Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I don't want to be awake right now. Just FYI.

You know the only problem I can find with a weekend that is jam-packed with fun things?  It's that it flies by WAY too fast and then you end up feeling like you didn't even have a weekend at all.


By all accounts, this past weekend was wonderful.  I started it off on Friday by taking a quick trip to Shawville after work to pick up a few things, then came home and settled in for a night of nachos, mini chocolate bars, and the Blue Jays.  They kicked off their ALCS series with a loss, but I was just so glad to be watching baseball again after a long week without it that I didn't even care.  It was only Game 1, after all.

Saturday morning I was up early to get a quick work-out in before getting ready for one of my very favourite days of the year:  CAR RALLY!!  Oh, how I love Car Rally Day.  Our local Lionettes service club hosts this event every fall in our community, and it is one of those extra-special not-to-be-missed days.  Last year's winners had organized the route, questions, clues, and scavenger hunt for the day, all following the theme of Hollywood & the movies.  The theme was right up my alley, and I had a blast touring the back roads with Stacy, Ricky, Sara, & Graham all day.  We thought we had done amazingly well, and I was honestly afraid we might win - we only had a handful of wrong answers - but somehow, we actually had one of our worst finishes ever, landing in 7th place.  I really didn't care though - after having to plan the Rally a few years ago, my new goal every year is just to NOT win. ha!

After the meal, and the answers & winners were revealed, a bunch of us headed back to my place for some drinks and to watch the Sens game.  (The Jays played in the afternoon, and it was already over by then - sadly, they had lost another close one against Cleveland.)  After the hockey game, Sue, Adam, and Ricky all went home, and so Brenda and I decided to walk down and check out Gavan's.  There were some Rally'ers still there celebrating, so we joined in the fun! :)

I skipped church on Sunday, opting instead to spend the rainy morning lounging around, drinking coffee and catching up on PVR'd shows.  It was so relaxing.  Truthfully I was enjoying it so much, that I did my darndest to ditch Brenda and our plans to go to the tulip planting ceremony at one of the local elementary schools, but she bribed me with lunch at the chipstand.  I just can't resist when a burger and fries are used as leverage... ;)  So we braved the rain and helped put a few of the 1000 red and white bulbs in the ground for Onslow's "150th Celebration Garden" - and we'll look forward to seeing them bloom next spring to mark Canada's 150th birthday!

After lunch, I had a little nap before Mom picked me up and we were off to Boston Pizza in Hull to celebrate my nephew Caden's 11th birthday.  He had a big group of buddies there with him, and they seemed to be having a blast.  I was still full from lunch, so decided to order something "light" - the spicy perogie cactus cut potato nachos.  Just a little snacky something, y'know?  But my plate came out and it was MASSIVE.  I almost fell off my chair.  I had leftovers for supper last night, and I STILL have enough left for supper tonight too! hahaha!

Last night, I was pumped up for Game 3 of the ALCS, as I was sure the Jays were going to finally get back to their winning ways on home turf.  Unfortunately, that was not the case... they ended up losing 4-2, and I'm a wee bit disgruntled that I bothered staying up way past my bedtime to watch it.  It's all worth it when they win, but when they don't... ugh.

So I'm sipping extra coffee this morning and trying to keep my peepers open.  Jill does not do well on less than 8 hours of sleep, yo.

It could all be over tonight.  I'm just grateful for the 4 pm start time. I don't know if I could hang in for another late game tonight!!  Fingers crossed that they can get their act together and keep things rolling!!  GO JAYS GO!!!


Stacie said...

Ugh, I feel you. Mike was out of town on Sunday night and I do not sleep when I am home alone, so I am still dragging. I wish I drank coffee on days like today.

Nicole said...

I don't run real well on lack of sleep either. I do wonder though... have you given up on your big girl camera ;)