Thursday, March 03, 2016

One more day...

You know how when you're excited and really looking forward to something, time seems to stand still?

That is what's happening to me this week.  This feels like the longest.week.ever.

Tomorrow, the Internet man is coming to install Wifi at my house.

Tomorrow, I am going to emerge from the Dark Ages.

Tomorrow, I am going to be able to watch Netflix.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...  It still feels so very far away!

As usual, I'm being a tad melodramatic.  I mean, the dude just called me on Tuesday to set up the appointment, so it's not as if I've been pining away over this for weeks.  But since his call, I've been ridiculously giddy with anticipation.  I have no plans this weekend, which means if all goes accordingly, I can literally devote the entire weekend to watching Netflix.  For someone who hasn't had the luxury of having an Internet connection in her own home since leaving her parents' house six (or seven? I can't remember) years ago, this is a big deal.  A really frigging big deal.

I've been all mixed up in my days this week.  I spent most of yesterday thinking, "I get the Internet tomorrow!" only to have to remind myself moments later, "Wait.  It's only Wednesday.  Tomorrow isn't Friday."

Another problem is that I have to go through one of my least favourite experiences of the year first:  Dentist's appointment tomorrow morning.  Booooooo-urns.

And of course, as I mentioned yesterday, there's the constant worry and fear pinging around in my brain.  What if he doesn't show up?  What if, for some reason, he does show up but it doesn't work?  What if I have a faulty Wii and I can't run Netflix with it?  What if I can run Netflix but the speed I've chosen (3 mpbs) isn't enough to run it without it stalling and freezing all the time?

Truly, I don't think I have anything to worry about.  When I spoke to the installation guy, he was very calm and reassuring.  I was doing my usual panicky "I think Friday works, but I have a dentist's appointment that morning, and I'm not sure when I'll be home.  I mean, I SHOULD be home by noon, but if something goes wrong and it takes longer than expected, I can't be certain, maybe I should book you for later on in the afternoon?  Or wait until next week?  Oh I don't know..."

And he said, "Hey, tell you what.  I'll give you my cell number, and you can just call me when you get home.  I'll go ahead and pencil you in for noon though so that I for sure have a block of time reserved for you."  (meanwhile, I'm sure he was thinking, Ok there, nutbar.  Note to self: crazy lady getting internet on Friday. yeesh.)

So. I just have to get through this day.  And then the dentist.  And then call the Internet man.  And then all should be well in the world.

I simply cannot frigging wait.


Now, the next question is, if this does all magically happen... where do I begin?!  My friend Lindsay suggested I go ahead and set up my Netflix account today so that tomorrow once the Internet is installed, I just have download the Netflix app to my Wii and get started.  I'm a little hesitant to do so in case, for some reason, the Internet set-up doesn't go as planned.  (I don't know why I'm so worried about this, but I just have this fear of him checking things out and then saying, "I'm sorry, but your house is not Internet applicable.  I can't do it.")  I don't want to sign up for Netflix and then not be able to use it!

I'm pretty sure the first show I'll watch is Fuller House.  I was disappointed that I didn't get this all set up so that I could join in on the mayhem of it's release last weekend, and so I'm sure it will be the first one I go to out of the gate.  But after that?  I'm still trying to decide... Scandal?  Downton Abbey? Homeland?  Breaking Bad?  Making a Murderer?  Orange is the New Black?  I don't even know what all is on Netflix!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!  I'm SO EXCITED!!!!

Please Lord, let this Internet business all go down smoothly tomorrow.  Oh, and while I'm praying, also please let my dentist appointment go well too.  No cavities, capishe?

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Stacy said...

So go ahead and sign up for the free month have to put your credit card in but after the month, it will automatically start charging...that way, if something goes wrong (which for your sake, I hope doesn't) you aren't paying for it yet.

Where to start...hmm I would say jump right in and watch Fuller House first...its a quick watch. Then Scandal. Then Unbreakable Kimmie. Then The Mindy Project. Haha!

I am also with you - I am leaving early for a doctors appointment today and keep thinking it's Friday. Tomorrow shall come!