Thursday, July 10, 2008

"The Canadian Idol Farce" Rears Its Ugly Head (Again)

I haven't been updating you guys on Idol for the past few weeks - well, mostly 'cause I know none of you really care.
But last night, yet another case of Canadian Idol Highway Robbery occured, and I just have to Blog about it. 'Cause it pisses me off so damned much.
You've all heard me whine & cry about the past Idol injustices against Chris Daughtry (American Idol a few years back) and Greg Neufeld (last season of Canadian Idol). Both were forced to bid farewell long before their time, and I was a left a bitter little Idol fan.
This year, in the audition process, I was introduced to the Pigott brothers from Toronto - Oliver, the extremely talented one, and Sebastian, the smokin' hot, charming one. I babbled away about them on here and how much I loved them both, and how I had honest-to-goodness hopes that they might stand side-by-side as the final 2 in this year's extraordinarily talented crop of Idol hopefuls.
Last night, the Top 16 were whittled down to 10, and after sitting through an excruciating 25 minutes of eliminations, there were two Pigott brothers left, with only one Top 10 spot to fill.
I crossed my fingers, begged for a miracle, prayed that in this seasons of "firsts" and "twists", that maybe they were going to turn it into a Top 11 and both would get through.
However, that dream died quickly. In easily the biggest Idol shock of the season thus far, Oliver was sent packing, while Sebastian took his seat amongst the Top 10.
While I was overjoyed that Sebastian made it, I was devestated to see Oliver go. I love Sebastian, but it was quite clear from the past month that Oliver is the better singer, and if Sebastian was going to make it, then Oliver should have too. The voting process ticked me off yet again, as a guy like Mark Day makes it based on the fanatical voting from his home region of Newfoundland while an amazing talent like Oliver doesn't, because he's from a big city like Toronto.
(It's been proven that Newfies always make it far in the competition. 'Cause apparently their people have nothing better to do than sit on the phones for two hours straight once a week all summer long. Meanwhile, people from more highly-populated city centres with less "community spirit", are more likely to flounder, no matter how good they are.)
Also a little unfair to Oliver is the fact that, while he can sing his brother under a table, he doesn't have his movie star good looks. Not a bad looking dude at all, but not nearly as hot as Sebastian. Perhaps if he had the adorable curly hair, the killer grin, or the sexy swivelling hips (swear to God, sometimes he reminds me of Elvis) - maybe then the dumb Canadian public would have put him through.
Certainly, Oliver's rendition of "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers on Tuesday night was good enough to get him through. Far better than half the people that got into the Top 10.

It really, really makes me mad.

Thankfully, Sebastian is there, so I'll keep watching to make sure he continues on and does well in the competition. I'm sure Oliver will be cheering him on louder than anyone. But in my heart, I'll know that he should be up there too, and once again, another season of Idol goes sour for me, really before it even begins.


Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Loved the blog, I can't believe that the lesser of the two talented Piggott's got in.

Sometimes you can't leave it to viewers to pick out talent, they always tend to lean towards hotness.

And what's with Mulrooney and his fake & bake... gawd, he looks awful!

See ya at friday's Ball party! Sounds like it will be fun.

Jill said...

Thanks Sharon! I'm still in a little bit of shock over it, but the good news, I've Googled Oliver, and he's already got a music career out there - small, but maybe his time on Idol will boost him up to where he belongs. Sebastian probably needs the help of a TV show more than Oliver does. At least, that's how I'm consoling myself
Poor ol' Ben - he does look awful. And he's so un-funny it's painful. What is funny is listening to Luke when Ben comes on-screen. He tears him apart every time! lol
See ya Friday - looking forward to it!!

Anonymous said...

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Jill said... idea what that was all about...??? But...thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

That was weird.

Anonymous said...

What was that about? Some random person coming on and chatting about
oh thats right you guys have ball tonight, well maybe i'll come down and watch if it doesn't rain - the guys have hockey, so Ricky will have the car but Maddy and I may walk down for a bit!!
Thank god it's Friday!! Wish the sun would come out though :(


Bouffe said...

I know it's done and over with, but I just found your blog, and wanted to comment on the "sexy as hell" Sebastian vs the "hyper talented" Oliver.

I love them both, and like you was totally shocked that Oliver didn't make it into the Top 10 (and I share your Daughtry and Greg Neufeld love, btw). I was very upset at the producers for pinning Oliver and Sebastian against each other on the performance night. And I was also mad at the judges for their comments - while Sebastian has the better look and Oliver the most singing talent, they are both cute and charming and both can sing. The judges really pissed me off!

And I can tell you, after having seen them play live last week, that they are both VERY cute and VERY charming, and that Sebastian can really sing. *sigh*

Oh well. I console myself with the fact that I am now aware of these boys and will follow (in as non-creepy way as possible) their career from now on.


Jill said...

Thanks for stopping by & leaving your comments. I went to check out your Blog, loved the pics & re-cap of the night you saw the Pigott Brothers & their Idol buddies live. Wish I lived closer to TO to catch something like that!
Agree whole-heartedly with your post...and glad to hear that Sebastian really can sing. lol - after listening to the judges for weeks on end talk about how he CAN'T, I was starting to think I needed to get my ears checked!!
Looking forward to hearing more from the Pigotts in the future, beyond Idol.
PS - LOVED the pics you posted of Greg Neufeld...amazing!!!