Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sebastian Gets His Game Back

Last night, the faded jeans were back.

The leather jacket was back.

The harmonica was back.

The curly hair was back.

The hat was back!

Ladies & gentleman...Last night, for the first time since the Top 10 commenced, Sebastian Pigott was back!!

And oh, what a relief it was!! While my support of Sebastian has never wavered over the past few weeks, clearly the judges have not been impressed, and neither has the voting public, as he has been a member of the Bottom 3 for 2 weeks straight.

There's no guarantee that he won't be back there tonight, but for the first time since the Elite 10 were chosen, Sebastian finally showed why he was put there. He was sexy and cool and sang "Lucille" with all the bluesy-soul that wowed the judges in the audition rounds.

This was the Sebastian Pigott I've been dying to see again, and was afraid we had lost. I wasn't sure he still had the confidence or the joy of performing on the Idol stage to pull off what he did last night.

But last night, he showed that cocky swagger - he was back in his groove, and for the first time since making it to the Top 10, the judges (for the most part) finally commended him for something other than just looking good. Only Zack, of course, had to pull him down a little, telling him that while he was much better than he was the first two weeks, hopefully tonight Canada will send him home so that they get down to the serious business of finding the next Canadian Idol.

I always take what Zack says with a grain of salt, so it didn't bother me much. The truth is, I feel Sebastian actually could be in the running for this if continues on in the same vein as he did last night. Of course, the "unplugged" sessions this week were more up his alley, taking him back to his busking days. Hopefully he's rediscovered what works best for him as an artist, and I get the chance to vote for him again and again and again!

Sebastian is the first Idol contestant I've felt this passionate about. More than Ryan Malcolm, more than Chris Daughtry, more than Greg Neufeld. Hell, even more than Lukas Rossi, from my Rockstar: Supernova days. He's the first Idol contestant I've voted for this much, and I have my fingers crossed that it pays off again tonight.

My hatred for Mark Day last night grew ten-fold when he sang one of my current favourite songs, Sugarland's "Stay". When I realized what he was singing, I cringed. He completely ruined it for me. Made me want to puke. If there is an Idol God, he'll be in the Bottom 3 tonight and voted out. I don't know if I can stand watching him one more week!

If I could pick a Bottom 3 for tonight, I'd put Mark, Mitch, and Drew down there. I'm still fully expecting Sebastian to be there, though, and probably because last night was his best performance, of course he'll end up going home. That's usually how it works in this unjust competition.

But if that does happen, Sebastian can rest assured that he went out with a bang. Because even though the judges gave the "performance of the night" to Theo, for me, it was all Sebastian.

He was finally back.


Anonymous said...

good blog Jill - wish i could watch it and see this Seb guy perform - but just never think of it. Lastnight when I got back from Wayne's I watched Wanna Bet? instead.


Sharon said...

Good Blog Jill,

I completely forgot about the Lukas Rossi days... he was fun, I liked him.

I hope Sebastian gets to stay.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see Sebastian go...caught the ending lastnight and I have to say, the other two guys with him were SO NOT attracted like Sebastian - dont know what they sounded like but they didnt look like singers