Wednesday, February 04, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

Good morning, folks!  Thought I’d pop in for a few minutes this morning to share some of my LOVES this Wednesday :)  I think some of them might be repeats from recent What I’m Loving Wednesday Posts, but as we established yesterday, my life has been pretty same-ol’, same-ol’ lately (just the way I like it).

  • I love that it’s snowing.  Seriously, not much brings me more joy than watching pretty white flakes falling outside my window.  Snow is definitely my *thing*.  Bring it on.
  • I’m loving that I finally got some organizing done in the “junk room” at my place.  I had it completely cleaned up for the Christmas House Tour, but when the decorations came down, they all just got tossed in there and it became a disaster once again.  I finally bought a few big bins and took a couple of hours to sort through it all, box it up, and put it in storage.  I can be quite a little procrastinator when I want to be, so taking this one giant step AWAY from being on the next episode of Hoarders was a huge relief.
  • Potato Leek Soup.  I’m a little bit obsessed with it these days.  Especially the pot I made on Monday…it turned out exceptionally yummy.  Also, I can trick myself into believing I’m eating poutine.  I take a pita cracker, put a small piece of cheese on it, and dip it in the soup.  For someone who hasn’t eaten poutine in over two years, the combination of flavours is divine.


  • I love hot chocolate.  It’s totally my gig right now.

hot chocolate

  • Also, Matthew Gray Gubler.  And Jimmy Fallon.  Love them both.  But everyone already knows that.

mgg criminal minds


  • Jimmy has taken The Tonight Show on the road to LA this week, and I have to say, he’s been firing on all cylinders thus far.  My Facebook newsfeed is jammed with friends sharing clips of the highlights each day.  There was a time when I was  one of a select few who shared Jimmy vids on Facebook… I’m kinda loving that everyone is now doing it for me. ;)

  • Something I have NOT been loving is that my Cocktail DVD disappeared into thin air.  I discovered several weeks ago that it was missing from my collection, and I’ve spent too much time searching for it and wracking my brain trying to think of who might’ve borrowed it.  I honestly can’t think of anyone who would’ve wanted it.  In any case, I searched for it on Amazon yesterday, found it, and it should be in my hands in the near future.  Cocktail Crisis: Averted.


So… what are YOU loving this Wednesday??


Stacy said...

i can guarantee you it was not me that borrowed Cocktail lol!

VandyJ said...

We have snow today too. Loving it!

Leigh said...

The recent lip synching Jimmy Fallon did was hilarious!

Stacie said...

Just when I think we are boy band loving sisters separated at birth, you drop the Cocktail bomb........

Emmy said...

My niece and brother-in-law recently made a clip on the Tonight show-- it was one where one of his reporters was asking parents the lyrics to songs with the upcoming grammy's! My BIL is the one that says the anaconda song the next line is about a rabbit.

Nicole said...

I love how you're always causing me to have to expand my knowledge... google, who is Matthew Gray Gubler.