Friday, September 05, 2014

Where has this week gone?!

So. Um. It’s kinda Friday. Like... where the hell did this week go? Ahh, short weeks. They seem so awesome in theory, but in actuality, they are complete chaos.

Can’t let the week go by completely without a little bloggy blog post though. Confessions? I think so!

I confess... that I did serious diet damage on Fair weekend, but it wasn’t even because of the Fair food. Ok, well, it might’ve been partially to blame (because, let’s face it, the Barn Burger from Bonnie’s is probably a full days worth of calories all on its own, without adding in the basket of fries that accompanied it, and the ice cream and Beavertail I had later on that same night...whooops.) The real damage was done on Monday evening, when I couldn’t get my snack cravings under control, and ended up getting not one, but TWO bags of chips from the store. *sigh* I really suck at this “healthy eating” crap.

I confess... that I don’t regret the Fair food. Not one bit. The Fair food was all planned treats that I was OK with and I had carefully worked my other meals around the Fair indulgences. But I do regret those chips, because I ended up having them lingering around for a few days, and they prevented me from getting “on a roll” this week. And I feel better when I’m “on a roll”.

I confess... that I’m loving PiYo, but I’m not entirely sure I’m doing it right. Example: the other night I did the 30-minute Core workout, and the next day my shoulders and upper back were sore and achy (the good kind of sore and achy). Not even a slight twinge in my core, though. Hmmm...

PiYo core

I confess... that one of the biggest perks of PiYo is that the shorter workouts are allowing me ample time to get a walk in in the evenings. I’ve so missed my evening walks!

I confess... that I’m actually a big fan of the days getting shorter. I mean, of course longer days and extra sunlight is awesome, we all know that. This time of year, though? When the sunsets are happening earlier, and the evening chill starts to set in? When the sun isn’t quite up yet when I roll out of bed in the morning? Yeah... yeah, I really do love the shorter days that come with the fall. They make me feel cozy and content.

I confess... that Jimmy Fallon and Adam Levine totally made my week with this:

I confess... I discovered a Robin Williams movie that I’m not such a big fan of. The other night, I watched Hook. Or, rather, tried to watch Hook. I’d never seen it, and the premise sounded really neat. Plus, it co-starred Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts, and I’m a fan of both of them, too. But as it turns out? Hook is not Jill’s cup of tea. Couldn’t even stay awake, actually.


I confess... that I am glad I decided to give Patch Adams a second chance, though. I remember seeing it as a kid and not really liking it. I thought it was terribly sad.  I suppose as a kid, though, I was probably looking for more Mrs. Doubtfire and this wasn’t quite the same kind of movie.   As an adult, I discovered the beautiful bittersweet story all over again, and this time, I loved it. What a wonderful movie.

patch adams

I confess... I’m still not done my Robin Williams tributing. I still have Dead Poets Society to watch. Hopefully I’ll get a chance this weekend.

I confess... that I’ve got a bit of a busy weekend on deck, but it’s mostly good things. Some grocery shopping after work tonight, and then tomorrow I have a hair appointment and dinner out with the girls for my friend Stacy’s birthday. Sunday will be church, brunch, and more Car Rally planning. We have about five weeks left before the big day…eep!!

I confess... that I’ve probably spent more time thinking about Christmas than is normal for early September. But I’m so excited to start planning for the Christmas House Tour – and I’m pretty sure I’m going to actually be on it this year (if I can find enough other houses), so my mind is full of decorating ideas!! Can’t wait for Car Rally to be over so I can focus completely on Christmas! ;)

Happy Friday, gang! Have a great weekend! :)


VandyJ said...

I have begun gathering gifts for Christmas. And making mental lists of gift ideas for the boys. It's not that far away. We just have tons of things to enjoy first.
I am on day five of the 30 Day Shred. Still on the level 1 workout, but my muscles aren't as sore and I think it's making a difference. Now to stay with it.

Anonymous said...

His Frank Sinatra impression was spot-on! That was amazing. And we've always loved Hook. In fact, apropos of nothing, the boys asked to watch it last night.

Stacie said...

Juggling planning Elise's 2nd birthday and already planning Christmas. I think I just want to plan and make some fairy godmother carry it all out!