Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sebastian Goes Out With A Bang

I was sad to see Sebastian Pigott get voted off Canadian Idol last night.

Not surprised. Just sad.

The good news? Sebastian didn't seem a bit sad. In fact, he almost looked a little relieved to be done with this show. So there were no tears or sad good-byes. He high-fived his fellow competitors, took to the mic, and rocked out to "Lucille" one last time.

It was an explosive farewell. He jumped and writhed all over the stage while everyone danced and laughed along with. He wailed on his harmonica with more joy on his face than I've seen from him since the audition rounds.

When Sebastian was done, the crowd stood and cheered wildly. Even the judges were on their feet.

Something tells me I haven't heard the last from this guy, or from his brother. In an earlier Idol episode, their mother spoke of how happy she was that they decided to take on the Idol experience, because it had brought her boys back together again. This morning, on youtube, I watched a performance someone recorded at Holy Joe's in Toronto of Oliver & Sebastian singing "Dream" by the Everly Brothers last week. It was amazing. So my hope is that they continue on together, working together, singing together.

Because they brought magic to Canadian Idol this season. If it weren't for them, I might have stopped watching a long time ago. And if nothing else good comes of this show this season, at least I have Idol to thank for introducing me to the Pigott brothers.

Can't wait to see what they do next.


Sharon said...

Great blog Jill, I was rooting for Sebastian to continue on... but I'm glad that he made a fun filled evening before leaving.

I played ball in Dunrobin last night with Jaymie A. her team was short a player... and let me tell you soft ball is a heck of a lot different than 3 pitch.

Anonymous said...

lastnight when i watched the ending of Canadian Idol - i found when they said he was the one leaving that the crowd was sort of shocked, there was just silence i found for a couple of seconds


Jill said...

There was a weird silence, I noticed that too. It was strange, usually its a mixture of screaming & booing (fans of the other two scream, fans of the loser boo) - but it was just this long awkward silence.
Sebastian didn't let it last long though - once he took the stage to sing one last time, there was no more silence!

Bouffe said...

He was amazing last night - that last performance was so full of passion!!! I loved it. I really wish he had done something like that for the real performance show on Monday... Oh well. Like you, I'm still grateful I got to know him and his music, as well as his brother's!!! I hope they'll keep on playing, I for sure will go see them again.

Did you notice in the opening group number, when Sebastian jumped on the judges table, he sang "I hope YOU die when I get old", rather than singing "I". All the while longingly looking in Zack's eyes. *L*

Jill said...

Loved that group performance, mainly because of Sebastian standing over Zack singing that part - the little smirk on his face was great; Zack's reaction was good too, pushing back from the table & laughing.

Man, I'm going to miss seeing him every week...

butterfly said...

I will truly miss Sebastian ...enjoyed every note he sang, every move he made, every instrument he played...he truly brought art in singing artist..I will never forget him ..I voted voted ans was so so sad he was eliminated...the stage will never be the same for me..

Kathleen said...

ok, this AIN'T Elvis we're talking about here, people. I'm still not terribly impressed. Maybe he can sing back up for his brother?

Anonymous said...

nice to see other bloggers adding in their comments!!


Carl Haight said...

Well after he was rightfully voted off we had to sit more one godawful performance by the posturing, out-of-tune no-talent that was Sebastian Pigott. Hopefully he's not seen or heard from again.

I can't believe people could be moved by such feeble contrived artlessness.

Jill said...

Hmm...While I'm glad my blogging about Sebastian has brought some new comments to our usually-quiet, cozy little community, I can't say I care much for that last one. Ah well, a friend for Kathleen I guess.

I bought the downloadable version of Oliver Pigott's CD "Year of the Pig" to put on my new iPod yesterday,and I also watched a few videos of the Pigott bros playing together in clubs in TO - and trust me, the Pigotts are far from "contrived artlessness". In fact, it's been a long time since I've found two guys who are so deeply passionate about their music as they are.

To each their own when it comes to music, and I'm no expert, but I like what I like, and that's all that matters in my world.

Kathleen said...

If you like your passionate music in twos try:
I dunno, Jagger/Richards?
But seriously isn't Canadian Idol supposed to be artless? I mean in reality it is just glorified karaoke isn't it? Isn't 80% of the fun watching the judges taking the piss out of the contestants? I think Mr. Haight was so offended because Sebastian thinks he's an artist. I think anyone can be an artist, but just because you are one doesn't mean you're a very good one. So power to Sebastian I think if you're on tv singing other people's songs you need to really blow me away if you want my attention. His brother damn near did that and that's why he was eliminated. He was too good. Of course when they both embark on music careers Sebastian will make more of a splash at first but I see Oliver hanging around longer. Thats my prediction.

Jill said...

I think Idol has become a stage for struggling or hopeful musicians to get their names out there - I'm not entirely sure many of them actually care about winning. I have to say, in the case of the Pigotts, it's worked for me. I probably never would have heard of them if it weren't for Idol, but now I've actually paid to hear Oliver's originals, and if the opportunity arose to do the same for Sebastian, I'd definitely do it again.

From the very beginning, I pegged Oliver as the talent & Sebastian as the charm. In the case of Idol, it doesn't surprise me that charm won out over talent. At the end of the day, I still think they're talented guys, and I wish them the best.