Monday, June 25, 2007

I Miss Rockstar

Alrighty, they've cancelled Rockstar this summer, so I have no choice but to entertain myself with Canadian Idol for the next few months. Bear with me as I run through your Top 11 boys.

Jaydee Bixby - First of all, I love that Jaydee has done "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" several times already on the show. When The King sang it on the '68 Comeback Special, I thought it may have been the hottest thing ever. Weird thing is, Jaydee sounds like Elvis, but he looks like Nick Carter's little brother. He promised the judges something different, but ended up singing "Johnny B. Goode", and while I thought he did a pretty good job, I think he's gonna have to step out of the '50s and '60s if he has any hope of progressing on the show.

Clifton Murray - Ever since Clifton auditioned, I've been trying to figure out why he looks so damned familiar. Turns out he played Channing Tatum's buddy in "She's the Man". Now, Clifton's pretty good-looking, and he did have that one amazing note in his performance of Edwin McCain's "I'll Be", but just because he's dabbled in showbiz doesn't mean the judges like him. In fact, I think they're already biased against him.

??? Hoffman maybe? - K, I didn't even get this poor guy's name, but he's your typical punk, and I got all excited when he started to sing one of my favourite songs of the past 6 months, "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects. Unfortunately, he didn't sing it very well. Plus, I hated his tight pants.

Justyn Wesley - The dude annoys me royally. He thinks he's hot, but he's not. I don't like his soulful vibe, not even when he's singing "Some Kind of Wonderful". I just find him too cheesy, and he tries too hard. Bleh.

Dwight D'Eon - Dwight's the rocker of the competition, so he kinda shocked my by not singing a rock song. Then he shocked me again by rockin' it anyway. I didn't know the song he sang, but he made me love it. He was the first guy of the night to "wow" me!

Greg Neufeld - OK, so Greg was sent packing last year after his first performance in the Top 22. After he killed it last night with Maroon 5's "This Love", I don't think there's any chance of that happening this year. His voice totally suited the song selection, he was the best dancer by far, and the boy is smokin' hot. I liked him last year despite his early exit; I love him this year. He's my #1 so far.

Tyler Mullendore - After Tyler sang "Brown Sugar", the judges blew sunshine up his butt by calling him unique and uninhibited. I, on the other hand, think the guy's the biggest poser on the show. Ever. He looks like he walked of the set of "Dazed and Confused", and he's playing it up big time. Plus, he didn't even sing it well. Definitely not my favourite.

Andrew Austin - Andrew sang "Freedom", but unfortunately for him, I think he was a little lost without his guitar. His performance was entirely forgrettable, and I got it when Sass said he was lacking charisma. And it's a real shame, 'cause the guy's probably the best overall musician of the bunch. But he just didn't bring it tonight.

Matt Rapley - I'm not trying to sound stereotypical here, but I think Matt's best suited for a gospel choir. He's got an amazing soulful voice, which he demonstrated nicely on "Isn't She Lovely" - a song that earned him a 98% from his vocal teacher at school. And no doubt, the boy can sing his butt off. But he's just not my style.

Brian Melo - Before Brian stood on stage, and, in response to one of Ben's questions, said, "Jesus," he actually did a pretty good job of The Watchmen's "Stereo". The song was a perfect fit for his voice, althought I did agree with Zack that he kinda blew it on the "one in a million" parts. The judges all granted him a spot in the Top 10, but I'm not entirely convinced he's worthy. After all, he did take the Lord's name in vain on national TV... heh heh heh...

Liam Styles Chang - Remember back in the audition stages I said that all the boys with guitars impressed me, even the skinny oriental boy? Well, Liam's that skinny oriental boy. Liam kinda disappointed me by reprising his performance of "This Magic Moment", especially since I liked it better when he sang it with just his guitar. But the judges lapped up his punky arrangement, and they love his smooth, nicely toned voice. Again, I'm not a fan of the skin-tight pants that these punks seem to be sporting these days, but Liam definitely impressed. He could very well be one of the top contenders.

Who Will Probably Go Home: The guys who's name I can't remember and Andrew Austin.

Who I Would Send Home: Justyn Wesley and Tyler Mullendore

My Top 2 Of the Night: Greg Neufeld and Liam Styles Chang

I'll try to recap the ladies tomorrow night, but Blogging may be difficult in the next few days as my evenings are looking to be jam-packed. I'll do my best though!!

Have a good day everyone!


chris said...

Wow it's a quiet day on the blog... I guess everyone is recovering from the long weekend!! It certainly was hard to wake up this morning.... especially with the heat!

I have been watching idol as well and have not been all that impressed yet, but I did like the fact that some dude sang "I like big butts" as his audition song. That was funny and he sounded pretty good at the same time. I'm not too familiar with the contestants yet, but as time goes on I'm sure I'll be able to put a face to all those guitar boys you mentioned in your blog :)


Jill said...

Hey Chris!

Good to hear from you! I haven't really been blown away by any of the contestants yet either. I missed the "Big Butts" audition, but Luke told me about it, said he thought it was pretty good. I don't even know if he's one of the finalists or not though.

Gotta tape the ladies tonight as I'm going to the ball field...So likely no recap tonight...Could be a quiet week on the Blog - I'm just too freakin' busy! lol!!

Sharon said...

Seems like the blog is dying once again.

I will be at the ball feild as well Jill Bean, however I might be a little late and I won't be playing. Wayne said I need to give my knee a week off to re-coop because last week was horrible... so hesaid take a week off and I will be golden next week.

But I will be there to Cheer On!

jn said...

i miss the blog

Jill said...

Blog's not dead, I swear...It's just summer at MVT...No FREAKIN' TIME!!!!