Thursday, April 17, 2014

An Easter Promise

Happy Maundy Thursday!!

Actually, I have no idea if it’s appropriate to say “Happy Maundy Thursday”.  Holy Week is sort of more for somber reflection and prayer than shouting with happiness, isn’t it?  I think I’m supposed to be saving that for Sunday.

My knowledge of Maundy Thursday is pretty poor, actually, to say I’ve been a life-long churchgoer.    My memories of acknowledging it are few and far between.  I remember being in a church basement for a Maundy Thursday supper when I was a kid, and all I remember was that I didn’t like the food.  My memories are of flat bread that tasted like cardboard and little dishes of horseradish.  (???)  Then as a teen, our youth group had a pot-luck supper to honour Maundy Thursday once, but I don’t remember much about it either.

So I googled, of course.  And discovered what I probably should’ve already known:  that is the day that marks The Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples.  The term “Maundy” is derived from the Latin mandatum, and draws reference to the mandatum that Jesus gave at that Last Supper – to love one another, as he has loved.

the last supper

There you have it – your Maundy Thursday lesson!

And now, on to an Easter Promise.  An Easter Promise that I am going to make to you, my bloggy friends.

I promise you that this coming Sunday, I will not eat so much sugar and chocolate that I go into a coma or make myself sick.


It feels like all I’ve written about for the past 6 weeks is the fact that I gave up sugar & artificial sweeteners for Lent.  I honestly have no idea what I’m going to talk about next week when this is all over.

But sincerely, I hope that I don’t have to tell you about how I made myself sick over-indulging in the sugary goodness that I’ve deprived myself of for the past 40+ days.

My mom was the first to warn me, of course.  She wouldn’t be a mom if she hadn’t.  But during one of my sugary fantasies a few weeks ago, I started listing to her all of the treats and delicacies I was going to consume on Easter Sunday.  Peanut butter eggs as soon as I open my eyes, and a giant stack of pancakes for brunch after church, Easter candy and chocolate all the live-long day, and then dessert x a million.  And Diet Pepsi.  And Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows.  ALL OF IT, ALL DAY.

“You’re going to be sick,” she said.

kid overdosed on sugar I don’t know this kid.  And I don’t want to know how he feels.

Since then, more and more have been speaking up – friends, family, and several of you who have commented on my plethora of sugar posts here on the blog.  Many seem concerned that I plan to go overboard.  I suppose that list of my Top 10 Treats yesterday didn’t help.  They caution me to be careful.  They assure me that I’ll ralph if I follow my current Easter Sunday plan.

So I’m re-thinking it.  I mean, of course I don’t want to make myself sick by over doing it in the sweets department on Sunday.  I don’t want to ruin the day I’ve so looked forward to for weeks upon weeks.  Honestly, that’s the last thing I want to do.

I’m going to tread carefully.  I’m going monitor my body’s reaction to being re-introduced to sugar.  I’m not going to eat 26,000 Easter Eggs the moment I wake up.  I’m going to go easy.

I promise.

Wishing you all a very blessed & happy Easter with your family!  :)

happy Easter 2


Angie said...

Glad to hear it. I was one who commented and was sincerely worried!! Happy Easter to you too and enjoy your sugar in moderation :)

Nancy said...

ha, ha, Jillian, we have all secretly, and not so secretly been worried about you making yourself sick on sugar this Sunday. I even thought about cautioning the kids when I do my story time, lol.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you explained Maundy Thursday. I've heard of it but wasn't real sure what it was myself.

Harlynn said...

Looks like your Easter wishes came true!! Or at least you had a great family spent Easter. c: