Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last night's game between MVT and Team Pepsi and the Quyon Ball park was a real nail-biter. While Team Pepsi led throughout most of the game, it came down to the 7th inning, and MVT had a real chance to steal the game away from them.

With the score at 19-15 going into the top of the 7th, it was imperative for my team to silence Team Pepsi's strong bats if we had any hope of winning. Somewhat miraculously, they went 3-up, 3-down, giving us a real opportunity to come back. At first, it seemed unlikely, with two quick outs. (I think I was one of 'em...surprise, surprise...) But then we brought two runs in, and with two runners still on base, we had Woermke at bat, and I was already planning my victory dance.

We had two homeruns left, so it seemed only natural that he would be able to hit one of them to end the game. He usually is able to hit homers at will, so things were looking up for MVT! Perhaps there was too much pressure on the poor guy; I'm really not sure. But instead of that glorious homerun we were all dreaming of, he hit a line-drive down third base and whoever was playing third (ya, I was paying attention) caught it to end the inning and deflate our comeback hopes.

Despite the loss, I think our team showed great resiliency in battling back and hanging in there. We kept pace for most of the game, and it easily could have been us winning the game. While my struggles continued, the rest of the girls really stepped up, especially Laura and Sharon, who each had some key hits. I had a little batting practice after the game, so hopefully my hitting will improve next week. But I'm not really counting on it.

At least my scorekeeping skills seem to be coming in handy...Doing my best to help the team! ;)


Jill said...

From my lovely cousin, Kenny:

could be worse, you could not know how to score then they'd really be in trouble

Jill said...

Ah, I wouldn't be missed...A whole bunch of 'em know how to score, I think they just let me do it to make me feel special

Sharon said...

No we do it because I screw it up and you have the nicest writing! HA!

I thought it was a good game, better than the slottering we sustained last game.

Jill said...

It was definitely a much better game...Woulda been so sweet to win it after trailing the whole time, but at least our bats were going last night. (Welll...your bats...mine wasn't going so well).

Rodrigo said...
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