Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Randoming it up

Tuesday…the best day of the week to go random, don’t ya think?

  • I was in a total funk yesterday.  It started when I woke up with a niggling little headache.  Not bad enough to miss work over it or anything – in fact, I even hesitated to label it a headache for most of the day – my head was just… not right.  And thus, Jill as a whole was not right.  By evening, it had escalated into the “real thing”, and it even woke me in the middle of the night, just throbbing.  I took some Advil, heated the magic bag, and went back to sleep.  Thankfully that did the trick, as I woke feeling much better this morning.
  • I also think part of my problem yesterday was stress.  Even though I feel like our Car Rally plans are really taking shape and looking good, I still stress over it all.  And on top of that, I have Christmas House Tour on my mind 24/7.  My mom suggested this morning that I kill my plans to be on the house tour because she thinks I’m going to stress way too much over it (thus making her life a living hell dealing with me on a daily basis), but honestly, those plans are exciting me, not bothering me (at least, not yet).  I just need to get through Car Rally first…
  • I used to love being a planner.  Used to thrive on it, in fact.  Organizing and planning fun events was one of my favourite things to do.  In my “old age”, though?  Not so much.  I’m realizing that more and more every day.
  • OK, that makes me sound like an old bear.  I still love fun events, trust me!  It’s just the planning part that I don’t enjoy anymore.  I wish I had a magic fairy that would just swoop in and do that part for me.
  • I have a banana guard on my desk.  I’ve been bringing it to work (with a banana inside, of course) almost every day for two weeks.  I keep waiting for one of the guys to comment on it.  I was certain it would draw some attention.  But so far, nothin’.  I’m disappointed in these men that I work with!


  • Every time I hit a Seinfeld episode that I recognize as iconic from hearing others talk about it, I feel just a little bit more like I’m in the Seinfeld Club.  Last night it was the “These pretzels are making me thirsty!” episode.  I kinda smirked the whole way through it, like, “Heh.  Now I get it.”


  • I’m not even going to talk about my diet today.  I’m feeling very dismal about all of that, and truthfully, it’s pissing me off.  So thus, I’m going to ignore it, and the extra pounds that keep creeping back on.  So there.
  • My friends all laugh at me when I say I think Jimmy Fallon is hot.  But he really is totally sexy to me.  Not in the conventional way – I mean, I know he’s no Channing Tatum – but I think it’s more about his charm and his funnyness and his sweet genuine persona and his incredible talent that have drawn me to him.  Yeah… I do think Jimmy is hot.  In fact, I might even rank him higher than Channing Tatum right now.  He’s my favourite part of the day!


  • It might only be Tuesday, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend.  I’m going to a bridal show on Saturday with friends, two of whom are brides-to-be, and then there are several events scheduled to celebrate my brother’s birthday – with friends on Saturday night, and with family on Sunday.  So very much looking forward to it!
  • The problem with looking forward to the weekend this far in advance?  Makes for a very long week… *sigh*
  • C’moooooooooooooon Friday!! ;)

Happy Tuesday, folks!


VandyJ said...

The 12 year old inside me is giggling over your banana keeper...

Anonymous said...

I still like planning and organizing events but I get so stressed that no one will come or they won't like what we set up. I want to do more things but I am too self-conscious about these things.

Stacy said...

we will get through this but i cannot wait for october 19th, literally - car rally will be over and done with and a new winner will be crowned and we can laugh and breathe a sigh of relief (or cry if its a complete mess haha)

Stacie said...

I will keep to myself what I thought that banana keeper was....and I totally just Gwen Stefani'd to spell banana.

Nancy said...

Ha, ha, what is wrong with the Mountainview Men? That banana keeper is so funny. I am praying that you and Stacy lose the car rally.