Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top 10 treats I hope to find in my Easter basket

This week is draaaaagging.

And I know why.

It’s the home stretch to Easter, and chocolate and Easter eggs and jelly beans and pancakes and Hummingbird cake, and I’m so so close to being able to consume it all. 


I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday.  It’s not Thursday.  It’s only frigging Wednesday.  Yes.  FRIGGING Wednesday.  *sigh*

I’m totally ready for this weekend to finally arrive!  For many many fun reasons – movie date with friends & family, family Good Friday Fish & Chips dinner, sleepover with the kids, baking Easter treats, and of course the joyfulness that is Easter Sunday & the wonderful meal we have planned – but most of all…

The candy.  I can try to wax poetic about a million other things, but at the end of the day, I’m allll about the candy.

People say when you give up sugar, you eventually stop craving it.  I call bullshit.  All I can think about is sugar and syrup and icing and peanut butter and honey and chocolate.  all.i.can.think.about. 

And as much as I love fruit, I’ve had juuuust about enough of the mango, my friends.

In order to drive myself totally insane, I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 10 treats I hope the Easter Bunny leaves for me in my Easter basket.  Some are treats that I already know will be there.  Because, let’s face it, I can’t count on the damn Bunny, and I’ve already gone ahead and bought many of my own Easter delicacies.

A few of the items, though, are not already in a bag, double-knotted and hidden in the closet of the spare room upstairs.  I can still hope for a little Easter Bunny magic, can’t I?

Here we go…



Robins Eggs -  I didn’t even know that these were called Robins Eggs until this year!  I just knew I really enjoyed the Whopper-style eggs, the malted milk ones.  My mom has an Easter Tree on her table this time of year, and when I saw her adding the Robins Eggs on the weekend to the base of the tree, I suddenly wanted to eat them all.  I didn’t.  But apparently she did.  They seem to have disappeared, anyways…


EE Easter Milk Chocolate Eggs

Gold-wrapped peanut butter eggs – As a child, these were my favourite.  They were plain, a generic brand, nothing really special about them. But when I saw those gold wrappers, I might as well have found real gold.  When Maddy egged me a few weeks ago, I was delighted to discover some of these eggs in the treats she left for me.  At least, I think they are the ones I fondly remember from my childhood.  I guess I’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out for sure!


caramilk egg

Caramilk Eggs – In my mom’s Easter tree, each branch holds a large egg, and there are almost always a few Caramilk Eggs in there.  I have to have at least one!  Mmmm… Caramilk… I don’t care about the secret, I just want one.  In mah belly!!!



White Chocolate Bunny – As kids, our Easter egg hunt was always full of excitement and fun, and the best part was discovering our big baskets, which would also be hidden around the house, and the baskets always held the “big” chocolate bunny.  That Rabbit knew that my sister loved white chocolate, but sometimes he forgot that I did too – so if I found my basket with a white chocolate bunny in it, it would make the day that much more special.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a white chocolate bunny, but in all my sugar cravings of the past 6 weeks, that’s one that keeps coming to mind.  So I picked up an el cheapo to satisfy that desire!!


easter jelly beans


Jelly Beans & Sugar-coated Jujubes -  Another key component of my mom’s Easter tree… what’s Easter without pastel-coloured jelly beans & sugar-coated bunny-shaped jujubes??  Droool….



Cadbury Creme Eggs – They always make me think of those Easter commercials, with the bunnies that would cluck like a chicken and lay Creme Eggs.  I was never a huge fan of them as a kid, but I’ve acquired a taste for them as an adult.  I only need one, but I look forward to it!



carrot cake m&m's

M&M’s of all shapes & sizes! – I’m a big fan of the Peanut M&M’s, so why not get excited about them in EASTER colours?!  I already picked up a pack, just for me!  (OK, OK, also to go on top of some cookies that I’m going to bake.)  This year, I was elated to discover such a thing as Carrot Cake M&M’s… I had never heard of them until I spied them in WalMart last Friday afternoon!  You can darn well bet that I grabbed a bag, and it’s taking all the willpower in my body not to tear into them this week!


Cadbury Mini Candy Eggs


Cadbury Mini Eggs (or Hershey Eggies) – These are definitely one of my all-time favourites.  The Cadbury version are my favourite, but I had trouble finding them this year, and thus was forced to go with the Eggies instead.  But then I found the Mini Eggs in Wal Mart last week and got some of them too.  Not all for me… for the baking.  I promise.





reeses eggs

Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs & Peanut Butter Cups & Peanut Butter everythingThe PB eggs are what I’m all about.  Literally dreaming about them these days.  I think I grabbed a package of every single Easter treat that Reece’s makes.  Big eggs, little eggs, cups… I’ve got one of everything.  And I will salivate until I get one of each in my mouth.  I anticipate this will be the first thing I eat when I crawl out of bed on Easter morning.  In fact, I may leave one on my bedside table so I don’t even have to get out of bed.



The Lindt Gold Bunny – Here’s the magic I’m hoping for.  The piece de resistance.  I haven’t actually purchased one for myself.  It’s like I feel they are too precious and special to buy or something. I’ve held them in my hands, and always end up putting them back on the shelf.  I really don’t understand why.  Because Lindt chocolate is my absolute favourite, and every time I see a Gold Bunny commercial, I dream of having a Gold Bunny just for me.

I know.  I’m a total whackadoodle.

So there we have it.  The top 10 treats I hope to find in my Easter basket this year.

The one thing I hope isn’t there?  Those stale ol’ marshmallow eggs and bunnies we used to get as kids.  Blech.  No thank you, Easter Bunny!



Actually.  Nevermind.  Even they sound good to me right now!!!!

What’s your favourite Easter treat?  (Or your top 10, if you’re as crazy as me?)  I mean, is it possible that I could’ve forgotten something?! 

Are your teeth aching?

C’maaaaaaaaaaan EASTER BUNNY!!!!!!!


Stacy said...

ok first off - eggies are yucky compared the mini eggs...and im sorry to disappoint you but i think those gold wrapped chocolates that you are so hoping to be peanut butter...they are actually! at least you know now and won't be disappointed if you were depending on those to be your peanut butter treats!

Harlynn said...

The Lindt Gold Bunny.
A new classic to my Easter basket that I absolutely adore!!
Hope you get all your goodies!!


Sarah said...

What's easter without a Cadbury Creme Egg! I bought myself/Ian a bag of little creme eggs which are my fav, a bag of reeses egg chocolates which are his fav and 2 little bags of Cadbury mini eggs also my fav hahaha. And I plan to wait until Sunday to dig into them! Can't wait!

Nicole said...

Just don't make yourself sick eating it all at once!!!

Emmy said...

This post is evil! Oh I want it all! I haven't seen any white chocolate bunnies in the store. Oh and I totally thought it was Thursday too! I didn't pack lunches for my kids as they actually like what was on the menu for Thursday this week.. and yea it was Wednesday.

Angie said...

I'm seriously starting to worry that you might eat yourself into a sugar coma!

The Lovely One said...

Your posts where you've been dreaming of candy have been cracking me up! I saw the carrot cake flavored m&m's at target but I was too scared to try them.... BUT they were giving out the Lindt gold bunnies for FREE, so I did enjoy that little treat!

I hope you have everything you've been dreaming of in your basket!

Stacie said...

Can't wait to find out if all of your dreams came true!