about the Ellen show.. It was Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey who was on the show and yes his wife (Jill Fink) is pregnant with twin boys.

PK - umm do ya remeber me? How are things?? Are you still with Mr. Brownlee??

Jill - I have had no problems with my least not yet.

Ohh and newsflash...Kristine Argue and Chris whats-his-name are getting married this summer.

Adios ppl. TTYL

Rachel said...

Hey Chris: geez, long time no chat. Ya, you can send the mail over through like you said. I'll be watching out for it.

Jill I haven't been having any problems with the passwords I use the Sign in with Google account link

Anonymous said...

Good Friday, I know I am late, however, yesterday was crazy!

I sign on with my google account and it works great. I use an e-mail address...

Anyways, not much to say about Friday night lights, I don't watch that show. But the OC was really good last night!

Anyways, take care everyone.

Stacey, sorry to hear about your work, I know all about those situations. There are always new jobs going up at Algonquin all over the college. You can check those out from time to time at And there is a daycare centre here as well. I know a lady in Media and Design who sends her little girl there and she has lunch with her every day.

priscilla said...

Hi Chris if you are reading today. Of course I remember you. Yup I'm still with Chad, he's the best.

Jill said...

Hey Chris - Glad to hear you're still reading. Hope you had a great holiday season, and thanks for letting us all know you're still alive! ;o)