Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Reflections on Survivor and Grey's

Here's my Friday morning thoughts on last night's episode of Survivor: Gabon!

- Marcus is hot. Sooooo hot. But I don't like him hugging Charlie. It still creeps me out a bit. But aside from that, yet another strong week for the resident stud-muffin. His tribe is still rolling along, winning challenge after challenge. This week, things were a little closer between Kota and Fang, but they were able to pull out wins in both the Reward and Immunity Challenges, further weakening the Fang tribe, both physically and mentally.

- Sugar was sent off to Exile (or the "Sugar Shack", as she annoyingly calls it) yet again, and believe it or not, her dopey tribe was actually smart enough to find the Hidden Immunity Idol in her bag when she came back. Smart enough to flush the thing out, though? Not a chance. They decided to end G-Sizzle's agony, after he told them he was done playing the game and wanted to go home. Poor wee pet. The guy was weak from Day 1, and proved himself to be nothing but a quitter in all respects of the game. Still, if Fang had used even an smidge of intelligence, they would have ignored his whiny ass and voted out Sugar. The longer she hangs in there with Ace, the more powerful they become.

- Anyone notice that Ace was dramatically "injured" last night on two different occasions, both times involving his face? In the Reward challenge he took a pineapple in the face, and then in the Immunity challenge his shield came up and bashed him in the face. Loved that Probst showed absolutely no sympathy either time!

- Despite what a dysfunctional group they are, I think watching the Fang tribe's close encounter with an elephant was one of the most special moments on Survivor ever. For a few minutes, the game was forgotten as Matty gathered his tribe together and they just sat in the jungle and watched that massive creature stomp around and trumpet - it was really neat to see how completely enthralled they were by it, absolutely awed, and you know it's something that, once the game is long over, they'll never forget. Very cool.

- I'm not sure if Kota will ever have to go to another Tribal Council together before the merge, but if they do, the guy in jeopardy is Dan. He's too yappy, and you can tell it's starting to grate on their nerves. And his decision to label Kota "The Empire of Evil"? How cheesy and corny is that? Marcus sees right through him already, and I think if they ever do have to vote someone out, Dan had best be watching his back.

- GC's gone, and I sure wasn't sorry to see him go. Next week, it looks like Ace & Sugar are going on a power trip, and also Matty makes an alliance with Ace. I'm not sure how smart a move that is on Matty's part, but on a tribe full of dimwits, I'm not sure what other choice he has...

And now for a little Grey's Anatomy...I know I'm like the only one who watches it, but last night was just so good, I have to do a little Blogging about it!

First of all, I just love how this show incorporates children into the scripts. Any time a kid appears at Seattle Grace, it's always a great episode. They seem to have awesome luck at finding amazing child actors. Last night, the little boy who played Duncan stole the show. And the way George interacted with him - it was really great. The scene where George is getting ready to take him into a surgery to show him there's nothing to be scared of, and then they accidentally walk in on the wrong surgery - one which has a guy with his face peeled off - was absolutely priceless!

And I know I've said it before in seasons past, but please, please, please can we finally let Alex and Izzie be together? I know he's still messed up from his psycho girlfriend (who I really wish had never been psycho, but that's a whole other Blog...), but he and Izzie are so perfect together! I thought last week they had made strides, but then this week he's back to treating her like dirt. At least he finally sort of explained it to her last night. He's pissed off that his girlfriend was crazy, but he can't be mad at his crazy girlfriend for being crazy, so he's taking it out on the only person close enough to him to understand. That'd be Izzie. *sigh* They're so perfect for each other, and I crave the day they let them be together. Be normal together.

(This is just a picture of Justin Chambers, who plays Dr. Alex Karev...I love him. Yum.)

Oh, and I adored the scenes where Cristina discovers the land of Dermatology and brings Izzie, Meredith, and George in to lounge with her on their couch and watch them work in their floaty, dreamy world of lotion and massages. Very funny stuff!

OK - that's enough for one day. Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

I was trying to put Maddy to bed while catching clips of Survivor - although i really only saw Tribal Council and Ricky was sooo sure they were going to blindside Sugar and get rid of her because we all know no one ever plays the idol when they should ricky was shocked that GC left - but i guess he missed the part of him wanting to go home....


Jill said...

Even though GC asked to leave, I was sure they were still going to vote for Sugar to go. After finding the hidden Idol, I thought they'd be stupid to keep her and send GC home...But once again, they all proved how boneheaded they really are. Boneheads.

Anonymous said...

it's kind of expected now on Survivor - its been on so long now that you know all the stupid moves they make!
and I really dont like Crystal or whatever that olympian's name is!


Anonymous said...

hey Jilly,
here's what I was rambling on about last night.....enjoy: