Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wednesday has finally rolled around, and so I'm taking a minute to look around for the things I'm LOVING this week!  Here we go...

I'm loving that it is a bright, sunshiney day, and the forecast for the upcoming long weekend looks amazing.  I'm looking forward to a long relaxing weekend without a ton of plans... hoping to get some quality Netflix time, some quality reading on the back deck time, some BBQ'ing, some ice cream... c'mooon long weekend!

I'm loving that I'm kicking off the long weekend on Friday evening by having a group of girls in for snacks and drinks and downtime.  It feels like it's been too long since we've had a good girls night!  I can't wait!!

I'm loving the idea of all the snacks that we'll be having on Friday night!  I know, I need to stop thinking about food all the time.  But I just love food so much... Also excited to try a new punch recipe!  I'll be adding a splash or two of vodka to that! ;)

I'm loving the book I'm reading right now. It's called The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman.  I honestly hesitated getting into this book, because it is set in Germany during the Hitler era.  I really wasn't feeling a heavy, serious, war-time book.  As it turns out, it is a beautifully written romance, and I'm so enjoying it.

I LOVE my new sippy cup - or "happy cup" as I'm calling it.  I had a few days last week where I was in a really rotten mood.  Like, so in a rut and cranky and on the verge of tears over nothing.  After my "SIGH" post last week, I came home to find a bag hanging on my front door knob, with the cup from Starbucks and a few packets of Cool Lime Refresher instant drink mix in it, from a friend who just wanted to cheer me up.  Good news: it worked. :)

I'm loving that I'm done Suits and have moved on to The Office on Netflix!  I'm only a few episodes in but I'm already having fun with it.  I do miss Harvey a little bit, but I know I'll have him back whenever Season 5 of Suits hits Netflix.  (but speaking of Netflix... I'm having some serious issues with it lately.  For the first month or so that I had wifi, it worked like a charm.  Now all of a sudden it's stalling and freezing and giving me error messages frequently when I'm trying to stream shows.  I rebooted my router the other night and it seemed to do the trick, but then last night it was back to the stalling and freezing.  So frustrating!)

I'm so loving that Relay for Life is almost here!  Next Saturday night, I'll be walking with my fellow Relayers all night long in support of cancer research.  It's an important cause to me, as I will be walking in memory of my dad.  Yesterday, I surpassed my goal of raising $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society, and I so appreciate the support I receive from family and friends.  

I'm in love with the chocolate dip vanilla soft-serve cones from Marcotte's.  It is a difficult thing to resist when it is within walking distance!  Yum!!

Happy Wednesday friends!  Enjoy the sunshine!!


Nancy said...

I am avoiding Marcotte's. The ice cream monster in our family is Reg. I had a small fries from McCann's for lunch today. Honestly, my stomach has felt kind of lousy ever since. I am no longer used to greasy food. Feeling lousy after the fries will help me want to avoid them. Sigh.

Stacy said...

I love the Cool Lime Refresher, are they any good aside from not being made at Starbucks???