Thursday, May 19, 2016

10 Reasons Why I'm SO Ready for the Long Weekend

1. Because I have been fighting with my Netflix for weeks now, and yesterday I think I finally, officially, for real, solved the problem.  I had my playback settings set for "Medium" quality (which was what my Internet provider had recommended I set it at, based on the speed of my wifi), and yesterday I switched it to "Low".  Last night, I watched several episodes of The Office, uninterrupted and with no freezing or error messages.  Knock on wood... I think this means I should have some enjoyable time with Netflix this weekend!

2. Because I just want to sit outside on my deck and enjoy the sunshine and...breathe.  Ever feel like you haven't been breathing for a while?  I feel that way right now.  This week especially. Too much negativity and bad vibes bringing me down.  I just need a minute to breathe.

3.  Because even though I've only been back to work full-time for 6 weeks and even though the busy days are flying by, I really feel like I need a little break.  I feel weary and worn, and I need a little soul refreshment.

4. Because I have friends coming over tomorrow night for snacks and drinks!  It feels like it's been way too long since I've had the girls over for just a relaxing night of visiting and hanging out.  I can't wait :)

5.  Because I just want to READ!  I haven't been making enough time to get lost in a good book.  I mentioned yesterday how much I'm enjoying the book I'm reading right now, but I'm barely getting through a chapter a night.  I just need some solid reading time.

6.  Because... ants.  I'm so done battling ants.  I'm afraid to say it, but I think I've finally defeated them.  And I'm just looking forward to spending an extended period of time in my own home without staring at the floor watching for little black crawling ants to appear.

7. Because I haven't had a chocolate-dip vanilla soft serve cone from Marcotte's in 4 days, and I need one badly.

8.  Because I want to go for a long drive, or a long walk, or both - and just take some pictures.  It feels like lately I've been snapping pics out of haste, and out of obligation to my Project 366.  I want to spend some time with the camera and the outdoors, and really enjoy finding things to take pictures of.

9. Because I'm finally feeling ready for summer.  I hang on to my love of winter hibernation longer than the average bear, but I've finally shaken off the cobwebs and have found my desire to shed the socks and the blankets and the over-sized sweaters.  I'm ready to bust out the flip flops and capris and skirts.  Bring on the bright sunshine and the warm weather that this long weekend's forecast promises!

10.  Because normal weekends feel too short.  One minute it's Friday night and I'm so happy to get the weekend started, and the next it's Sunday evening and I'm glum that it's over already.  One more extra day to sleep in a little later, drink an extra coffee, lounge around watching sounds like bliss to me.

We're almost there...


Angie said...

Enjoy the warm weather!!!! It's a gloomy rain filled weekend here!

Nancy said...

Have a wonderful night with your girlfriends.

Nicole said...

You might be making me dread having to get a job. I have to get a job now that I've graduated. I like long weekends too! I was actually in Cozumel Mexico a couple weeks ago and dang it was fun! I was almost ready to move there, except I missed my baby girl and my bed. The bed there sucked. lol.

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean! I have been holding my breath for weeks now! My parents are visiting this weekend and I am looking forward to having more eyes/hands on my kids so I can drink beer and relax!! Enjoy your weekend too.