Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blame It On My Dad

It was a lovely evening at the ball park last night, as MVT was taking on L&J Towing in the Quyon 3-pitch league. It was a warm one, but a light breeze kept things pleasant weather-wise; however, things were not so pleasant on the field, at least not for my poor team.

Thus far, we've been doing pretty well. Now granted, I've only made it out to a couple of games because for awhile there, ball night clashed with the Sens' Cup Run. Our fearless leader, Ricky, probably wishes I'd stay home more often. Last week I didn't even get a hit, and my fielding skills are pretty limited to say the least. I think it's a fair assessment to say I'm the worst player on the team. But that, I will blame on my father - because he was the one who cut me from his ball team when I was only 10, when I was still young and able to learn and develop my athletic prowess. I think it's too late for that now.

In any case, last night we lost big - I think the final score was 23-6. So while I may have had a few screw-ups, I don't think they can blame the entire shemozzle on me.

In fact, last night I actually did something RIGHT. While I was playing catcher, the batter popped a ball out just a few feet in front of me. I scrambled to grab it, while the great L&J Towing player whom I have labelled "Abs" (those of you who have ever played or been to a game know who I'm talking about) came around third, and then just came charging in home. Now, I'm not sure if he thinks I'm retarded or if my play thus far was really that weak, because even the simplest of minds would now that all I had to do was take a few quick steps back to home plate to get him out. He didn't have a hope in hell. And while I did kind of find it insulting that he even bothered to try, it was nice to hear my team cheering and telling me I did a good job rather than the usual shouts of "Good try, Jill".

So that was my one shining moment; my 15 seconds of fame I guess. Otherwise, it was a rather dull effort by our team. Either that, or the L&J squad are just that good. They seemed to be able to hit the ball wherever they felt like, while the MVT bats were pretty quiet last night. If we'd been able to hit a little better, we might've had a closer score. I actually did hit last night rather than strike out every time, so I was a little proud of myself.

Maybe next week I'll actually get on base. Ya never know.

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