Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

It’s Thursday.  Which means that technically, it’s my Friday.  Which means that technically, it’s my favourite day of the week.  Woo hoo!!  Let the weekend BEGIN!

But first…some randomish Thursday thoughts…

  • My boy band du jour is One Direction.  OK, so I guess they are everyone’s boy band du jour.  But really, I adore OneD.  I don’t even know their names (as evidenced by Jimmy Fallon playing this game the other night on his show – Jimmy knew ‘em all, I was done after Harry) – but I downloaded their latest album “Four” last week, and it’s soooo goooood.  PS – I may never grow up.


  • Speaking of boy bands… you know, I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘em.  But one boy band that I never got into was The Jonas Brothers.  I couldn’t tell you one song of theirs.  I knew they were crazy-popular for a while, but they just weren’t on my radar at all.  Didn’t even think they were handsome. So, it was a bit of a surprise to me when Nick Jonas cropped up with his solo career, lookin’ all sexy-shmexy, and hooked me with “Jealous”.  That’s my jam.  I especially loved the performance he did with the contestants on The Voice last year, what he calls the “Gospel” version. LOVE!

  • There hasn’t been a whole lot good going on for Sens fans this season.  To be honest, I’ve been so disenchanted by my team since Alfie left that I don’t even watch them all that often anymore.  They’re still my team, but my enthusiasm for them is lacklustre at best.  But you know what can brighten any cold January day?  Beating the Leafs.  It doesn’t happen often, so I love when it does!


  • Our church’s Soup & Sandwich lunch is starting up again for the winter months, with the first one being held next Wednesday.  I signed up to make Potato Leek soup, which means I get to do one of my absolute favourite things some time this weekend, and that’s make soup!  The sad part about making soup for Soup & Sandwich is that I don’t get to dive into it right away… that’s hard for me to do.


  • I’m now on DAY 3 of healthy eating, feeling much better, but knowing I still have a long way to go to get back to pre-Christmas weight.  Some days, the struggle is exhausting.  I’m currently going through the “My life is no fair” stage, where I lament the fact that even though I work out five days a week, I still have to be SO SO careful with what I eat or it’s all for naught.  I’m gazing longingly back at those blissful weeks over the holidays when I ate whatever I wanted.  I know I’ll get past this stage, but right now… I’m hating how it is for me and food.
  • Oh, hallelujah, I FINALLY FINISHED THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST!!  Only took me  a year or so. I can finally shelve it and move on with my life!!!  Next up is another book club selection, Ransom Riggs’ “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”.  I’m only a few chapters in, and I’m already enjoying it.  It’s different, but in a good way.


OK, so I really don’t have a whole lot going on these days.  Which I’m kind of  enjoying.  January might feel like it lasts forever, but I like the slower pace and the hibernating.  I’m already looking forward to another weekend of it. ;)


Stacie said...

I adore soup and sandwiches! and Elise has taken to saying 'That's my jam!" when her favorites come on the radio, it slays me!

Stacie said...

Also, you know I love a boy band, and I am not ashamed to admit it!

Jillian said...

I love one direction and I know all their names haha and Nick Jonas has found his way onto my potential husbands list (if of course marrying Hunter doesn't work out) and I admit I loved the Jonas Brothers they were big when I was in high school

Mrs. Match said...

You'll have to tell me what you think of the book when you finish. Might be one I will pick up from the library soon.
I'm enjoying January too. I will miss the cold winter days when they're gone.