Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This weekend, I...

It was a busy and fun weekend with lots going on!  I don't have pictures uploaded yet, but thought I'd go ahead and share what I was up to anyways. This weekend, I...

...cleaned my house as soon as I got home from work on Friday.  Generally NOT a project I would choose to do on a late Friday afternoon, but it was in desperate need of a good dusting and vacuuming/mopping, and I didn't want to have to get up and do it Saturday morning.  Felt good to get it out of the way!

...went to a Sunset Gourmet party at my friend Stacy's Friday evening.  I don't know what was up with me, but I was really feeling like I wanted to get drunk.  Probably all the talk last week about the Sunset Gourmet Peach Sangria Slush that Stace was serving... ;)  I ate way too many yummy snacks, drank way too many little cups of slush and sangria (but didn't really get drunk after all!), placed an order for a few of the products I liked, and had a great time chatting with everyone.

... walked home from Stacy's at 10 pm, and there was not a sniff of anything bad in the air.  I lay down to watch PVR'd shows on the couch, and ended up falling asleep.  I woke up at 2 am, and my house stunk like vomit.  It was so disgusting.  I thought I was losing my mind.  I ran around trying to find where the smell was coming from, and couldn't find the source.  I finally decided it must be coming from outside.  I shut all my windows, went to bed, and fell asleep quickly.  When I woke up in the morning, the smell was completely gone.  I started to think I had dreamed it.  Then I saw some other local folks on Facebook complaining about the smell, too.  They were blaming it on farmers spreading fertilizer, and I guess they're right, but it must be some new-fangled fertilizer, because I have lived in rural Quebec all my life, and I have never smelled that before.  It was so sour and repulsive.  I love living in the country and I love the farmers as much as anyone, but I sure hope I don't have to smell that again anytime soon!

...went for a big long walk early Saturday morning.  It was so nice out, and it felt great to get out and stretch my legs and get some fresh air after the stinky night!

...battled ants!!!  I had been noticing a few ants in my kitchen the past week or so...darn nice weather brings out the pests!!!  I had an ant trap left over from last year, so I had put it out last week, but it didn't seem to be doing the trick.  I had heard somewhere that dish soap will repel them, so I put a stream of it outside my back door Friday (where I think they've been coming in).  Saturday morning?  More ants.  ugh. I bought liquid ant killer and more ant traps in Shawville on Saturday and that finally seems to have done the trick!  I haven't seen an ant since.  Phewf!

... got ready late Saturday morning and headed to Shawville to grab some groceries.  I also ended up picking up some new spring/summer clothes at Giant Tiger.  I got to the cash, and the girl was about half-way through ringing up my purchases when I rummaged through my purse and discovered I did not have my wallet with me.  I have been sticking my wallet in my camera case lately when I'm going somewhere like a party, to save myself having to carry a purse AND a camera bag, and that's where I had left it after Stacy's party the night before.  DOH!!!  I was so embarrassed. I think some people probably would have drove away as fast as they could and never returned, but I really wanted what was in my cart!  So I promised to return as quickly as possible, drove home and got my wallet, and drove back up to pay for it all.  The cashier was a total sweetheart.  She reassured me several times that "it happens all the time", bagged all of my stuff while I raced home and put it in the cooler at the back to keep my groceries cold.  When I came back, she went and got my cart, I paid her, and I was on my way.  Amazing customer service in the face of a really dopey shopper!

...didn't have much time to spare after that episode, so as soon as I got home, I whipped up a nacho dip and some guacamole, my mom picked me up, and we were off to my sister's for a big Mother's Day celebration with my brother-in-law's family.  We enjoyed an amazing BBQ supper and delicious ice cream cake that my sister made, and had lots of fun visiting.  Because the Kentucky Derby was on that day, we all picked a horse and competed for bragging rights.  My nephew Caden picked the winning horse.  I think that's the first time I've ever even watched the Kentucky Derby!

...went to church for Christian Family Sunday, and it was a lovely service.  The highlight of my day, though, was before the service started.  My niece Danica was sitting on my knee, and Miss Julia had joined us in our pew, so she was sitting right beside me.  Then all of a sudden, my buddy Sam came over and he climbed up on my knee too! For someone who longs to be a mother, it was a wonderful little Mother's Day moment for me, cozied up with some of my favourite littles. :)

...went out for brunch after church, and the restaurant was crazy-busy!  We had a bit of a wait for our food, but we weren't in any rush, and the delicious eggs benedict was totally worth the wait! YUM!!

...spent a low-key afternoon at my mom's.  Danica and I cuddled up on the couch, and while she watched her shows, I napped.  Then we had another amazing BBQ, this time chicken and pork shish kebabs with baked potatoes, veggies and dip, and Caesar salad, and then homemade apple pie for dessert.   Another big YUM!!!

...finished the weekend by catching up on some more PVR'd shows, and heading to bed early on Sunday evening.  It was such a fun-filled weekend!!  Already looking forward to the next one :)


Nancy said...

I saw Sam go over to be with you, what a lovely moment. Sounds like a super fun weekend, aside from the ants.

Nicole said...

Hmmmm... I just got to thinking... you need to find a farmer and marry him. Live out my dream. And I can't say I've ever smelled fertilizer that smells like vomit....