Thursday, January 18, 2007

McYummy vs. McNasty

Everybody knows how much I love Grey's Anatomy, right? So you probably all know how deeply troubled I was a few months ago when news broke of a fight on-set between top docs Isaiah Washington, who plays the stern but compassionate Dr. Burke, and Patrick Dempsey, who plays the ever-studly Dr. Sheppard, aka Dr. McDreamy. I didn't like the thoughts of two of my favourite characters fighting in real life.

The situation became even more uncomfortable when word leaked that the argument and shoving match was the culmination of Washington firing insults at T.R. Knight, who plays the bumbling but lovable Dr. George O'Malley. Dempsey had stepped in to defend Knight, and that was when all hell broke loose.

It disturbed me to think of these actors, who all seem to have such chemistry and strong rapport on-screen, not getting along behind the scenes. The producers tried to smooth things over by saying these things happen in a tight family like the Grey's cast & crew, that it wasn't the first time a fight had broken out and that it wouldn't be the last. But rest assured, Grey's fans, we're all still buddies and you don't have to worry!

A few days later, rumours swirled that the real reason for the fight was because Isaiah Washington had called T.R. Knight a faggot, and Patrick Dempsey jumped in to reprimand Washington for the slur. Several weeks later, T.R. Knight came out of the closet, and said that while he was, in fact, gay, he hoped that that wasn't the most interesting thing about him. It became clear that the only reason Knight revealed his "secret" was because the fight with Isaiah Washington had forced him to come out of the closet.

At the Golden Globe Awards on Monday night, the whole messy situation was re-visited when, after Grey's won for Best Drama, Washington jumped in front of the mic at the back-stage press conference and declared, "No, I did not call T.R. a faggot." It was both unnecessary and inappropriate, and it put Grey's Anatomy and T.R. Knight back in a spotlight they were glad to have left behind.

Yesterday, T.R. Knight was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen, as it is widely known, announced she was homosexual ten years ago on her popular sitcom Ellen, and since then she has been an inspiration to other gay and lesbian figures in pop culture to be honest with their public about their sexuality. Watching T.R. yesterday on Ellen was difficult. He's so sweet and adorable, exactly the way he is on the TV show as Dr. O'Malley, and I kept thinking to myself, "How can Isaiah Washington be so vile towards him? Why can't he just leave him alone?" What makes it even more confusing to me is seeing how the two are so close on the TV show. Dr. Burke & Dr. O'Malley have had a strong friendship, and in recent episodes, with George's father undergoing cancer treatment, he's been turning to Dr. Burke for his opinion on his father's health. How can two guys who are such good friends on TV be such opposites in real life?

On her show yesterday, Ellen pronounced T.R. the "McYummy" of the show, causing him to blush and laugh nervously, but I definitely second that, no matter what his sexual orientation is. However, I also have another McName I'd like to hand out, and that goes to Isaiah Washington. From this point on, I shall now refer to him as "McNasty". He may be kind and compassionate on Grey's, but in real life, this man is repulsive. T.R. tried to make light of the situation on Ellen's show, but it was obvious that he has been deeply hurt and embarassed by his cast mate. Ellen closed the segment by saying that she hoped that in this day in age, people can stop saying hurtful and mean things to one another, and then T.R. thanked her for paving the way for people like him, so that revealing this detail about himself was much easier than it was back when she did it.

McNasty sure hasn't made it easy on him, though. And I never thought I'd have something bad to say about Grey's Anatomy, but if Dr. Burke somehow didn't recover from the surgery on his hand and, oh, I don't know, say, died, I don't think I'd miss him one little bit!


priscilla said...

Nobody likes your blog today? Looks like Chad and I will probably be attending the hockey game at the arena on Saturday night. Jeremy seems really broken hearted. She said no. I just wish she would have told him right from the start in December, rather than have him keep calling her all this time. Like she was the one who gave him her number, so I don't know, maybe she found somebody else. Well I guess I'm off to GT to buy some milk.

Anonymous said...

Well Jill, I am not too interested in the Mcwhatever and McNasty deal. It does sound like quite the thing though. Like just let it go McNasty.

Anyways, I am excited for the game next weekend. I think it's going to RAWK. I am thinking of checking in on my shipping guy Kyle to see if he's working that game and perhaps you could meet him. I am just so distraught with your love news of the weekend I am trying desperately to find you a normal man. I have yet to see Kyle this week, I have been busy, but when I do, I will confirm if he's working, if he's dating someone and if he'd be interested in meeting someone new.

This will not be a corporal long dong repeat. This guy is SO funny and out there! He's tall and muscular *he's a shipping guy afer all* So yeah that's that.

AND I thought we would leave at noon and go to lunch, how does that sound. There is a Kelsey's in Kanata Centrum that we could go to.

Jill said...

Yeah, guys, looks like the Blog is getting 2 thumbs down today. But if you could have seen poor McYummy on Ellen yesterday, you would understand why I felt compelled to dedicate a whole Blog to him and the feud with McNasty. It really is kind of heart-breaking to know there's people out there like him who can't even show respect to their peers because of their sexual orientation. It's sort of ruining my whole outlook on the show.

Sharon: I'm all for meeting new people. But as I always remind people when they suggest introducing me to new guys, it's best to give him a head's up that I'm not a size 2 and I don't look like Jennifer Aniston. Just keeping it realistic here, people.

And you don't have to worry about my "love news" that I gave you Saturday night. Believe it or not, I'm already over that. I had the opportunity to talk with someone after the game Saturday night, and even though nothing may ever happen with that particular boy, it kind of made me realize how much fun I had talking to him and hanging out - way more fun that with the other "crush"...And I saw that boy yesterday (the one you're not fond of), and I felt nothing towards him, so I'm back on track. But yeah, sure, if this Kyle guy is working next weekend, I'd love to meet him. And leaving at noon and going for lunch sounds great to me. And everyone knows I love Kelsey's!

priscilla said...

You're gonna have to fill me in, I am totally lost as usual.

Jill said...

LOL...It was meant to be cryptic like that, so that not everyone in the world knows what boys I'm chasing! haha! But I just sent you an email to clarify, PK! Sorry!

Rachel said...

WAIT......I really liked your blog, I have just been busy busy busy.

Now I heard alittle bit of this on tv, but wasnt able to catch much of it, as I am not yet familiar with their real names.

So if I got it right, George is gay, and it was the guy who just had his surgery on his hands who is the McNasty one for calling him that? Is that right? MAN, I have to say that I am alittle dissapointed that George is gay. I fell in love with him last week. He is soooo cute and sensitive...but I thought not too sensitive, and I thought he was the best looking one! It always seems to happen that way.

Thanks though, for clearing that up because I was meaning to ask you about it.

Jill said...

Hey Rachel: T.R. Knight plays George on the show, and he is gay in real life but NOT on the show. George is very much heterosexual and has had a crush on Meredith in the past, and now is in an on-again off-again relationship with Callie (the doc he kissed over his dad's bag of pee!) I've always loved him and thought he was a cutie too, and that has not changed since I found out he's gay in real life.

Isaiah Washington, who plays Dr. Burke, aka McNasty, called T.R. a faggot on set way back in October, and there's been tension swirling ever since. It's too bad, because the character of Burke is so level-headed and respectful and honourable. Finding out the guy behind Burke is really McNasty sucks big time.

Hope I helped clear that all up for you...And I'm glad you liked the Blog!! YAY for Grey's fans!! Can't wait for tonight's episode.

Rachel said...

Ok, I had it right...I knew you meant in real life though. I still love him, and your right about Burke being so level headed in the show. I guess this just makes them real good actors, right!

I can't wait either!!

Jill said...

That's the one amazing thing I've realized amidst all of this: T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington are AMAZING actors!! Obviously off-screen there is animosity between them, but on-screen, they really do seem like best buddies. So despite my hatred for McNasty, both he and T.R. are incredible talents, that's for sure.

KathleenRules said...

bah Jill you shouldn't put yourself down I thought you looked very good in those pics from the murder mystery. Just be yourself and have fun, who cares if you aren't a size 2?

KathleenRules said...

and I don't really care about the Mcwhatsits but I really don't think that McNasty is necessarily a horrible person. Gay people call each other faggots and its only a word, and last I checked gay men were still men, he could have stuck up for himself and not gone and cried on Ellen's shoulder (at least it wasn't Rosie who is a disservice to all gay people).
It just annoys me, there are far worse injustices in the world than gays being called faggots and the whole world has been turned upside down. Like its getting to a point that if I were to say kissing a girl doesn't turn me on or I don't believe in gay marriage, that that would make me a homophobe. As one of my friend's sister likes to randomly scream...what about the fuckin war in Iraq?!?