Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday Randoms

A quickie random post to prove that I’m alive!

  • Possibly the biggest sign yet that I am officially a grown-up:  I got terribly excited yesterday about buying a new vacuum.  Like, got it home, out of the box, and vacuumed instantly.


  • Criminal Minds.  I’m still terribly obsessed, and I’m very quickly running out of episodes.  Also, I’m madly in love with Matthew Gray Gubler right now.  It terrifies me to think of the fast-approaching day when the PVR no longer holds any episodes for me to watch…

matthew gray gubler

  • I watch little else it seems these days.  I have movies and other PVR’d things, but I seem to gravitate to the Criminal Minds eps only.  Well, that and Jimmy Fallon, of course, but my mom says if I write about Jimmy Fallon any more, she’s going to boycott the blog.
  • It’s still so damned cold out.  I’m so totally over it.  I still love the snow, but the cold has worn out its welcome.
  • I admit that I’m terribly dry on blog post ideas these days – hence, the reason it was so easy for me to just not write anything last week.  There was nothing interesting for me to share, other than it was cold, and I made soup, and I watched Criminal Minds, and I finished a puzzle… Even Jimmy was off last week.
  • But he’s back this week!!

  • I’m afraid this week is shaping up to be equally bland, as evidenced by this post thus far, as I attempt to wax poetic about vacuums and the weather and my love for Dr. Spencer Reid…  Just go watch the lip sync battle again.  At least it’s entertaining.
  • Oh, here’s a thing:  I’ve declared yet another “Healthy” Month – and this time, it’s “Healthy February”.  I never got back on the wagon in January, sadly, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember what life was like back when I used to eat healthy.  I’ve been weighing what’s more important to me:  Eating foods that I love but are bad for me, or fitting into the clothes I worked damn hard to fit into.  At this point, I’m torn.  I hate the thoughts of giving up my junk, but I could almost cry when I put on clothing that clearly no longer fits me.  I need to give this healthy thing another fair shot.  I owe it to myself.
  • I’m easily annoyed today.  The littlest things are driving me nuts.  And it just dawned on me that this probably goes hand-in-hand with my return to healthy eating.  It will take a few days for me to get over feeling sorry for myself and realize that I’m feeling a million times better.  Until then… I’ll be a bit of a bitch.  Just a heads up.

That’s all I’ve got for this Random Tuesday… Have a good one, dudes!

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Leigh said...

Do you have Netflix? If so, we just started watching a show called Luther. It's a British detective show and is really good!