Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Fallontine's Day!!

Everyone knows I hate V-day.  Always have, and I'm thinking I probably always will.  It's just not a fun day for the single people of the world.  Add to it the fact that it was also the date of my dad's funeral, well... Yeah.  It's a pretty sucky day in my world, of craptastic proportions.

That being said, I always try to make the best of it.  I don't like to wallow in self-pity and sadness.  (Even during a week like this, when I'm really not feeling very joyful.)  First, I remind myself that I am single by choice.  I don't WANT a boyfriend, I LIKE my single life, I ENJOY living alone, and the thoughts of going on a date makes me wanna VOMIT.  And I don't do vomit.

Secondly, I try to make plans to spend time with some of the favourite people in my life.  I've been known to hang out with my ma, have sleepovers with my niece and nephew, visit with friends and their kiddos... whatever I can arrange to fill the day with "love" as much as possible. (Love... bleh.)  And those people have been really good to me in return, always making sure I feel the love from them as well.  (Love...bleh again.)

And thirdly, I plan treats.  Pizza.  Popcorn.  Chips.  Dip.  Candy.  Chocolate.  Diet Pepsi.  Cookies.  Cake.  All the things that make me drool.  And to go along with them, a movie.  Because watching movies is one of my all-time absolute favourite things to do.  If I'm with the kids, I get them to watch one of my old favourites from when I was a kid, or a Disney movie that I love.  If I'm on my own, I usually go for a romantic comedy that makes me smile.

The past few years?  The movie choice has been "Fever Pitch".  

Any of you have seen it know why... Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy is my fave.  My ultimate crush.  Funny, sweet, genuine, musical, happy-go-lucky, cute... Jimmy is literally the walking embodiment of what I consider the perfect man.  I started watching him over two years ago, during his last few weeks of hosting the Late Show, then moved on with him to the Tonight Show, and I literally never miss an episode.  I love looking up old SNL clips on Youtube to watch him, and. I've also bought almost every movie he's ever appeared in (there aren't many, so it hasn't been hard to build my "collection" haha!)

"Fever Pitch" is definitely my favourite Jimmy movie.  A sweet romantic comedy, the lovely Drew Barrymore co-stars, and it involves baseball, which is one of my favourite sports to watch.  It is the perfect movie for me!  No surprise that it is usually the movie I turn to, to comfort myself with on my least favourite day of the year, right?

Well, this year, folks, it's even better.  When I watched my PVR'd episode of the Tonight Show from Monday night, I found out that this V-day, I'm going to get to double the Fallon Fun.  Because not only will I be watching "Fever Pitch", I will also be watching the two-hour Tonight Show Valentine's Day Special that will be airing Sunday evening at 9 pm.

Two hours of looking back on all the best moments from Jimmy's first two years as host of the Tonight Show.  It's like the V-day gods were looking out for me this year, and decided to hand me my very own little present.

This is seriously going to be the best V-day EVER!!!!!  Because it's officially now known as FALLONTINE'S DAY!!!

So today, I'm wishing you all a wonderful Fallontine's Day weekend with your loved ones.  I hope it is filled with sweet treats and special moments. And if all else fails, I hope you shower yourself with your favourite things.

Happy Fallontine's Day :)

PS - Jimmy is doing this cool thing, where you can send a valentine to your loved one via Jibjab, putting your faces in to the video of Stephen Bishop's song "It Might Be You", as performed on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago.  Of course, I have no one to send one to - DEPRESSING MUCH?? - but I still think it's a cool idea, so I'm sharing with all of you. ;)   Here is the link with the instructions: 

Once again... Happy Fallontine's Day!!


Stacy said...

i like all your anticipated treats and in the middle is a DIET pepsi hahaha!

Stacy said...

oh and last night when we were doing Valentines for school and daycare, we had extras to give to sunday school friends AND both my kids wanted to put your name on are loved by us!

Lindsay said...

I'm not single but I also hate Valentines day. An over rated holiday for sure! But I do like your treat ideas!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you are blogging again. I know, this week sucks. Hugs and prayers.