Thursday, October 06, 2016

A Thursday Chat

  • I have a dilemma, folks.  The Jays play their first game of the ALDS today at 4:30.  I work until 5.  I was planning on running to Shawville after work to pick up a few things I need.  But that means probably missing most of the ball game.  I *could* go after work tomorrow, but I have plans for the evening and it would make it a very rushed trip.  I *could* go on Saturday, but it's supposed to be a rainy day, and I like the thoughts of just hunkering down for the day - doing some cleaning, making something pumpkiny, wearing something cozy and watching movies... not having to leave the house.  So I think I *have* to go tonight and miss the ball game.  Which is a tough decision, since tomorrow's game is at 1 pm and I'll miss it too.  Stupid time zone problems!!!
  • I can tell you which game I will not be missing, and that's Sunday's game.  Thank the Lord that it is being played a normal 7:30 pm time slot!
  • I think I have to clarify something I wrote yesterday - it seemed to confuse some of you when I said I ate a lot of cheese popcorn the other night to stay awake during the ball game.  No, cheese popcorn does not have caffeine in it.  Or any other kind of ingredient intended to keep you awake. lol!  It's simply the action of eating something that keeps me sitting up and alert.  If I'm not "doing something", I end up lying down and falling asleep.  Like, every.single.evening.  Not even an exciting ball game could keep my peepers open (at least not in the early going).  However, evening snacking is definitely not helping my waistline, so I need to find a new way to keep myself awake after 7 pm.  My friend Lindsay tells me I should take up knitting.  It might be finally time to learn that craft.
  • I'm also a stress-eater, so during an intense game like the one the Blue Jays were playing the other night, it's second nature to me to stuff my face.  However, eventually the stress level grew so high that I thought I could possibly barf.  Thank God that did not happen, but I definitely was regretting all the cheese popcorn once that nervous nauseousness hit.
  • Oh, and by the way, Nicole... when I said I was eating cheese popcorn, I meant the Chester Cheetos brand of cheese popcorn.  Surely you must have this in your neck of the woods, too?!
  • Last year when the Jays were in the playoffs, my stress food of choice was mini Halloween chocolate bars, but I have yet to buy any this year.  Guess what's on the top of my shopping list for tonight?
  • I had a weird moment last night.  When I got home from work, I made pasta sauce and cooked some penne, made cheesey garlic bread... and for some reason, I had this longing feeling; like I wished I had someone to share it with.  And not just anyone... like I mean... someone significant.  A boyfriend or a husband.  I wished I had someone to cook for other than just me.  Someone who would be happy to come home and know that I had made supper for him.  I honestly don't know if I've EVER felt that way before.  It was very very strange....
  • Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for turkey dinner this weekend?  I have been fantasizing about it for at least a month now.  I'm craving that perfect bite - a little bit of turkey, a little bit of mashed potatoes, a little bit of stuffing, a little bit of gravy, a little bit of cranberry sauce...there is an art to crafting the perfect bite, and I can't wait to work on my craft. ;)
  • I'm also just about DYING for a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  Seriously.  DYING.
  • Thanksgiving weekend is looking to be a little bit low-key for me.  Our turkey dinner isn't until Monday, which still feels like it's forever away.  As I mentioned, Saturday is shaping up to be a lazy indoor rainy baking and watching movies kind of day.  Sunday will be church and brunch, and then I'm going on am afternoon photo safari with a friend to take pictures of the fall scenery.  Then of course the ball game that evening.  Part of me is quite content with the low-key weekend, but there's a little part of me that misses the wild party weekend this once was, when we used to have Tub Rave at my cousin Dale's.  I'm rooting for a Tub Rave Revival next year! ;)
  • Once this weekend is over, I feel like I can dive head-first into Halloween fun.  I'll bust out the decorations, start watching some slightly-spooky stuff, and start getting more excited for Scary Movie Marathon.  Man, I LOVE October!!
  • Another reason to love October?  Car Rally is coming up!  It is always one of my very favourite days of the year, as we always have so much fun cruising the back roads in our area searching for answers to questions and clues, like a giant scavenger hunt, adult-style.  I can't wait!!
  • The weekend is almost here!  Thanksgiving is almost here!! YAY!!!!  Happy Thursday everyone!!


Lindsay said...

Knitting lessons at Lizzy's? I really want to fine tune my skills!

Stacy said...

Sunday night we're having a bonfire, come on down - oh wait, that's the ball game, sorry