Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Fave Duets

First off... THE JAYS WON LAST NIGHT!!  I started the day off cranky because of them, but they managed to turn my frown upside down with a big win in Game 4.  Game 5 tonight and praying for a repeat of last night's game!  Sexy Josh was in top form!! WOO!!! to regularly scheduled programming.

Ever since my friend Stacy shared her top 5 favourite duets a few weeks ago, I've had that floating around in my mind, trying to figure out what my favourites are.  I started drafting up a list, but I quickly had way more than 5.  I had to go with 10.  Oh, and I made a rule for myself - to make the list, it had to be a man and woman singing together, not just a collaboration between two artists.  

Since I'm watching the latest season of The Voice, and they're into the battle rounds where they pair up and sing duets, I thought now would be an appropriate time to share my Top 10 Favourite duets.  Here they are in no particular order:

Bruises by Train & Ashley Monroe
I've been a fan of Train for a long time, and I love how lead singer Pat Monahan's voice sounds with Ashley Monroe's country twang.  This song has a neat conversational flow to it, and kind of captures how it feels to bump into an old friend you haven't seen since high school.  I also really like the line, "These bruises make for better conversation."  Everybody's hit bumps in the road.  Everybody's got a story, y'know?

That's the Way Love Goes by Merle Haggard & Jewel
An old classic country artist combined with the sweet voice of a younger female...from the first moment I heard this song, I fell in love.  And I'm so glad I went digging around in my iTunes for duets when I started thinking about this list, because I hadn't heard this one in a long, long time.  LOVE!

Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
I fully believe that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow are meant to be permanent duet partners.  I debated putting their song Collide on this list instead, but Picture is just so iconic.  When he hits that note, "I was off to drink you away" - gives me goosebumps!

Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
I stole this one from Stacy's list, as it takes me right back to Sunday drives with the whole family packed into the car.  We had a very small selection of tapes that Mom and Dad would tolerate, and Kenny Rogers was one of them.  I always loved when this song came on.  Dolly is simply the best.

I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher
It's a classic duet, sung by two people who were an actual couple at the time, and it just makes me want to belt it out when I hear it.  Both parts. ;)

I Still Believe in Waltzes by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn
Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They had many famous duets during their careers, and probably most are better known than my top choice, but I just adored this song the first time I heard it, and it remains my favourite duet of theirs to this day.  I think it's such a sweet and innocent song, and I love the line, "I still believe in waltzes, and girls with old fashioned ways.  I still believe in love songs, and the good in the good ol' days".

Just a Fool by Blake Shelton & Christina Aguilera
I've always been the girl who gets all hung up on the "out of my league" boys.  I chase them around, fall for them, only to have them shake their heads and walk away in the end.  I convince myself to believe we can make it work, and then find out he never had any intentions of making it work.  Just a Fool could be my damn theme song.  Another shot of whiskey, please, bartender.  Keep 'em coming til I don't remember.  (oh, and also, I have this delusion that Christina Aguilera and I are voice twins.)

Jackson by Johnny Cash & June Carter
I once had to sing the June part in a different Johnny & June song in a Murder Mystery years ago, and one might believe that it would be my choice when it comes to their duets, but at the end of the day, Jackson is still my favourite.  I just couldn't put together a list of duets without Johnny & June!

New Again by Brad Paisley & Sara Evans
This song was introduced to me after two of my cousins passed away the summer of 2010, when I was grappling with loss and hurt on a level I'd never experienced before.  I know the song has more religious connotations, but for me, it put me in the mind of a mother losing her son, and how awful that is.  And yet, it is a beautiful song, and it helped restore my faith at a time when it was on very shaky ground.  It's a special song, and a lovely duet between two country greats.

I've Had the Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time absolute favourite movies, and growing up, the final dance scene when Johnny comes back and says "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"... sigh. swoon. repeat.  That song, that dance...It was a little girl's fairy tale come true.  I saw the movie for the first time when I was about five years old - parents would let us watch ANYTHING back then, apparently! - and it has remained one of those epic moments for me all these years.  Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  And as a kid, I thought it was actually Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey singing the song. Ha!!

I'm sure I'm missing some really great ones, but for today, this is my list!  What are YOUR favourite duets?

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Stacy said...

Great list - I think im going to go and download some!