Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plenty to be Thankful For...

You know what? There was so much going on this past weekend that I'm not sure I can fit it all into one Blog. I really wish I had another couple of days to lie on the couch and recuperate!

So here's some snippets of my adventures this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend...

- Friday night we went to Saunders Farm to celebrate Lindsay's 21st birthday, and we had a great time! I was chased by this scary lizard/alien thing, and that was honestly the biggest spook of the night for me! However, the Haunted Hayride, Barn of Terror, and Field of Screams were all lots of fun and I highly recommend heading to Munster to check it out if you have never been before!

(Here's the Birthday Girl with this creepy dude...)

- Saturday was Tub-Rave. For those who don't know what that is, it's a party that occurs when one of my cousins is home for Thanksgiving with his trance DJ equipment, and his brother happens to have just put in a new hot tub. Music + Tub = Party! I had a wee bit to drink, and memories from the evening are fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure I had a BLAST!! ... Oh, and I believe I promised "DJ Badly" that I would review his ... uh ... performance? Well, all I know for sure is that I had fun pretending to DJ when he let me play with the buttons and wear the headphones. And there were some really cool mixes that we had a great time dancing to. So I'd say his Quyon debut was a SMASH success. It's probably the most "small-scale" Rave that's ever taken place, but it was pretty wicked! I had so much fun, I actually forgot that the Sens lost their home opener to Detroit!!

(No pics from this event - batteries were dead, thank God. I don't need any evidence from Tub-Rave surfacing...)

- Sunday we had our Family Thanksgiving dinner at our place, and let's just say I ate wayyyy too much. I'm still full.

- Sunday night was the Amazing Race. Woo-Hoo for Dallas and Toni! They started out the night at the back of the pack, but eventually made up a lot of ground to finish in second place, behind Ken & Old Barbie. The geek guys were slapped with a penalty for mis-reading a clue and taking a taxi from one clue to the next instead of hoofing it, so although they landed at the Pit Stop in second last, they were eliminated while sitting out their 30-minute penalty when the divorcees hti the mat before the time ran out. A little shocked that they made such a mistake, but them's the breaks dudes.

(Dallas winning the ridiculous challenge that saw them facing off against female wrestlers.)

- Today, my nephew Caden turns 3 years old. I can't believe it...How the time has flown! Yesterday, we celebrated with a party for him, and it was quite entertaining to watch him trying to open presents and fend off his little cousin Tristan, who was trying oh-so-hard to help him...

All in all, it was an awesome Thanksgiving weekend with plenty to be thankful for. Great times, great friends, great family, great food...

What more could a kid ask for? :)


Anonymous said...

good blog Jill - all i can say is that this weekend - i was not thankful for anything, more of a depressed weekend!
Good to hear that you had a good weekend!


Jill said...

Sorry to hear it wasn't a great weekend, Stace...But try to remember all that you really do have to be thankful for - friends (like me, of course - haha), family, a house, a job...a beautiful little girl!!! Things could always be worse, right? :)