Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

As I sit here and type this Blog, I'm wearing a red & black leopard-print dress, a gold puffy jacket, leopard-print gloves, orange stringy hair (also referred to as "Stacy's grass skirt" - haha!), a fuzzy red old lady hat, a red purse, red high-heels, and a sexy red boa.

Hmm...Must be Halloween!!

It's one of my favourite days of the year, when everyone gets to dress up for the day, and be somebody else. You don't care if people laugh at you for looking so ridiculous...That's the whole point! It's one of the most fun-filled days of the year! I hope you all enjoy your day and have fun trick-or-treating with your little ones, or staying home & handing out candy!! :)

Now, on to Survivor, where things are getting a little scary for the Fang tribe. Anybody remember the last time this troop won? Like, anything? I think it might've been in episode 2. They're pretty pathetic. And my poor little Matty declared several times that he's losing his spirit and his drive to win last night. Things won't be any better for him now that his tribe blindsided his closest ally in the game, Ace.

Yup - Ace is gone. I was a little surprised myself, and I still can't believe that the likes of Crystal and Kenny are surviving, but it was kind of funny to see Ace go just one week after he declared himself the most powerful player in the game. Even more surprising than Ace's exit was the fact that Sugar - his best friend Sugar - actually voted for him to go! (She was protected from the vote, as she was awarded individual immunity by Marcus). Apparently Sugar's not as stupid as I thought she was. She recognized he was a snake in the game, and I think probably when he went looking for the hidden Immunity Idol from her again, she realized she was just being used by him. That being said, Ace really did look out for Sugar in the game. He kept her off the chopping block many times when Matty or others were dying to send her home, or flush out the Idol. We'll see how she manages to survive without him now, and aligned with weaklings like Crystal and Kenny...

It was double-elimination night, so Kota had to hit tribal council again, for only their second time. Marcus won the Immunity Challenge, so he had individual immunity (and, as mentioned before, bestowed the second necklace upon Sugar). Have I told you lately how much I love Marcus? I wish he'd given the second immunity to Matty, but I guess he had legit reasons for giving it to Sugar. Things were up in the air at Kota as to who they were sending home, either Susie or Dan. Neither of them were helping their own cases. Susie committed social suicide by telling Corrine she'd planned to vote for her, which infuriated her. Dan, meanwhile, was scrambling around like a chicken with his head cut off, consumed by paranoia. I wasn't surprised to see him go at the end of the night - I was, however, a little surprised that the vote was as close as it was. I'm sure there was a strategy behind it and the group isn't as divided as the vote made it look - they likely wanted to ensure they had enough votes to get Susie off if, by some chance, Dan did have the hidden immunity from his brief stay on Exile Island. Unfortunately for him, he didn't, so buh-bye la.

Looks like the merge is coming up next week, and I'm assuming those scenes they showed of Randy sitting on the beach, wine glass in hand, declaring he's King of the game, were alcohol-induced. Surely he's not that stupid...

On Grey's - well, they're finally letting Izzie and Alex be together. WOO-HOO!! I'm so excited about this storyline!! And even more interesting is that next week their new relationship will be tested when the patient Izzie stole a heart from to give to her fiance Denny before he died shows up at Seattle Grace, and Izzie is assigned to scrub in on his heart transplant. I really hope Alex steps up and helps Izzie through what is sure to be a difficult time for her...

OK, that's enough TV talk for one day...Go out & enjoy this spooky day, watch scary movies, eat lots of candy, have fun with the trick-or-treaters...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU TOO JILL - hopefully you will be wearing your "ensemble" at your house tonight when I come by with Maddy for trick-or-treating!!


Anonymous said...

I would greatly appreciate a pic of your Halloween get-up in your blog!!
Thanks and Halloween Apples!!