Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sebastian Survives

I honestly would not have been surprised if Sebastian Pigott had been voted off Canadian Idol last night. The buzz in Idol circles was that he was one of the worst, if not the worst, performer on Monday night. I disagreed somewhat, but I was preparing myself. Bracing myself for the worst.

So when the results show began last night, I had the playoff butterflies and everything, but I kept telling myself, "He's going home. He's going home." Deep down praying for the best, yet my head telling me it wasn't likely.
Sure enough, he found himself the first member of the bottom 3. I wasn't shocked. A little pissed, maybe, but not shocked. What did shock me was that Mark Day was not in the bottom 3. How does that little weasel keep going? He's pathetic - an embarrasment to the show - especially after that ridiculously campy peformance he put on Monday night. It still burns me to the core that Sebastian's brother Oliver, or a guy like Omar Lunan, didn't make it to the Top 10, but that goofy, cheesy, roly-poly dink did. Grrrrr...
Anyways - the two contestants who joined Sebastian down in the doom-n-gloom of the Bottom 3 were Mookie Morris and Adam Castelli. Mookie surprised me a little - I agreed that he had a poor song choice on Bowie night, but he's one of the judges' darlings. Adam, on the other hand, hasn't been a favourite of mine for a while now. Initially, I thought he was kinda cute, but then I realized how hot Sebastian was, and Adam got bumped from the list. Plus, he wasn't that great a singer. That being said, his performance of "Rebel Rebel" on Monday night was pretty strong, and when he made his grand entrance on his Harley, I thought it was kinda cool.

Nevertheless, Canada voted him first out of the Top 10.

Didn't really bother me much, I was just so happy Sebastian survived. Would I have rather seen Mark Day going home. Hell yes. But we'll deal with him soon enough. I'm just so happy I get to see Sebastian for one more week. I think next Monday's theme of "Rock & Roll Heaven" will suit him a little better than Bowie anyways. And maybe, just maybe, the people of Toronto will smarten up and start supporting their talent (both Mookie & Seb call TO home, and they were both in jeopardy this week) - also an issue Farley addressed last night on the show.
OH - and I finally figured out who Sebastian reminds me of thanks to stumbling upon someone else's blog yesterday. The hip swiveling and his performance often makes me think of Elvis, but in looks, he's a dead ringer for James Dean. I think this modeling shoot he did probably helped along that comparison, but wowzers...Check it out! (I ripped this off from another blog, hope I'm not violating any laws by doing so.)
I was a little sad last to see that Sebastian had his hair cut between Monday & Tuesday and his beautiful blond curls were all but hacked off, but he was still sexy as hell. From what I could tell, both Theo & Earl were sheared too, so I guess they all spent the day at the barber's. Ah, they're boys. They'll have it all grown back by next week!


Sharon\ said...

Great Blog Jill, it's nice to see it here again. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

James Dean was Le Gay, Monty Clift as well but William Holden was not holdin.

Anonymous said...

Good blog Jill and glad to see that your Sebastien stuck around for another week.