Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Rambles

I've got a lot on my mind these days it seems, so I'm just going to do some random rambling today, friends!
  • It snowed yesterday.  Like, a lot.  The kind of day I literally dream of, but very rarely get.  You guys know I love snow.  Watching it swirling down all day just filled me with glee.  Even when I went to leave work at 4 pm and had to not only clean 40ish centimeters of snow off my car, as well as have one of the guys help me get out of the parking lot (it had drifted all around and I had to take a few runs at it to get out), you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  Now, I have to admit, when I got home and saw that the street plow had left a giant ridge of snow in front of my laneway that I knew I couldn't get through, I wasn't overly impressed.  I had to leave my car sitting on the side of the road with 4-way flashers on while I shoveled a path big enough to get through.  But once I was back inside, changed into dry clothes, warm and cozy with my book and a steamy mug of tea, curled up in my favourite chair, I was back in snow heaven.  I really do love the snow... #sorrynotsorry

  • Fallontines Day!  I need to tell you guys about Fallontines Day!  Yes, I must confess, this was one of my favourite V-days ever.  On Friday I baked cookies and muffins, then packaged them up with "Will You Be My Fallontine?" cards and Hersey Kisses for a few of my little buddies.  On Saturday evening, my mom and I ventured out into the deep-freeze (we had a massive cold snap this past weekend), picked up a pizza, and headed to my sister and brother-in-law's so that they could go out for a nice V-day dinner while we watched the kids.  We ate pizza and snacks, watched a movie then some Sens hockey, exchanged Valentines/Fallontines, and had a great evening snuggling in with the kiddos.  On Sunday, we went to church and I handed out my Fallontine treats to my pals there.  Then I hung out with Mom; we watched a movie, had leftover pizza and nachos for supper, and some sweet treats to celebrate too.  When I got home, I settled in with more snacks and watched Fever Pitch, and then the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Valentine's Day Anniversary Special.  Even though I'd seen pretty much all of the moments that comprised the two-hour show, I still laughed my ass off and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It really did make my day.  I hope Jimmy does this for me EVERY Valentines Day!! ;)  Considering it is my least favourite day of the year, I have to say... it was a pretty good day.

  • My sister gifted my mom and I each with Hand Chemistry hand cream for V-day.  I have to admit, I was skeptical, even though Kara loves this stuff.  I have been using The Body Shop's Hemp hand cream for the past few years, and it was the only stuff that worked on my poor ol' dry, chapped, cracked, winter hands.  But I have now been using Hand Chemistry for the past few days, and my hands are softer than they have ever been.  It's also supposed to reduce signs of aging, but I think my hands are still pretty young and plump and non-wrinkly or age-spot-y, so I haven't noticed them looking any "younger".  But just based on softness - I may have been won over!

  • I have a new favourite exercise: Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home programs.  I know, I know... I'm gaining weight like crazy these days, I can't seem to get control of my eating habits, and these programs are definitely a step back in intensity from TurboFire or Les Mills Combat, but I really, really like doing the in-home walking.  I use hand weights some days to drive up the intensity a bit, and I still do 21 Day Fix workouts once or twice a week, but for the most part, I'm doing Walk At Home DVD's and loving it.  Hey, it's better than nothing, right?  At least I'm still getting up early and getting myself moving.  It has been so tempting to fall completely off the wagon and give up working out, but these workouts have saved me from doing that.  I just need to keep plugging away and hope that someday my motivation to eat healthy will return.

  • Monday night, just as I was going to bed, I happened to click on a video that popular local radio host and Sens in-house announcer "Stuntman Stu" Schwartz shared on Facebook.  He had captioned it "I have some news to share with all of you."  Stu has always been one of my favourites - a great community guy, sort of a celebrity in Ottawa, and always popping up with a big smile on his face, a great sense of humour, and championing causes like the No More Bullies campaign and so much more.  I expected a goofy video from him, maybe something about the Sens, or about his radio show on Majic 100, perhaps an announcement about the snow storm that was forcasted, or a confession that he'd already broken his Lenten promise to give up potato chips.  Instead, I was shocked by his emotional announcement that he has been diagnosed with Leukemia, and is now in the fight of his life.  I admit, I was shaken.  I shed a few tears for a man who I don't even know, but yet somehow feels like a good friend or family member.  Stu has said he is going to fight this and that he will beat this.  He plans to keep folks updated as he has begun his stay in hospital and his treatments.  The outpouring of love and support from the people of Ottawa and surrounding areas - from the Ottawa Senators team and management, to his radio family and friends, to the everyday joes who, like me, think of him as a friend or family member - has been truly amazing.  He's got a whole community behind him, and I have no doubt in my mind that the Stuntman will beat this.  Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.  #StuStrong

Happy Snowy Wednesday, gang!!


Stacy said...

I was very sad when I listened to his facebook video (at 3 am actually when I was tossing and turning then couldn't sleep the rest of the night cuz I wanted to share the news with ricky)...he has a great cheerleading squad for sure!

Stacie said...

That is a crap ton of snow! Better you than me, sister!

Nicole said...

I've actually done the walking at home thing. Mine was VHS though so I can't do it anymore but I did it once upon a time.