Friday, August 01, 2008

Highlights from My New iPod

As many of you already know, one of the birthday gifts I received from a group of my wonderfully awesome friends was an iPod.

I was thrilled. Ecstatic. Maybe a little intimidated, 'cause I'm not very tech-savvy and I was afraid I'd never figure out how to work it. But super-pumped to try.

After a few days of struggling and begging for help from co-workers and friends to help me figure the thing out, I finally got it registered and started downloading music. Some of the first songs I downloaded were songs I had never heard until this year on Canadian Idol. One of the perks of the show that I always enjoy is being introduced to some new artists and tunes that I have been unaware of up until now, so I was excited to add them to my library.

Here, in no particular order, are the tunes I'm loving most right now, thanks to Idol, and in the case that some of you haven't heard them before, either, I'm telling ya right now...check 'em out!!

Bring it on Home to Me - Sam Cooke: Ok, yes, it was the first time Sebastian stepped up to the mic and had me drooling. Literally drooling. I've heard Sam Cooke before, but somehow I had missed out on this song. Turns out, the original is pretty cool too. Considering I'm going through another big Elvis phase right now, this one fits in nicely in that domain. Sam's Bring it on Home to Me is smooth, sexy, and it doesn't hurt that it reminds me of Sebastian's swivelling hips, either.

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz: It was a song Mitch McDonald performed on the Idol stage a few weeks back. I loved Mitch's voice with the song, and I made sure to jot down the artist's name & title of the song 'cause I liked it so much. It has since been transferred on to my iPod, and I'm loving Jason Mraz. I'm also eager to check out more of his songs. Funky, fun, sweet, & catchy. Good stuff.

Lucille - Little Richard: Yes, I adored Sebastian's performance this past week, so I had to download Lucille. You know how sometimes you see people dancing around with their iPods, blissfully unaware of all around them except the music their listening to? It's that kind of song. I can picture myself on a sidewalk, dancing around, not caring that people might be watching. In fact, I almost did just that while out walking last night. Again, doesn't hurt that it reminds me of Sebastian.

Two - Ryan Adams: Earl Stevenson's performance of this song last week was super-impressive, the judges loved it, and I loved it too. I found the song by Ryan Adams - not to be confused with Bryan Adams - and pumped it onto the iPod. It's become one of my favourite songs of all-time.

What a Day for a Daydream - The Lovin' Spoonful: Believe it or not, I actually missed this Sebastian performance, and had to watch it the next day on the Idol website. (God, how I'm loving high-speed!) I actually liked Sebastian's version better, now that I've got to listen to the original, but it's still getting regular play on the Pod. Once more, probably 'cause it makes me think of you-know-who. See, isn't it great, the muscial doors he's opened up to me??

Bubbly - Colbie Caillat: I actually had heard this song before, but I was re-introduced to it when Theo Tams sang it on Idol. It's sweet & melodic and I love the lyrics. It gives me the warm & fuzzies all over. Very happy Theo reminded me of this tune.

Oliver Pigott's record Year of the Pig: My first on-line purchase was to buy Oliver's downloadable album at . I listen to it every night while reading in bed. I absolutely love it. I'd like to actually do a review of the whole thing eventually, so I'm not going to say more than that for now. Even though Oliver was voted off far too early from the competition, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to find him and his original tunes. I haven't regretted buying it for one second!

Look for that review in the days to come...Hopefully someday next week.


Anonymous said...

Glad your enjoying your IPOD, hopefully it might save you tons of money on buying CD's - i mean not like you buy a lot or anything (note sarcasm)...haha!
It's nice that you can download songs and dont have to go out and buy a whole cd for one song.
I was thinking I may enjoy one but unlike you, i wouldnt be able to download my music at work and at home on dialup - would so not work. I can't even listen to music online so as I sit here today (before the long weekend) i am bored in silence, i have to remember to buy myself a little radio or alarm clock to bring to work with me so i can listen to music.
Nice to see you out walking also with your IPOD - i think it was a worthy present...usually you're so hard to buy for and you end up just getting odds and ends but i think this purchase was well worth it! Enjoy!


Jill said...

It will definitely help in the CD-purchasing department!! For one thing, I have no room left to put them. For another, there's so many times I buy a whole CD for 1 song - sometimes it ends up being worthwhile & I like the whole disc, other times it's a waste of money. I won't stop buying CD's, I'm sure, but I might not be buying so

You guys all know how much I love & appreciate the gift, it was awesome. Thanks again!!!!

Bouffe said...

You have awesome friends!

Seems like not only do we like the same CI contestants but also the same music... I love Jason Mraz, he's so good!

Jill said...

We really do seem to have a lot in common, don't we? After I checked out your Blog & realized we shared the same respect for Greg Neufeld & Lukas Rossi, as well as the Pigotts, I realized how much we seem to appreciate the same kind of music & talent!! lol

Kathleen said...

I like Steve McQueen...A LOT.

Anonymous said...
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