Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend in Photos

Ahh, the Tuesday after a long weekend… Always a little difficult to get back in the swing of the daily grind, especially on a rainy, dreary Tuesday such as this… and especially when Thanksgiving weekend was so wonderful!

My title is “Thanksgiving Weekend in Photos”, but I admit that the first half of the weekend, I was a photographer failure.  On Friday night, I intended on bringing my camera to East Side Mario’s to capture my photo of the day at our girls dinner out.  Sadly, I forgot it at home…nobody seemed to mind much, though. ;)  I ended up scurrying around at 11:30 PM when I realized I *still* didn’t have a picture of the day, and ended up taking more pictures of my fall decorations.  whoops.

Thanksgiving 2015 1

Then on Saturday, I joined my sister and the kids at the movie theatre for their school fundraiser showing of “Hotel Transylvania II”, and wanted to snap some shots of the kids before the movie started.  Because it was so dark in there, I had to resort to the flash, which resulted in a whole bunch of closed eyes.  Over, and over, and over again.  I finally gave up.

Thanksgiving 2015 2

Sunday was our family Thanksgiving celebration.  We started out by going to church, of course, and it was a wonderful service.  The church was decorated beautifully, and it was so sweet to watch little Sam toddle up for children’s time all by himself for the first time ever!

Thanksgiving 2015 5

We had brunch afterwards, and then headed back to Mom’s for family time, turkey dinner, celebrating Caden’s birthday, and – you guessed it – some pictures!  So very much to be thankful for!!

Thanksgiving 2015 3

Thanksgiving 2015 6

Thanksgiving 2015 7

Thanksgiving 2015 8

Thanksgiving 2015 10

Thanksgiving 2015 9

Monday morning, I took it slow and savoured the relaxed pace.  I sipped coffee, watched some PVR’d TV shows, ate a light breakfast, cleaned the bathroom, got laundry going… it was nice!  In the afternoon, my mom and I packed up and hit the back roads of the Pontiac with my friend Lolly.  We both got cameras around the same time, and had been wanting to get out on “Fall photo safari” while the leaves were at their peak of changing colours.  Monday was the PERFECT day to go!  We spent a few hours roaming the back roads of North Onslow, stopping to snap pics when something caught our eye, while Mom shared bits of info and history as we went.

Thanksgiving 2015 4

Thanksgiving 2015 11

Thanksgiving 2015 13

Thanksgiving 2015 15

Thanksgiving 2015 18

Thanksgiving 2015 16

Thanksgiving 2015 17

Ma and I returned home for turkey dinner leftovers and kicked back watching the Jays game.  Their Game 4 win over the Texas Rangers was the perfect way to cap off a glorious Thanksgiving weekend. 

I only wish we could go back and do it all over again!

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The Lovely One said...

Beautiful fall photos! Do you have "black friday" type shopping sales after Thanksgiving, like we have here? We make it a family event-- one of my favorite parts of the US holiday!