Thursday, September 25, 2014

It’s Fall, Y’all

As we all know, I’ve been itching for Fall to come basically since I finished my summer vacation, back in early August.  Of course, now that Fall is officially here, and I’m allowed to be excited about it, it’s sunny and warm and the nicest stretch of weather we’ve had since…well, since early August, probably.  So the Fall clothes and boots and pots of chili will have to wait a while yet, but my blog post today is going to celebrate Autumn anyways!

I’ve seen this Old School Blogging Fall prompt on several of my favourite blogs, so I’m joining in the fun!

1. What Fall traditions do you have? When I think of Fall, I think of our family Thanksgiving dinner, and Car Rally (dreading it this year, but it’s still tradition…), my nephew Caden’s birthday (October 14th), and Tub Rave.  I think of busting out my favourite “cold weather” recipes.  I think of the drive my mom and I have been taking the past few years to look at the beautiful changing leaves in our area.  And I think of decorating my house with pumpkins and gourds and leaves, then getting ready for Halloween – especially my Halloween Movie Marathon!

family photo 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 – one of the warmest Thanksgivings I ever remember!!

Car Rally 3

2013 Car Rally winners…ugh…

Caden's bday 2013

Caden’s 8th birthday party (2013)

tub rave

One of the first Tub Raves!

mom & I

Mom & I on our Fall Drive in 2011

Halloween 2013 

Halloween 2013 at MVT

2. What is your favorite fall recipe? I’m a big fan of the pumpkin-spiced-everything (had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte on Saturday!  And probably my last, because there are no damn Starbuckses around here!) – but truthfully, I really haven’t gotten into the pumpkin recipes that my Pinterest feed is full of.  I’d have to say my favourite recipes to make in the Fall are spaghetti sauce, chili, and many different kinds  of soups.  I tried out the Creamy Tomato Soup with Homemade Cashew Cream the other night – not only was it delicious, it used up a great amount of the tomatoes from my sister’s garden!

3. What is a favorite Fall photo (or photos) you’ve taken?

Fall Photo 1

This was taken a few years ago when Mom & I went for a “Fall Drive” – at the Ragged Chute

Fall Photo 2

Last year for my nephew’s birthday, he and his buddies went Ziplining – and the scenery up there was beautiful!

4. Football – love it or hate it (maybe it steals your hubby away)? I want to be a Football fan.  And now that we have a CFL team back in Ottawa again, you would think the door would be wide open for me to finally become a fan.  But so far, it hasn’t really happened.  I really love the idea of watching football all day on Sundays, but the truth is, I usually just fall asleep. I DO love Grey Cup and Superbowl Sundays, but that’s pretty much because I like the food… I guess aside from Friday Night Lights, I’ve never really become a true fan.  And I have no hubby to steal away, so that’s not a problem!

ottawa redblacks


5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?  There was nothing more exciting that putting the costume on on Halloween night!  Mom usually made our costumes when we were really young. I liked the year I was a pumpkin – what an ordeal, filling that thing with balled up newspaper!  And one year I went as Bart Simpson, I remember that one being pretty cool (thank God for older male cousins who were done with their Bart masks!)


6. Pumpkins or Ghosts or both? I guess I’d go with pumpkins, since I have an abundance of them floating around my house right now (little fake ones, I mean.)  I do have some Halloween decorations to put out after Thanksgiving, but the only ghosts are the little window clings.  Which no one will even see because my windows are so frigging dirty.  I do love a good ghost story, though.


7. What’s your favorite fall fashion item (boots? scarves? sweaters?, etc.) Honestly, I love it all.  The leggings and the big comfy sweaters and scarves and button-down shirts and boots… I just LOVE my fall wardrobe, and I can’t wait to bust it all out!


8. Is “leaf pile jumping” your thing or not? Can’t say I’ve ever really done it.  And, as my beloved Jimmy Fallon warned the other night, it could be dangerous.  There could be sticks and branches mixed in there.  BUT I do love walking through crunchy leaves – just love that sound and that smell!


9. Is “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” a must-watch at your house? I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever watched the whole thing before.  I must try to find it on the dish this year. I do make a point of watching as many scary movies as I can during the month of October, though!


10. What are you going to be for Halloween this year (or your kids…)? I don’t know if I’m going to dress up this year – I did last year, but only Lindsay and I did in the office, and she’s on mat leave, so I don’t want to be the only one dressing up… If I do, it’ll be a last-minute, dig-through-Mom’s-tickle-trunk, as usual, costume.  And I don’t have kids to dress up, but I LOVE seeing my friends’ kids trick-or-treating!  They are always SO cute!!

Halloween 2013 2

Lindsay & I on Halloween last year

Well, there…now I’m REALLY ready for the fall weather to kick in!  The next six weeks are just jam-packed with fun autumn activities, and I can’t wait! :)


Stacie said...

Pretty sure that I found a recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes floating around Pinterest, maybe it was just pumpkin spiced creamer for coffee, idk...the pumpkin flavored stuff is the only thing that I dislike about fall, everything else, I love.

Also, do you really say "y'all"? I always think of that as a southern US thing...

VandyJ said...

Not a huge football fan here--we mostly follow our local college team and then enjoy the food and friends for the Superbowl.

Nicole said...

I have to ask, was the y'all hard to say ;) and your description of fall makes me smile... although Thanksgiving is in November ;). haha! which of course is still fall so it's all good :)

Jillian said...

No offense but Ottawa's quarterback sucks (we here in Saskatchewan hate Henry Burris)! Haha I'm the exact opposite when it comes to football I bleed green and white!
And I love anything pumpkin!