Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

OK, so I've got enough stuff from the weekend to fill ten Blogs, but I'm going to cram it all into one... So we'll start off with a some very quick re-caps!!


Smash got busted. By his mama. And she didn't deal with it quietly, behind closed doors. She marched right into the coach's office and confronted him about it, because she was sure her baby wouldn't be using steroids unless the coach was promoting it. So needless to say Smash is in big trouble with a few people now. But it looks like Coach Taylor might actually try to sweep it all under the rug... Unless Buddy Garrity gets a sniff of what's going on...

Speaking of Buddy...I hate that man. He drives me nuts. He tried to guilt Jason into dumping Lyla, but Jason did the exact opposite - he proposed. I was completely blind-sided! Awesome!

Oh, and tear-jerker moment of the night: Watching Matt, Julie, and Grandma say good-bye to Matt's dad when he was shipped back to Iraq. Honest to God, Matt makes me weak at the knees. He's so sweet and kind and good-hearted. I adore him. But it looks like he may be in a bit of trouble with Julie this week...Can't wait for the next episode!


It was all about marriage proposals this week. George, who has apparently become a sex maniac since his father's death, popped the question to Callie. And Burke, who hasn't spoken to Cristina since before Christmas Hiatus, also dropped the "M Bomb". And of course they did it right at the end of the show, and they cut to black before the girls could give their answers. But I have the feeling they're both going to say no. I hope I'm wrong though - it'd be fun to have wedding bells ringing at Seattle Grace!

Meanwhile, Dr. Webber officially retired, only to find that his wife has already moved on. Poor ol' Chief. And to make matters worse, he's got McDreamy, McSteamy, Addison and Burke all harassing him, and competing amongst each other to be appointed the next Chief. For me, the greatest moment of the night was when Dr. Webber told Bailey, who was trying to garner support for a free clinic, that some day she will be Chief, and that he wanted her to get used to doing things without him. Bailey's been on a roller coaster ride for the past 3 seasons, and that to me was the greatest reward the Chief could give her.

Oh, and Alex is sexy. Just thought I'd throw that in.


Friday night we celebrated Sue & PK's birthdays with a lovely dinner out and then we sat at Gavan's and enjoyed the music of Chris Malone & the Foundation Band. The band is super-good, so everyone should get their asses to Gav's the weekend of Feb. 16-17th to see them!

On Saturday, I went to the Sens game with Sharon & Wayne. It's the first time I witnessed a Sens win in person in a long, long time. They beat Boston 3-1, with all the goals coming in the third period. It was fairly entertaining, and Wade was handsome. Our first-row, second-level seats provided me with a delightful view of him during the warm-up, and Sharon snapped some pics of him. Also, the Prime Minister was just below us, and we had fun watching all these dummies rushing to get their pictures taken with him and getting his autograph. (Tell me, who would want the Prime Minister's autograph on their Sens jersey? Made no sense to me!)

Saturday night, I shimmied back on down to Gav's with my neighbour Brenda for another great night of Foundation. We danced a little, drank a little, hung out with the boys in the band, and even helped them tear down at the end, just like Sara and I used to do in the old days. And just like in the old days, Brenda got to daintily wrap chords like Sara would have, while I was lugging around heavy amps on the floor. And Chris told me to do it, because I'm a farmer. Which I'm not. Some things never change.

Sunday was a mellow day while I caught up on sleep and played with Caden. And yesterday I was a Powerhouse Scrapbooker. I got tonnes of pages done, and it felt so good! I'm now ready to start tackling summer events, such as Golf Tournament, Canada Day, the Woermke & Steph Festivities, etc. YAY!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Sarah said...

That band was awesome!! I will for sure be there Feb 16/17!! All of their songs are great, and I never heard a country song either! haha!

Is it friday yet?? Im having the worst day EVER!ARRGGHHHH!!

KathleenRules said...

That was a pretty good hockey game last night too. it was cool seeing Ken Dryden's number go up.
I was at a party this weekend at James' place and someone there put on some music that sounded like a mix of Johnny Cash and Stompin Tom. when I commented on this someone told me his name was Doug Corrigan and he songs about the valley and even had one about how they chased the language police out of Shawville. Good stuff. Anyone ever hear of him?

Jill said...

Yeah, they were pretty awesome!! I was especially impressed when they played Fat-Bottomed Girls for you guys. After they told us they didn't know it, and then they played it perfectly...so cool!

No, not Friday yet...Not even close...But I hope your day gets better, Sarah! :o)

Jill said...

Last night's game sucked. And I didn't watch most of the ceremony beforehand, but I did see them raising the # to the rafters, and it was pretty neat. They said this mornign on the Team that quite a few of the Ottawa players even broke routine to go down the hall to watch, so that was pretty cool, considering they arranged it so that they wouldn't ahve to take part.

Never heard of Doug Corrigan, but that's pretty cool. And Lord knows the Shawvillians deserve a song about the number of times they've had to drive the language police out of town! lol...

KathleenRules said...

Ken Dryden is always interesting. I remember at the Liberal convention they asked him who he would throw his support behind and he said something like "I don't even know my own mind yet." He also wrote one of the best books of all time, The Game. I was there for the Dickie Moore/Yvon Cournoyer ceremony and apart from the losers cheering go Leafs go it was very moving. Makes me hope they'll bring the glory back some time soon.
Yeah it was a pretty cool song. I remember that story about the language police, I think its great that people can still stand up for themselves and do that. Living in Montreal makes me appreciate acts like that even more. Didn't they also chase away the bus that some FLQ guy was in once? thats awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey, well I only read about 1/2 you blog Jill, but it was good. I still have yet to put the pics on my computer. If you want, I will e-mail you copies of them. Or do you want actual printed copies, let me know.

I am off the rest of the day today and tomorrow to help out on the farm while Linda and Gardell are in TO. So I will be not in the Blogsphere, unless I get a minute to go online, we shall se.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh and speaking of songs, I was watching a game that Hasik was in on Sunday and they have made him a theme song, I could have puked, he in no way deserves a theme song. For Pete Sake, the man is BAD!

Jill said...

Yep, they did something about that bus with the FLQ guy on it...Actually, that bus stopped in Quyon at the Lion's Hall or something, I can't remember how the story went...

I remember when the whole Referendum thing was going on, there was some meeting in Colounge that Bloq members were going to, so the people in Shawville decorated the town in red & white and had all the businesses on the highway fly Canada Flags out side and hang them in their windows so that when they drove through they would know that we didn't want our own country. It wsa pretty cool.

Sharon: You can just email me the pictures, and I'll print them off at home. Thanks! I hope Linda's doing OK. :o)

priscilla said...

I'm sure if Stacy had her baby you would've mentioned it? If it was me I would be so anxious and scared and nervous wondering when it was going to happen.

Jill said...

LOL...Nope, no baby yet. I'll be sure to let you all know when she does finally arrive. I've been in to visit Stace a few times over the weekend, and she seems very calm about it all. I'm just hoping little Madyson decides to come before I leave for Guelph next week or else I'll probably miss it! And that would just be HORRIBLE!!