Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Things

I know I’ve said it before, but I literally have nothing to talk about this week.  I feel almost blue now that the thing-that-we-shall-not-speak-of is over.

But I’m going to try and forge ahead.  The best way to break writer’s block seems to be with random mumbo-jumbo.  Here we go:

  • What would it take for Mother Nature to cut us some slack around here?  The sun is shining today, at least, but man, it’s cold.  Will it ever warm up?  Will summer ever arrive?  I’m seriously starting to wonder…
  • Yesterday was kind of a crappy day in my world.  So last night I ate the whole head off my Lindt Gold Bunny.  I admit that it did make me feel a little better.


  • You know what else makes me feel better on crappy days?  Jimmy Fallon.  My heart still belongs to Jimmy.  I especially enjoyed my PVR’d episode yesterday that featured Jimmy making fun of a couple of NHL players in his Tonight Show Superlatives feature.
  • Jimmy’s still my #1 man, but I did find a new boyfriend on the weekend.  No, not a real boyfriend.  Another famous actor boyfriend.  I finally saw the flick “What’s Your Number?”, and fell in love with Chris Evans.  I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything before, but I really enjoyed him.  Really enjoyed him.  I might have to go see Captain America now.

chris evans

  • By the way, I got more enjoyment out of “What’s Your Number?” than I expected.  Apparently a mindless predictable chick flick to close out the long weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered!


  • I may be the walking definition of a loser these days.  On the Saturday night of a long weekend, I was in my jammies at 9 PM watching Aladdin.   And that was EXACTLY what I wanted to be doing.  Lord help me.  I’m going to be single forever.

Aladdin cover

  • The NHL Playoffs are on right now.  And I couldn’t care less.  I’m a Sens fan, and when they’re not there, I have zero interest.  I’ve watched  a few of the Habs games, but other than that, I don’t even know who is in the playoffs this year.
  • I really like the new Jason Derulo song “Talk Dirty To Me” – well, me and tons of other people, apparently, because I think it’s topping the charts in North America right now.  But I’d really like to know why Jason Derulo thinks it’s cool to sing his own name at the start of each of his songs.  Anybody else ever notice that?  I thought that ended back in the days of Slim Shady and the Backstreet Boys…
  • Current flavours I’m craving:  Cherry + Almond.  I think this has developed from my current love of Almond Extract.  And I think at some point in my life I’ve eaten some kind of cherry cake that had Almond Extract in it. I’m on the hunt for a recipe that combines these two flavours right now.


  • This whole week has been a write-off, diet wise.  I can’t seem to get back on track with all the Easter treats lingering around.  I’ve made a vow to do so starting next week though.  Crazy how the weight starts to creep back on when my focus isn’t right.   No frigging fair.

Alright, folks, I think that’s it for today!  Hope you’re all having a great week.  And I hope it’s warmer where you are! ;)


Stacy said...

I love Talk Dirty because I like the sound effects I make...LOL

VandyJ said...

I have been struggling with awful munchies. I'm not really hungry, but want to chew on something crunchy. Trying to be healthier stinks sometimes.

Stacie said...

CVS here has gold bunnies 1/2 off, let me know if I need to send some up north!

The only thing worse than spring dragging its feet is when you get a taste of it and then it goes back to cold, that is life in NC.

And the only acceptable shoutouts to oneself in music is if it is Ludacris. Period.

Nancy said...

It has felt like a long week, especially now that I'm sick.

Angie said...

The weather here has finally warmed up and is staying warm. If it got cold now, I might cry!

The Lovely One said...

I like the song for the sax solos! Bug thinks it sounds like a Kazoo!

Mahesh MSA said...

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