Monday, April 07, 2014

A good weekend. A really good weekend. :)

Yep.  I have to say, that was a really good weekend, for sure!

It kicked off with a wonderful phone call on Friday morning from one of my best friends, Lindsay, to share the happy news that she and her husband Ryan safely welcomed their new baby boy the night before!


I was pretty pumped, especially since I correctly guessed that it would be a boy (I NEVER get those predictions right!!), and I also correctly guessed that he would be named “Samuel”.  Samuel Ryan William weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 ozs, and is just as cute as can be!

Our company Team Meeting was on Friday at work, and I was given permission to leave early as soon as the meeting was over (pays to work for Baby Sam’s fam! haha!) to run up to Shawville to do groceries and to go meet the newest little man in my life!  I was so happy to snuggle with him and visit with the new mommy & daddy.  Everyone looked great, and he’s such a precious little bundle.  I could’ve held him for hours.  I just love to have a newborn in my arms!!

Jill & Sam

Jill, Linds & Sam 

When I got home from Shawville, I called my mom to come join me for supper, as I had put on a big pot of my new favourite  Chunky Potato Tomato Soup (recipe here).  It was a blustery, cold, sleety/rainy evening, and so it was nice to sit down to a big hot bowl of hearty soup!  I was pretty zonked after the busy, exciting day, so I went to bed early and put on a movie – I think I fell asleep about 2 minutes in, though!

Saturday morning I was up early to work out, then lounged around catching up on some PVR’d TV shows, before getting ready to head out for a movie date with my mom, my sister, and my sister’s mother-in-law.  We decided to catch a matinee showing of Noah.  I enjoyed the movie, although I was a bit confused by parts of it (I guess they’re right when they say it doesn’t really follow the Bible story that closely, because I don’t remember there being any giant rock monsters in the Bible…) We had a lot to talk about after it was over, that’s for sure! 


We headed to Boston Pizza afterwards, where my brother-in-law met us for supper with the kids.  I treated myself big, buttery popcorn at the movies, Cactus Cut Potatoes and a small Tuscan Pizza at Boston Pizza, because I had reason to celebrate:  the workout accountability group that I have been part of since early January had hit 90 days!  It was a 90 day challenge group, and I never missed one workout or shake, so it was time for a big reward!!

Sunday morning started out with a big surprise, as I stepped out the door to head to church and was shocked to see a bunch of brightly coloured Easter eggs all over my front walk way.  My first thought was that the Sunday School kids must be having an Easter Egg hunt at church that day, but then I thought, “Huh?  They wouldn’t be doing that 2 weeks before Easter…”  It was then that I spotted a hanger on my door, which said that I had been “egged”!  It stated that 12 Easter eggs had been left in my yard.  I got to keep the treats inside for myself, but I had to refill them and egg one of my neighbours in return to keep the fun going.  Talk about putting a smile on my face!!

After I had collected my eggs and was heading over to church, my friend Stacy pulled up with her kids, and as we walked over to the church together, I was telling her daughter Maddy all about the surprise I’d found a few minutes before.  Maddy acted all aloof, like, “Whatever, no idea what you’re talking about,”  but I had my suspicions that she might’ve been my “mystery bunny”.  Sure enough, I saw this picture posted on Facebook later that day!

Maddy eggs

I had fun re-filling the eggs (luckily I had bought all my Easter candy on Friday afternoon, and I seemed to have gone a bit over-board in anticipation of the end of No-Sugar Lent, so I had plenty to share!!), and I took my turn at “egging” a neighbour up the street this morning before work!  I hope there are 2 excited little girls today when they discover the eggs, and I hope they didn’t catch me in the act! haha!

Sunday after church, Mom and I rushed off to a bridal shower for an old friend of mine, Jackie.  We were treated to a delicious lasagna lunch, while Jackie was showered with gifts!  After the shower was over, we decided to pop in on the new parents and babe again, as Mom had a gift to drop off.  (And of course, I just couldn’t wait to see Baby Sam again!!)

Baby Sam & Mom

When we left Lindsay and Ryan’s, it was almost supper time, and after trying to decide what we had between us in our fridges, we decided to splurge again and go out for supper.  We ended up in Portage at the Bateau Royale, one of my favourite local restaurants, and treated myself – AGAIN! – to an appetizer of Bruschetta (they make the BEST Bruschetta!!) and an absolutely drool-worthy platter of Fish & Chips.  (but that’s it for the treats until Easter now! haha!)

It was the perfect way to cap off such a wonderful weekend!! :)


Leigh said...

Ah so excited to hear that Lindsay had her baby! Glad to hear that they are both doing well too. She looks amazing in that picture :)

VandyJ said...

Very full weekend. New babies are so nice to cuddle with.

OliviaBest said...

It sure was an exciting weekend, wow!How did you guess Sam's name?

Jill said...

I knew it was a favourite of Lindsay's for boy names. She never told me for sure that it would be Sam if it was a boy, but I anticipated it! :)

Stacie said...

So, did you eat the treats in the eggs or are they saved away for the big post-Lent candy feast? Mike said Noah was the worst movie he's ever seen.

Nicole said...

Sounds like an awesomely exciting weekend. Love that you were able to meet Baby Sam(ual) and share with them and that you got off early on Friday. Super awesome! Also love the egging! Very cool idea!

The Lovely One said...

You had quite the busy weekend! But new babies are the best! Congrats to your friend!