Sunday, January 14, 2007

Grey's Back With a Bang

Howdy, everyone! Lots to write about tonight, so I'm going to start with a brief re-cap of my most favouritest show ever...


Returning from Christmas Hiatus with a bang were all those lovable docs from Seattle Grace Hospital!!

The biggest plotline this week surrounded George's father having surgery to determine the extent of the cancer they discovered in his esophagus. The whole O'Malley clan is just great; I absolutely adore them. George's brothers are so funny, and his mom is sweet and caring, and his dad is...well, just like the best dad ever!! George feels a little left out of his family, though, being the "smart one", and he's definitely been having trouble dealing with his father's illness.

On the morning of the surgery, when George went to open his fridge, Izzie's $8.7 Million cheque from Denny fell off the magnet and landed at his feet. For those of you who don't know (or care...hahaha), when Denny passed away, he left Izzie everything, and as it turns out, Denny was a rather wealthy dude. However, a grieving Izzie couldn't come to terms with her inheritance, so she stuck that cheque on the fridge until she could figure out what to do with it. And it's just been hanging there, taunting her roommates ever since.

But this week...ta da!! Izzie finally deposited the cheque!! Maybe not for the right reasons, though. She wanted in on a once-in-a-lifetime surgery to correct the spinal curvature of a 17-year-old girl with a major attitude problem. And the only way Dr. Bailey would allow her to scrub in was if she resolved her Denny Issues and did something with the cheque. Sitting watching Izzie bawl at the bank was one of those moments where you didn't know whether to laugh or cry - it was all so ridiculous, but at the same time, it was heartbreaking watching her part with her last piece of Denny.

OH...I almost forgot to mention my absolute most favourite moment of the night!! ALEX & ADDISON!! Yeah, baby!! For a few months now, fans have been pushing for a relationship between the head of the gynie squad and her former whipping boy. I myself never thought it would happen, but lo and behold, there is definite chemistry sizzling between Alex and Addy. With Alex continually suffering abuse from the uppity Dr., Sloan, Addison has been sticking up for him whenever she can. And then Alex told Addison that he purposely screws up McSteamy's coffee orders because he's so rude to her, which resulted in the two of them almost kissing. I can't wait to see how this all develops, and I'm so excited that Alex appears to be thinking about rejoining the gynie squad again and ditching McSteamy's plastics!!

Bet you're wondering what's been up with Christina & Burke, right? Well, Burke had surgery again on his hand to try and stop the tremors, and while he and Christina are currently engaged in a stubborn game of "Say Uncle" with neither of them speaking to one another, she is harrassing everyone in the hospital to get her status updates on Burke's hand. The love is still clearly there; but they're both so determined and bull-headed, they can't tell one another. Yet seeing Christina at the end of the episode lying on the couch in his hospital room shows that they're still a close team, even if they aren't talking to one another. I'm confident they'll be fine.

Back to George for a minute. His dad asked Dr. Webber and Dr. Bailey to remove the tumor in his esophagus even if they discovered his cancer had spread, so that they could at least give him a fighting chance rather than a death sentence. Sadly, they discovered his cancer had spread, but they complied with their patient's request and removed as much of it as they possibly could, but without George's knowledge. I think the most heart-wrenching moment of the episode was when George told his family to be prepared after the surgery, because his dad was going to be in bad shape. However, George himself couldn't even look at the massive scar etched down his father's torso, and when Meredith took his hand in comfort, he was shaking so badly that it made me tear up. Good news, though, for George and Callie fans - they appear to be on the road to repair as they kissed over a full bag of his dad's pee. Wheeeee!

And no, I haven't forgotten about Meredith. She's been a mess with her dad scooting about the hospital, as his daughter from his second marriage had given birth at the hospital and the baby had some problems. So Meredith's been bumping into her father quite a bit, and it's got her in a tailspin. The baby survived a scare thanks to Addison and Alex's quick reaction by getting her into surgery, but Meredith just can't seem to wait to get her father and his new family out of her hospital. Oh, and Meredith has a snoring problem. So bad that McDreamy can't even stay in the same bed with her at night. But Meredith is demanding that he must sleep with her all night, every night, because of her issues regarding people always leaving her. And I once again was left thinking Poor little Meredith Grey...

I think I covered it all...So much for a short re-cap huh?

As for the rest of the weekend...I went to see Rocky Balboa with Stacy & Ricky Friday night, and I loved it. I want to see all the Rockys now. There's just something about Rocky...He's so sweet and dumb. I adored him.

On Saturday, I watched the Sens thump the Habs in the matinee edition of Hockey Day in Canada, and it was positively delightful. My boys are making me proud!! Then Saturday night, I went to watch Graham's hockey game in Shawville with Sara, and afterwards we went to Atko's for a few beverages. It was lots of fun, and we laughed a lot, but the night seemed to end too quickly!!

So today has been all about the couch and watching movies...And I better get right back to that!!

Have a great week, everyone!


Rachel said...

Boy, did I ever tune into a tear jerker! I teared up after George's dad had his surgery because I felt for George, and I can't imagine myself in that situation. Now, I understand why you said Poor Little Merideth Grey after last seasion's finale. With everything going on, Poor little Merideth had a snoring problem, lol. Great re-cap, loved the show!!!!!

Saturday we went bowling with my parents and Trev and Jen. Boys against girls, they kicked our butts, but it was lots of fun!!

priscilla said...

You guys went to Graham's hockey game Saturday night? We were told about it, and Ryan was supposed to call Chad and let him know what time, but he never called so we didn't have anything to do. Mark and Melissa bought me the Garfield dvd for my birthday, so we watched that. Sunday for lunch Chad's family was celebrating Scott's birthday from December 26th and Melissa's birthday which was yesterday. His mom made Chinese food, her chicken balls and homemade dinner rolls were delicious. Lots of babies in that house, it was soooo busy. The twins will be 2 already in March. Then we had supper at my house, Chad changed the oil in his car. He likes using my dad's garage because he has a pit. And that was my exciting weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!

Well this mornings' drive in was not bad despite the snow. But tonight might be a tad bit more treaturous.

My weekend was craptacular. I worked Friday night until 8:00. I worked an info booth at the sens game which sucked as well. Then on Sunday I was sore, I found out my quilt didn't lie flat no thanks to the pattern and I almost burned my house down! So frankly, I am glad to be back at work as busy as we may be!

I am going to AquaFit tonight as long as the weather doesn't get worse... I am excited to get back into it. I just finally got my bottle of water, I forgot it at home so I just bought one now at 11:00 when I got a slight break in things. I chugged almost all of it at once I am so parched!

Well hope your days go by quickly and without glitches!

Rachel said...

It seems to have been snowing all morning. I haven't actually gone out since then; I wonder how many centimeters it has snowed?..

Anonymous said...

I was out at lunch and I am going to say 5 to 10 more close to 10.

Jill said...

Hey gals!
I was just out shovelling with Lukey and I'd say we definitely had about 10 cm...around 4 inches. But man, did it feel great to be out in the snow "exercising"!!
Rachel: So glad you liked Grey's!! And yes, I have this problem with Meredith. I mean, I like her, and I've been rooting for her and McDreamy all along, but compared to all the trauma the rest of them have had to deal with, her "problems" seem rather petty in comparison! But I love everything about this show. My poor Georgie...I just wanted to cuddle him this week.
PK: I hear there's another game this Saturday night, so hopefully you and Chad can make it to that one. I had so much fun this past weekend that I'll probably be going back again!
Sharon: So glad to hear you didn't burn down your house!! (How did that almost happen, anyways!??) I hope you have fun at Aquafit tonight. I've gotten back on my schedule of my daily walks along with Curves 3 x week, and I feel ten times better than I did over the holidays!! So far no results on the scales, but I'm sure that will come! (I hope...)

KathleenRules said...

The Habs definitely got thumped and I was pretty embarassed. The Sens played great, they basically did everything right. That being said...and I know you won't agree with me, but I noticed one fatal flaw in the Sens roster and it is the same old story, goaltending. I know how much you guys all rave about Ray Emery, and he is solid and occasionally spectacular and waaaaaaay better than sad old Patrick Lalime, but he's not the guy. He lets out far too many juicy rebounds. I know you may say that he won and Huet let in 6 goals but the Sens were just so perfect putting the puck on the net and jumping on bad bounces he had no chance on any of them...especially that beauty of a shot by Wade. Emery is a very good goalie but where the Sens are now they need someone better than him if they want to win the Cup. Mark my words he will become a problem come playoff time. He is Big Juicy Rebound City.
Just an observation.

KathleenRules said...

Wow my mom just told me about Spartacat and pushing the person in the Habs jersey off the boat shit. Not cool at all.

Anonymous said...

Jill, I was trying to make fish and chips and I dont have a deep fryer so to get the chips part I was doing it the old fashioned way... well I put too much oil in the pot and it boiled over once the wet potatoe slices hit it... it was scary but it's all good. We won't be doing that method again, ever!

And Kathleen, when you only have 2 goaltenders, one being an over paid flopping pencil head and the other being Ray Emery, what else can we possibly do but give Ray the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best that his skills will only get better before the playoffs... After all practice does make perfect and I think Jill would agree with me!

p.s. There were SO many p.o.'d HABS fans at the Bank, it was a little scary at times.

Jill said...

Kathleen: I know what you mean about Emery, but honestly, I do believe he's our man this year. He's kept them in games that they had no right even being in, and my dad always takes note that he more often than not will make "the big save" that our goalies of the past were unable to make. He's calm, he's cool, and I feel more comfortable with him in nets than I ever have in the past (The Dominik Hasek Era notwithstanding, but I hate that puke so much I won't give him any accolades).

As for the misfortunate Spartacat Barbados Adventure on the Jumbotron...When I first heard about it, I literally gasped and thought, "How could they be so cruel? Did they think that was funny?" I couldn't believe that no one would have thought it in poor taste. However, since then, I have learned that it has been an on-going promotion for this Barbados trip that Melnyk is offering to the fans, and that every game for the past month has shown Sparty tossing a fan in opposing team colours overboard on his ship to the Barbados. So this was not a skit singled out just for the Habs, and even though it should have been yanked anyways, I can see how it was just an oversight. Apparently directly after it was aired, both Melnyk & Mlakar were on the phones issuing apologies as they realized what a tasteless error it was. I can guarantee you the Sens organization regrets airing it, and that they in no way wanted to make light of the tragedy that Mr. Gainey is living through.

Sharon: Well, glad to hear the fish & chips adventure did not burn down your house! And I absolutely agree with you on Emery - my only fear is that Ray will be burnt out by the time playoffs roll around, he's been so busy in nets with little relief.

And I hope to be back later today with an actual POST, but if not, definitely tomorrow!! Take care, gang!!

KathleenRules said...

oh trust me, Emery is pretty solid, but I think when a team goes for a Cup run they need the best. If the Sens were an up and coming team like the Habs Emery would be a big deal, but on a contender he pales a little. It wasn't his fault at all last year (and he was very good in the Tampa series), just like it wasn't Huet's fault against Carolina, but those two guys are quite similar in that respect. They just don't have the capacity to make all the miraculous saves. I don't think come playoff time he will be a gamebreaker. I remember Patrick Roy in the 93 playoffs, he stopped so many pucks that no human being should have and then the team picked up this swagger in front of him.
And I don't think the Sens did it on purpose at all. No one is that mean and dumb, not even the Leafs. I just thought it was the height of stupidity. I mean its not like this happened 5 years ago. I'm glad that Gainey wasn't at the game, too.