Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reasons Why I Love Winter

I take a lot of crap for loving snow.  I mean, a LOT of crap.  Most of the time it is meant in a joking manner (I think), but this is the point in the winter when it starts to grate at me a little bit.  The "STOP SHAKING THE SNOW GLOBE" jabs are funny for a little while. But eventually it starts to feel like when I was the kid getting picked on for bringing egg salad sandwiches to school on my lunch, and when I'd open up my lunch bag, I'd hear kids groaning, "Ewwww whose lunch smells like rotten eggs?!?!"

I love egg salad sandwiches, dammit.  And I love snow too.  And I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for that!!!

A few days ago, a friend of mine - who is also a snow lover, by the way - told me she had an epiphany and realized why she loves snow so much.  While my reasons aren't as deep and meaningful as hers, I thought that maybe if I shared some of my reasons, it might help people understand me and my love for winter a bit more.

Probably not.  But it's worth a shot.  And also, it's a way to mark the first bus cancellation for kids in our area in a million years.  (Happy Snow Day, kids!  Even if it is more of a freezing rain and slush day than snow... lol)

Reasons why I love Winter:

  • The possibility of a Snow Day!  I know.  I don't take a school bus, and I haven't had to take a school bus in a very, very long time.  But there's just something about that excitement of knowing a storm is coming, and getting your hopes up that buses might be cancelled.  They were rare but thrilling days when I was a kid, and I still kind of get caught up in the hype of them.  Yes, even though I have no connection to the school bus world anymore.
  • Actually HAVING a Snow Day.  Getting to stay huddled up inside and hibernating.  Cuddling up on the couch with a blanket, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, making macaroni-tomato-soup-and-cheez-whiz for lunch (my go-to Snow Day lunch!), peeking out the window at the snow falling gently outside.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scenario.
  • Being cozy.  I know most people are dreaming of tank tops and flip flops, but I'd much rather be in my over-sized cozy sweaters and long-johns.  They are extremely comfortable and warm and I love being comfy and warm.  I miss my cozy winter clothes when I have to push them to the back of the closet.  Remember that when you're digging out your shorts and tees with glee - I'll be mourning the end of fleece-lined legging and fuzzy sock season.
  • Playing in the snow.  Nothing better than going sliding on a crisp winter day after a fresh snowfall!  I love that exhausted but blissful feeling of coming in afterwards and putting on dry clothes, making a mug of hot chocolate... even just going for a walk in the snow is heaven to me, as long as it's not too cold.  I love the sound of the crunch the snow makes under my boots.  I even love the smell of snow!
  • I love winter scenery, and taking pictures of it, or painting it.  Snow is SO pretty!

  • No bugs.  I admit, I get excited for warmer weather when springtime rolls around, same as everybody else.  But not long after the warmer weather arrives, so do the black flies and mosquitoes.  They make being outside in the nicer weather a total pain in the ass.  I don't have to worry about the suckers during the winter!
  • I actually don't mind shoveling.  In fact, I far prefer it to cutting grass and weeding flower beds. Actually, I really dread cutting grass and weeding flower beds... blech.  I would rather shovel snow any day.
  • I love the sounds of winter.  Truly, I do.  When the rumble of a plow truck going by at 5 am wakes me, I get a little thrill of excitement in my tummy.  I love the thrumming engine of a snowmobile zipping by.  The sounds of skate blades slicing through ice, the whack of sticks and pucks and kids laughing at the outdoor rink.  The whoops and chatter of folks sliding at the church hill.  The wind howling outside while I'm curled up inside.  All are music to my ears!
  • I love winter food.  Soups and chili and pasta sauces... nothing I enjoy more than having a big pot o' something wonderful simmering on my stove!  I miss that during the warm months, when fruit and salads and "something that doesn't require turning the oven on" is more common to eat.
  • I prefer winter sports - even though I don't play them.  Hockey is my favourite sport to watch, but during Olympic years, I can get caught up in almost any winter sport.  Figure skating, downhill skiing and ski jumping, bobsledding, luge, skeleton, snowboarding... I love watching them all and cheering on our country.  Which has me wondering... when is the next Winter Olympics?!? ;)
  • Soup & Sandwich days.  Our church puts on Soup & Sandwich lunches on the 4th Wednesday of the winter months, and I so look forward to those yummy lunches!  They are a special winter treat!
  • CHRISTMAS!!!  Do I even really need to mention this?!  Christmas is my favourite holiday, and of course it falls during winter.  I know it's a little bit sad to admit, but I'm kind of excited that we're already almost two full months into this year...because that means Christmas is now only 10 months away!!!
  • The quieter, slower pace that winter brings with it - at least, for me.  I know that might not be the same for everyone - especially people who have kids in hockey or other winter activities, or people who plow snow - but for me, the winter brings a welcome lull.  I only work three days a week, and even when I am at work, the office is quieter and the pace is slower (the beauty of working for a seasonal business!) I know the beehivey days of frantic pace and activity are just around the corner, and I'll be ready for them when they arrive.  But for now, I'm enjoying the peace. I'm soaking it up and savouring it.  I'm enjoying reading and making puzzles and taking time to do the things I love most.
So there are a few of the reasons why I love winter.  And no, I'm not ready to let it go just yet.  So you guys can go on dreaming of spring and summer.  I won't try to stop you. But let me have my last few weeks of winter, OK?  Let me enjoy my favourite time of the year before it is gone.

And please remember that I am not Elsa.  Just because I love snow doesn't mean I have any control over it.  I can't point my finger and make ice appear.  I can't wave my hand and make snow fall from the sky.  I don't even own a frigging snow globe to shake, for crying out loud.  

I'm just a Canadian kid who loves snow and enjoys it.  Plain & simple.  Leave me be.


Debbie Johnston said...

I don't mind snow, when its a nice day. Not the days its snowing and blowing and cold. You are so right about not to far away we will have the mosquito's I like going sliding also Just to bad it seems so long .That is when I get tired of the snow and cold, if the season ws abit shorter. Enjoy the last of winter though Jill as I know you love it:)

Stacy said...

If I had to document why I like snow, im on the same page as you...I prefer it even better if I worked 5 mins from home like you though. I am looking forward to Spring/summer and not so much the mucky, messy slush stuff that we are getting today that makes it "feel like spring".

Nancy said...

Great post, Jillian. You almost have me convinced to like winter!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I don't care for snow myself but I do understand being given shit about the things I like. It's not fair that people are so intolerant so I totally feel you.

Jaime said...

I have a better appreciation for your love of snow! Thanks for sharing.

Jillian said...
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Nicole said...

Okay, I'll give you the gorgeous scenery (until it looks yucky... is that just a southern thing?), and the food... oh the food :)... and NO BUGS! Woohoo!