Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... we'll blame it on the February blahs, k?  Not feeling very bright and shiny these days.  Trying not to get too "down", though, so I'm going with a cheer-myself-up post... looking around to find the things I'm loving this Wednesday:

I'm loving the hostess gift a friend brought to me at Book Club on Friday evening.  Totally unnecessary, but I admit that the beautiful mug and fuzzy socks brightened me right up.  It was as if she climbed into my brain and plucked out two of my very favourite simple little things.  I get great joy out of sipping coffee or hot chocolate out of a cool mug, and putting on colourful fuzzy warm socks.  A perfect wintery gift for me!

I kind of love that I'm alone in a quiet office today.  I'm in a bit of a crank, so I can just sit here and stew and not worry about my cranky mood effecting others. lol  The snow is falling gently, I have Spotify playing quietly, and I'm working through my basket at my own pace with little to no interruptions.  It really is the little things sometimes...

I LOVE that I got to bring home my latest painting project last week!  I had so been enjoying my neighbour/artist/friend Shannon's paint nites that I decided to take some private painting lessons with her.  During the month of January, I was working on a larger 3-part version of the birch tree painting she had been doing with her paint niters.  I specifically needed something to hang in my dining room, and it brought me great pride and joy to finally bring it home and hang it last Friday.  Can't thank Shannon enough for her guidance and patience in helping me complete this project!

That being said... I've missed going to the regular paint nites, so I love that I'm going back this Friday.  Bonus:  this painting looks like it might be my favourite one yet!!  The winter scenes just speak to me!!  I will hopefully have a pic to show you next week.

I think I say this on almost every What I'm Loving Wednesday post, but I really do love Jimmy Fallon, so very much.  He almost always gives me something to smile about, even when I don't really feel like smiling much.

I love this song right now (I chose the lyric video because the actual vid was a little too "sexy time" for the blog lol):

I really loved the Pancake Supper that our local Lions Club put on for our community last night. It was probably the best Pancake Supper I've ever been at, everything was just delicious!  I was joined by my mom, my sister, and my niece and nephew, and we sat and chatted with friends for a long time.  A really nice night out in our little town. :)

I also love that I think I've finally got rid of all the snacks that were lingering around my house all weekend.  I kind of went over-board on snacks for Book Club, and thus hosted a Superbowl Party on Sunday to get rid of some of the extras.  I still had leftovers to bring to work yesterday!  yeesh!!  I have to make this kind of stuff disappear or I'll eat it all myself! lol

I love that last weekend was such a good one spent with family and friends, and this one coming up should be too by the looks of it (althought it's going to be a darned cold one!)  I'm thankful for the people in my life who brighten my spirits.  Just being around them can help me ward of the February blahs.

So...  what are you loving this Wednesday?  Have you been struck by the February blahs too?  What's getting you through?


Anonymous said...

I understand being in a foul mood and needing the time alone in your office. Sometimes I close my door almost all the way and put a sign to knock. I am vacillating between feeling beat down by February and feeling a renewed sense of motivation to get everything done. Today I want to drink hot chocolate and read because it's so cold out but alas, I must work.

Stacy said...

i don't want to be at work today...I feel blah today and my Internet is making me really mad today.

Stacie said...

Fuzzy socks and PJ's right after work are my favorites in the winter.

Your painting is gorgeous. You should be so proud!

Also, I saw it on FB and was dying to know - is beans with pancakes a Canadian thing? Usually I don't like my foods to touch or run together, but ever since I saw it I have been trying to imagine beans, pancakes, and maple syrup all together.

Jill said...

Stacie, I don't know if it's a Canadian thing! haha! I don't usually think of having beans with pancakes, but they are usually served along with ham, sausage, and salads at our local pancake supper, and I have to say, they go very well together! Lots of people eat baked beans with breakfast foods around here - many local diners serve beans with breakfast... although I always tell them to hold the beans! lol

Nancy said...

Your pancake supper looked WAY better than Orleans United.

Nicole said...

So I've read more than once you're not supposed to apologize :). People get busy and it's okay :). And by the way, I love your tree photos! I want one... just saying!