Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Confessions

Been a while since I had a good confesh sesh.  I think I’m due!

I confess… that one year ago today, I was a basket of nerves.  Like, feeling like I could puke I was so anxious and wound up.  My team had the job of putting together the route & questions for the Quyon Lionettes Car Rally, and I was stressed to the max, and excited for the big day to finally arrive.  It was then that I realized I may never be able to actually get married.  I mean, if I get that whacky over planning a Car Rally, can you imagine how nutso I’d be if I was planning a WEDDING?  I’d probably die.

Car Rally 2014

Pic of the girls and I working at Car Rally last year…so glad we don’t have to do that this year!!

I confess… that I looked at pictures of Justin Bieber’s wanger on the Internet last week.  The unedited pictures.  And it was on my work computer.  But don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll get fired, because one of my bosses looked at them too.  If I’m going down, I’m taking her with me! ;)

I confess… that I’m kind of looking forward to a cozy, rainy, quiet Friday night in tonight.  I want to make this spicy butternut squash soup recipe, and I may attempt making pumpkin bread or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies…  I want to put out my Halloween decorations, and then, I’m going to change the scent in my Scentsy warmer to Pumpkin Roll, I’m going to cozy up with a hot chocolate and blanket, and I’m going to settle in to watch the Blue Jays game.

I confess… there was a time when a Friday night like that sounded BORING.  But now, it sounds like bliss!!  #oldladylife

I confess… that while I’m enjoying the thoughts of the rainy night in, I kinda really need the rain to hold off for an hour or so after I get home from work.  My grass needs one last cut – at least I hope it will be the last  cut – and if it doesn’t get done today, I have no idea when it might get done.  I hate grass. #bringonthesnow

I confess… that I get annoyed when other people hashtag everything.  I have no idea why I did it two confessions in a row… #oops

I confess… that sports are kind of ruining my TV & movie schedule right now.  Typically, I’d spend this evening catching up on PVR’d shows or watching a scary movie to set the Halloween mood… but alas, I HAVE to watch the Jays game! Between them and the Sens, I’m having NO TIME to watch TV or movies right now.


I confess… that I was so pshyched to see Jimmy Fallon unveil his new idea for sportswear the other night on his show – but was quickly disappointed this morning when I googled and discovered that Hands High has nothing for the Sens or Blue Jays fans of the world.  Booooo :(  I wanted to put one on my Christmas wishlist!!


I confess… that I will probably have trouble sleeping tonight.  Just like I do when it’s Christmas Eve or the night before some other big event… BECAUSE TOMORROW IS CAR RALLY & I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Happy Friday, gang!  Have a great weekend!!!

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Stacy said...

Can't wait for Car Rally...last year I remember not sleeping well all week, thinking things and that has been happening to me again this week...why, why, why! I think now im worried about winning again...I don't want to just throw it away ya know but I don't want to win...can we guarantee a spot in the Top 5?
I have to dig out my warm clothes, mitts and tuque, sounds chilly!!
See you tomorrow morning