Friday, October 28, 2016

Five on Friday!

As my woeful blog post yesterday indicated, it has not been the best week for me, as I struggle to figure out why I'm being plagued with hives, headaches, and other little ailments that have left me feeling like a bag of crap lately.  But I REFUSE to let these things bring me down, because it's one of my most favourite times of year... HALLOWEEN! :)

So if the spirit of Five on Friday, here are five Halloween-related things I'm excited about:

1. Tonight I'm going to run for groceries after work, and pick up the rest of the goodies I need to assemble my Halloween treat bags.  Yes, I have already bought Halloween candy.  Four boxes, in fact.  My big Halloween bowl at home is overflowing.  And I only need about 30 treat bags, as my mom doesn't get a ton of kids coming to her door.  So you would think I already have sufficient candy to make up the bags.  But I always like to have a little extra on hand for little ol' me, y'know. ;)  (and I'm in complete denial that the delectable little chocolate bars could be what is causing my hives.  just pretending that couldn't possibly be so!!!)  So once I pick up everything I need, I'll be set to assemble the bags tomorrow morning.  It's one of my very favourite Halloween tasks!

2.  Halloween movies are gonna happen this weekend, dudes.  LOTS of them.  First up, my friend Caryl and her daughter Gracie are coming over tonight to watch Ernest Scared Stupid.  I'm interested to see if it will be a hit or not.  Does Ernest pass the test of time?  We shall see.  Then tomorrow morning, I think I'll put on Hotel Transylvania to watch while I get my bags made up.  The afternoon/evening is Scary Movie Marathon at Lindsay & Ryan's, and we will be watching The Conjuring (Ryan's choice), Signs (my choice), and a mystery movie (Lindsay's choice and she won't tell us what it is.  Let's all pray it's not SAW!!!)  If I survive the marathon, I may watch some more on Sunday... but I might have had my fill of scares by then!

3. If all goes well, I'm hoping to carve my jack-o-lantern on Sunday.  I bought my pumpkin a few weeks ago and it's been sitting outside, so I hope it's not rotten or gross.  One of my favourite things about Halloween is roasting pumpkin seeds, and it just wouldn't be Halloween without a little snack of them!  The actual carving of the pumpkin is kind of a pain in the ass - a little fact I seem to forget from year to year - but it's worth it to get those tasty seeds.

4. Other Halloween treats I'll be indulging in this weekend include snacks with Caryl & Gracie tonight, pizza and snacks with Scary Movie Marathon tomorrow, I'm planning to buy my beloved Pillsbury Halloween-themed sugar cookies at the store tonight, I'm hoping to have time to make pumpkin-butterscotch-chip cookies at some point, and of course all those little chocolate bars that are floating around... I'll keep my allergy meds on hand in case I need them in the event of a hive outbreak, but I refuse to miss out on any of this fun stuff just because my body is rejecting me and my deepest love of junk food.  I REFUSE!!!!

5. I am SO excited to have a different costume to wear for Halloween this year!  I always do a last-minute dive into my mom's tickle trunk, and I have worn out the same old masks and wigs and hats... there is just nothing new and exciting to behold in that tickle trunk of hers.  Thankfully, the Halloween Costume Fairy paid me a visit last night, and I can't wait to put it on on Monday!  :)

Hope you are all going to find some "spooktacular" fun to get into this weekend, whether it be scary movies, costume parties, or yummy treats!!  Happy Halloween!!

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Stacy said...

How do you watch three movies in one sitting - OMG I would be asleep half way through the first! LOL

Have a fun weekend watching scary movies!