Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let it...SNOW??

Been missing the Blog, have ya?

Well...Me too. Except, I'm so busy these days that I honestly haven't had time to string my thoughts together in a coherent enough fashion to create an interesting read for you folks.

Today, though, I have a little time. Would you believe the phones are quiet on the sod front? I wonder why...Hmmm...It could have something to do with the 15-20 CM OF SNOW THEY'RE CALLING FOR TONIGHT!! Welcome to Canada, baby, where we get snowstorms in FREAKIN' OCTOBER!! I love it. I really do. I don't love the fact that I have to fork out close to $600 for snowtires, thanks to this cute little Quebec law they're enforcing this year, but other than that, I'm all for the snow. Bring it on!

So I'm two weeks behind in Suvivor and Amazing Race re-caps. I'll just let y'all know that Marcus remains one of the hottest competitors ever on Survivor, right up there in Colby's pedigree, and my hot guy Dallas and his mom Toni are still tearin' it up on the Race, finishing again in the top teams this past week. I think they're doing amazingly well, considering Toni is now probably the oldest competitor left in the race, and Dallas isn't doing it all - Toni's contributions are many and valuable. I keep hoping they get a first place finish - maybe next week!

As for Sens hockey - things haven't exactly been hunky-dory. I had a ball last Friday night at the game vs. Phoenix, when we won 6-3 and I had the pleasure of starting the "PIZZA! PIZZA!" chant in my section. But aside from that, the bright spots have been few & far between. Going into last night's game they were mired in a 4-game slump (which included a loss to the Leafs on Saturday night - BLECH!) and were off to their worst start in 13 seasons. Egads.

Thankfully, they pulled out all the stops last night and picked up a huge 5-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres (previously the only team in the East without a regulation loss). I still miss Wade. Like, a lot. And despite my best efforts to become Jesse Winchester's biggest fan, I'm still lacking that 'joie de vivre' when it comes to hockey this year. But I'm working on it. If Jesse could get me a couple of goals or something, maybe I'd feel better.

Anyways...That's all I've got for now. I'll try not to skip another week and a half before my next Blog!


Anonymous said...

Saw that you left a comment on someone's facebook and was about to change my status to something along the lines of "hhmm you have time to facebook, but not blog??" but then i checked and you had updated the blog!
I love that we are getting snow - maybe cuz i know it's not going to stay - I mean its suppose to be like 15 on Friday for Halloween - only in Canada do you need snowpants one day and a spring jacket the next...I am in the mood to go home and listen to my Aly and AJ christmas CD or Martina McBride's Christmas while in the tub tonight...it's going to be a long time till Christmas though if snow starts now. It makes me get in the mood to decorate, but can't do that before Fall decorations come down!


Sharon said...

Cool blog Jill,

Glad to have it back. I thought you would be all over blogging about car rally!

priscilla said...

There's something more exciting about xmas decorations than fall decorations. I got some new fall stuff this year, but didn't even put it out right away. I'm already looking at the xmas stuff and I'm getting excited to buy more this year. I already bought a set of pre-lit 3 1/2 foot trees to go on the sides of our front door. I can't wait to put them out! But this snow won't get me in the mood to decorate. I don't like to put up stuff until at least the first or second week of December. But outside lights can go up anytime after Halloween. Maybe I will drag them out some weekend since Chad's hunting and I'll be all by myself. Have you never had winter tires Jill? I always have, and would never drive without them. Maybe because of where I come from, the roads don't get plowed and we always get more snow, and that's what I'm used to driving in. The only problem with this law is people who have never had them before will think they can drive faster and there may be just as many accidents as there was with people driving on all seasons in the winter. I know it's expensive, but I think it's a good law.

Anonymous said...

i agree especially after mornings like this morning - although it was mostly just a sheet of ice and winter tires even couldnt stop us but i think its a good law too! We always have winter tires and with maddy travelling with us this year all the way to Aylmer, its a little nerve racking without winter tires!