Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sorry, I been Netflixin'

The last time I posted, I was a ball of stress because I was waiting on Internet.  And I was waiting on Netflix.  And I was convinced that somehow, that would all go wrong for me.

It didn't go wrong.  The internet installation guy showed up as scheduled, he got me hooked up with wifi, and shortly thereafter, I had downloaded the Netflix app to my Wii, and I was in business.

Do you guys know how cool it is to finally step into the 21st century?!  I feel like I've finally "made it"!!!  FINALLY!!!  This step - getting internet and getting Netflix - was one of my biggest goals for 2016, and I am now able to cross that one off the list. phewf!

So, yeah... that's what I've been doing pretty much ever since.  The morning after I got the Internet & Netflix, I woke up with a bad cold.  Ok, bad cold might be a bit of an exaggeration... if it had been a work day, I'd have gone to work and I've have been functional.  But I felt tough and my head was heavy.  Coincidentally, I had absolutely zero plans for the day.  Like, I didn't even have house cleaning or laundry or dishes to do.  So I 100% took advantage of a couch day, and spent the whole day soaking up the Netflix experience.

I started with Fuller House.  Of course.  I had been psyched about the new generation of one of my favourite childhood shows ever since I heard they were re-launching it, this time following widowed DJ Tanner-Fuller cope with raising her three sons, as she relies on the help of sister Stephanie and bff Kimmy Gibbler.  My goal had been to have Internet & Netflix in time for the February 26th debut, but I fell a week short of that.  Mainly because in my head, I would call and have internet installed in my home within a day or two... apparently it doesn't work that fast, at least with the company I'm dealing with.  It took two weeks from the time I first called them before they were able to get me set up.  So that threw me a week off my "plan".

But Fuller House was still there waiting for me when I finally caught up with all the cool kids. ;)  I watched the whole season that Saturday.  All thirteen episodes.  And I adored it.  It was cheesy and dorky and silly, and yet all so heart-warming and comforting.  They really kept the spirit of the original Full House intact, with enough flash-backs and references to the past, enough guest appearances from Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse and Becky and Joey to satisfy those of us living in the past, and yet also enough new characters and storylines and cute kids to draw in new audiences.  (My niece and nephew, Danica and Caden, watched a few episodes with me, and loved it.)

I literally spent that whole Saturday trying to decide who DJ should fall in love with... old boyfriend Steve (still a total cutie!) or new hot vet co-worker Matt... DJ and I were both unable to decide. lol

Oh, and as if watching a whole season of a TV show in one day wasn't enough, I also took a break somewhere in there and watched Titanic.  I'd been craving it ever since Leo won his Oscar.

Believe it or not, by the end of that day, I felt like I had cabin fever, and I seriously felt like I needed a break from Netflix.  eeep!!  I'm so not in Netflix Marathon shape yet!!!

Since finishing Fuller House, I started up two other shows that I'm currently watching.  One is the Netflix documentary series, Making a Murderer.  I'd heard so much about it over the past month or so, that I just had to check it out and see what it's all about.  I'm 8 episodes in, and I'm finding it very interesting.  Still unsure how I feel about this whole Steven Avery situation, though.

The other show I started into is The Mindy Project.  I love love love this show!!  First of all, Mindy Kaling, as single 30-something gynecologist Dr. Mindy Lehari, is hilarious.  Like, makes me laugh out loud when I'm watching the show.  Second of all, I have developed a crush on Chris Messina, who plays her friend and co-worker Dr. Danny Castellano.  I'm maaadly in love with Danny right now, and can't wait to watch a few episodes of him each night.  The whole cast is great, they're so funny and I'm really enjoying it so far, about half-way through the first season.

The Netflix possibilities that lie ahead for me are endless... My list of shows and movies to watch is a mile long, and I'm always finding new ones to add.  I think once I finish Making a Murderer, I'm going to dive into Suits as it comes highly recommended by a few friends... and I can't wait to see what it's all about!

So... that's what I've been up to.  Just adapting, and learning to live in a house that has wifi access and Netflix.  It's a whole new world for me.

And I'm lovin' it! ;)


Stacy said...

Mindy is great! I am so happy the next season just came on - I think 4 - so I have been taking a Scandal break and watching Mindy!

ShannonJMc27 said...

I actually hated The Mindy Project at first and re-watched it all again and fell in love. Wait until you see the one episode in particular...I don't even need to tell you what happens, you will know and love Danny even more!!!

Nancy said...

We have my son's netflix account, ans I haven't watched a thing. I find it hard enough to keep up with The View and my Y&R and home improvement shows. I think I would love The Mindy Project, and will definitely watch Fuller House. I'll have to get Sancia to show me how to work the Wii first, though, lol!

Jillian said...

I tried watching the first episode of the mindy project and couldn't get through it but i'm going to give it another shot my brother said it took him a while to get into and he loves it (he recommended I try it)