Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Ever just have one of those day - or a couple of days in a row - where you feel like nothing's going your way?

I'm having one of those extra-special weeks.  And it's only Wednesday.  That makes me worried.

Oh, nothing very serious is wrong, just a bunch of little things that keep piling up, making it seem worse than it is.  It started on Monday afternoon.  My neighbour and friend, Shannon, had brought me a whole bunch of food leftover from her Nanny's funeral on Saturday.  I decided to bring most of it to work to share - sandwiches, sweets, fruit and veggies... lots of yummy treats. When most of it was gone and I was cleaning up, I washed the glass platter she had sent some of the food on, and it slipped out of my fingers and smashed into a million smithereens. *sigh*

About two minutes after I got the millions of shards of glass swept up, I dropped my sippy cup.  Went to set it on my desk, and missed the desk.  CRASH.  Thankfully, it did not break, but everyone in the office with me was looking at me like, "first day with your new hands, Jill?" *sigh*

I tried filling out my Census online Monday night and I kept getting an error message.  I was so annoyed that I had to fill it out by hand.  And that was just the short form... imagine how cranky I'd have been if it was the long one?  At least there's that,  I guess.  *sigh*

Yesterday morning, when I was getting everything ready to leave the house, a big splash of hot coffee came out of my travel mug and burned my hand.  And I did the same thing again this morning.  Oh, and also, I missed my mouth with a swig of coffee a moment ago and it ran down the front of my sweater.  Coffee, you're supposed to be my friend, not my foe.  What the hell. *sigh*

There were a couple of last-minute kerfuffles in the office right before I was ready to leave last night, and I ended up staying for an extra half hour while we got them sorted out.  This isn't unusual this time of year - on the busy days, it often requires staying a bit later to get loose ends tied up, and it's no big deal - but on a day when you feel like you're doing nothing right, that extra half hour of kerfuffles only made me feel like a big crap-tard.  *sigh*

My plan was to cut the grass for the first time last night, but I didn't feel like it.  I glanced around the yard, contemplated leaving it because the front yard didn't look too long yet, but then decided I should go ahead and do it.  Thank GOD, because the grass in the BACK yard was a jungle.  It was so long that my mower kept stalling on me while I was cutting the back hill.  And then I'd have to let it roll slowly down the hill and re-start it at the bottom.  I'm sure the neighbours were getting a kick out of it.  *sigh*

Remember yesterday, when I bragged about conquering the ants in my house?  Well, when I came in from cutting the grass, I discovered the ants were back.  son of a bitch.  I can't even figure out where they are coming in.  When I find them, they are literally prancing around in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Last night, I found some in the living room too.  I don't know what more I can do to get rid of them.  *sigh*

This morning, I decided I wanted to try doing my hair curly.  I used to do it when I had shorter hair all the time and it always worked - a little curling product in my hair, blow dry with the diffuser, some finishing wax, and BOOM!  pretty curls!  Not today, though.  Today it looks like I rolled out of bed, ran my fingers through my hair, and left the house.  Lindsay, bless her soul, told me she liked it and that it looks "beachy."  I think it looks more "bed-heady".  But I had no time to fix it, so I had to go with it.  *sigh*

I found out this morning that I gave some mis-information to someone that resulted in a lot of wasted time and confusion.  I obviously didn't know I had the wrong information, but I feel like a total jackass about it.  This is why it's better to keep out of things that don't really involve me... *sigh*

Have I mentioned I have a cold?  Yeah.  I have a cold.  Not a bad cold, but just enough to make me feel off and disgruntled.  *sigh*

I thought writing about all the little things going wrong, that it would open my eyes to the fact that they are really small and insignificant things, but instead, all it is doing is kind of making me feel like I could cry, and I can't do that, so I think I'd better just stop here.*sigh*

Sorry for the downer, folks.  Onwards and upwards, right?  It can always be worse...


Stacy said...

aww poor you! well if it makes you feel any better...I cut a hang nail on my toe too short and I have a badly infected swollen toe that I can barely walk with AND I think I have shingles again. My head and face have been itchy all week, I even went and got a hair cut yesterday to rule out lice. My face has been so itchy, I feel like im taking all the skin off...and my scalp too but its only on one side which is isn't as bad so I am contemplating if I should go and get it could very well be allergies (just on one side of the face though??)

Hope your day goes better!

Nancy said...

Sorry I added to your bad week, Jillian. You had absolutely nothing to do with my confusion, as the person I double checked with told me where the person was. It was my bad, but all is well now. Sounds like you have had a series of things which piled up.

Angie said...

Just remember, better days are ahead!

ShannonJMc27 said...

Also, I'd like to point out that I SAW Stacy do that to her toenail and it was gross. She could have stopped but insisted on going further!
Poor you though - I was like that on Monday! Don't worry about the beachy/bedhead thing, I rock that style every other day haha! I think I have it down to a science now!

Amanda said...

I've used equal parts of baking soda and sugar (3/4 tablespoon) to get rid of ants... it takes a couple of days but it has worked for me in the pass.

Stacie said...

Oh, how I can sympathize with you this week, one of those that I just want to get behind me.