Friday, June 28, 2013

Confession: I love Canada Day.

Happy Friday, friends…and a very happy long weekend to those of us who will be celebrating Canada Day this weekend!  Woo Hoo!!

Before we jump in to the weekend fun, let’s confess…

friday confessional

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I confess… that there are few days on the calendar that I love more than Canada Day.  The official day is July 1st – Monday – but my little town always celebrates a day early, on June 30th.  And as I’ve mentioned here before, time & time again… our celebration is kind of epic.  Can’t wait for Sunday to paint the town RED & WHITE!!!

CanadaDay Flag[1]

I confess… I’m proud of our Canada Day Committee for pulling together yet again, and I’m fairly confident this year will be a success!  So looking forward to the Community BBQ, parade, flag raising ceremony, Little Ray’s Reptiles, FIREWORKS!!! (my fave part), and of course the bash afterwards!

canada day 4[3]

I confess… that I’m also looking forward to the Bretzlaff Family Reunion this weekend.  I have relatives coming from Toronto and out West for the Reunion, and I’m excited to see them all on Saturday afternoon!

I confess… the only issue with all of these fun & exciting events this weekend is… I have no idea when the HELL I’m supposed to work out.

I confess… that last night I cut the grass and pulled weeds in my flower bed after Zumba class, and it was almost dark out when the mosquitoes finally chased me inside.  My flower bed in front of the house was an embarrassment… jungle-like, and overgrown with weeds.  I yoinked everything.  This morning, my mom said, “Oh, I hope you didn’t pull those poppies that were just about to bloom.”  Why, yes, Mother.  I did.  I pulled everything.  Sorry, poppies, but you look like weeds!!!

I confess… that I hate weeding flower beds.  Not my thing.  At all.

I confess… that I kinda got choked up reading Lindsay’s blog post this morning, dedicated to my boy Cowan, who graduated from high school on Wednesday night!  Isn’t he handsome?!  I haven’t got my pics uploaded yet, but I loved looking at all the pictures Lindsay took.  Very proud of you, buddy!


I confess… I’m exactly one month away from turning 30.  I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to feel about this.  But I’ve made up my mind not to feel glum about it.  It’s too easy to sit around and think, “Man, I’m not where I wanted to be when I turned 30…” I am where I am, nothing can change that now.  And I’m feeling pretty good these days, so let’s just embrace 30 and look forward to what it may bring!!

I confess… that despite that little pep talk I just gave myself, I’m planning on fully enjoying the last month of my 20’s!!  I’M NOT 30 YET!!!!

I confess… that I LOVE the new Blake Shelton!!!!!  And it feels like the perfect song to kick off the long weekend with!!!

I confess… that this day is going by reeaaaallllly slowly.  But I guess Fridays before big weekends always do, don’t they?

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Happy Canada Day to my Canadian pals, and Happy early 4th of July tp my American friends!



Connie Weiss said...

Happy Friday and Almost Canada Day!

I want to celebrate with you. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that your town really pulls together to celebrate Canada Day! Hope you have an amazing weekend :D

Stacie said...

Age is just a are FABULOUS!

VandyJ said...

It's not the years, it's the miles. Enjoy each and every mile!
And I'm with you, going home time can't come soon enough.

Miss Angie said...

Canada day sounds fun! I confess that I'm terribly patriotic about my country-I kind of hate Independence Day. Mostly because I live next to a park and almost ALWAYS have to work the next day, and there are loud jerks out on my front lawn all night. sheesh. lol But here in Utah we also have Pioneer Day on the 24th, so I get to do it all over again at the end of the month too! Joy. /sarcasm

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I probably would have done the same thing with the poppies! I don't think I would have recognized them.

Nicole said...

I think I'm like you.... kind of dreading the 30th birthday thing...

Nancy said...

Ha, ha, Jillian! Maybe Elizabeth could make cute little labels in her spare time and put them by the flowers so you don't yank them out. Too bad about the poppies, I love poppies! At least you weeded, I find the heat so bad I don't think I will be able to tell weeds from veggies in my garden if I finally go to weed it.

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