Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A weekend of celebrations :)

Oh my gosh, has it really been almost a week since I last wrote a blog post?!  What the heck is going on here?!?!  Days are just flying by it seems!

How about going a little random today?

  • This past weekend was a great one!  It started on Friday when I got off work a little early, was able to get my grass cut.  Then  I headed to the Fun Fair at the local elementary school to pick up some supper at their fundraiser BBQ for Mom & I.  The cheese burgers were soooo gooood… I also split a little snack-sized bag of Ruffles All Dressed chips with Mom.  I don’t remember the last time I had Ruffles All Dressed chips.  They were heavenly.


  • Don’t worry, folks.  Yes, I had a cheeseburger and chips for supper.  (And trust me, that wasn’t my only treat of the weekend.)  BUT.  I also got my arse out and continued my C25K training.  I ran Friday evening AND Saturday morning.  (At 7 AM.  Decreases the chances of anyone seeing me when I go that early.) Last night, I started Week 3 of the app.  I’ve graduated to the section of the program that has me alternating 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.  It’s funny how each week, I think, “I don’t know if I can do this…”  The three minute stretches were especially daunting.  And then, it just happens.  I do it.  And it really isn’t as hard as I anticipate.  I love that feeling.
  • On Saturday, I had eight billion things to do other than run.  Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I was going to get it all fit in.  And yet, somehow, I did.  I guess the fact that they were all wonderful celebrations helped!  It’s good to be busy when it’s all happy things, right? :)
  • At noon on Saturday, we gathered at our neighbour’s to shower Steph with good wishes & gifts, as she and her hubby Troy are expecting their first baby in July.  Steph is my sister-in-law Amanda’s twin, and Troy grew up down the road from us, so we are all very excited for them!  I’m really rooting for Baby Cote to arrive on July 28th – I’m thinking that would be an awesome 30th Birthday present, don’t you?! ;)

steph Don’t have my pics from the shower uploaded yet… but I swiped this one from Facebook, here’s the momma-to-be at the Golf Tourney a few weeks ago! ;)

  • After hanging out with the fam for the rest of the afternoon and squeezing in a little nap (getting up at 7 AM to run suddenly seemed like a bad idea!), I was off with my friend Kerry-Lynn to not one but TWO more celebrations.  First, we headed to Aylmer where my childhood friend Erin was having her wedding reception.  I was so happy to be there to see Erin on her big day – she looked GORGEOUS, and there was such an upbeat party atmosphere in that reception hall!  Congratulations to Erin & her new husband, Dan! :)

erin & dan Photo credit to Lestanto Photography

  • After visiting with friends and congratulating the newlyweds, Kerry & I were back on the road and headed in the opposite direction – up to Shawville for a Stag & Doe party in honour of Josh & Amanda.  I’ve known Amanda all my life, but I would say we got to know each other so much better last year when we were both bridesmaids in Lindsay’s wedding.  It was great to see so many people out to wish her & Josh well, as their wedding date is fast-approaching!  Again, Kerry & I visited with friends, congratulated the bride and groom to be, and I was even lucky enough to win a bottle of Long Island Iced Tea Mix!  Woo hoo!!

josh and amanda Amanda & Josh last May at Linds & Ryan’s wedding reception

  • Sunday was Father’s Day, of course, and while it makes me sad to not have Dad with us here anymore, I didn’t feel the same ache that I did last year.  Instead of that heavy-hearted feeling, we shared funny stories – in particular, giggling over the year my mom served Angel food cake for dessert, and he was not a fan! haha!  He thought he needed a pair of scissors to cut it, and lamented over how much better good ol’ chocolate cake would’ve been. lol!  What a guy!
  • Last year, I felt like a got a “sign” from him on Father’s Day, when I found a penny lying right before me on the picnic table at Mae’s when I went to pick up dinner for Mom & I.  This year, we went out for brunch after church and had dinner at my sister’s, and all day I wondered if I’d get another sign this year from Dad.  I had all but given up on it happening, until Mom and I were almost home.  We turned on to Stanton Road, and there, standing in one of her neighbour’s yards not far from the road, was a beautiful, statuesque doe.  It stood stalk-still and watched us slowly drive by, as we both marveled at it.  Not very often we see deer that up-close, and I smiled remembering how excited Dad would get on the rare occasion he spotted a deer in the neighbourhood.  I’m pretty sure that was my Father’s Day “sign” this year… :)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday!

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Nicole said...

Ok, what are all dressed Ruffles? And I love the sign. You soooo gave me chills reading that!

VandyJ said...

Ruffles cheddar and sour cream are the preferred cheesy chips in our house.
I am contemplating bumping my distance up in the morning. I do a mile right now so am going to step up to 1.5 miles. Never in my life thought I'd be running for exercise. still don't like it.

Stacie said...

Yeah, yeah to all the happy wedding, baby stuff, let's address the important things...what is an all dressed Ruffles, what does it taste like? I don't think we have them in the US.

Stacie said...

And I love the signs!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I have never heard nor had 'All Dressed Ruffles' - and now I'm going to have to go on a search to find some! ;)

Sounds like you had such a fun filled weekend! And the signs you got on Father's Day - last year and this year - totally gave me goosebumps. Awesome!! :)

Talking Dumpsters and Crap and Whacked Elbows in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel kinda way.

Jo said...

All dressed Ruffles?? I take it, they are some kind of crisps?

ashley said...

Great seeing you on Saturday Jill!! :)

HickChickBritt said...

haha I guess I wasn't the only one who doesn't know what all dressed ruffles are. Must be a Canadian thing! haha. Sooo.. . Any cute boys at the parties?

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